Iosim Input on the PWG Tournament/Champion

Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. I guess nothing has really inspired me to do so, but that has changed. With Pro Wrestling Guerilla’s show deemed a success by many, it looks as though it will quickly rise to being the next “big” promotion and SoCal, if not just the one most talked about. The hype its been getting locally has been pretty huge, and the announcement of their sixteen man tournament along with the released brackets has spawned a lightube in my mind. EPIC never got to release their tapes consistently nor did they ever crown a champion, PWG is on pace to do both within a month of their debut date. Now, in most independent federations a title means very little. I really don’t know how the heavyweight title will effect PWG, other then that the first champion will gain a lot of attention. So I thought I’d go through the 16 men, talk about why they’d make a good/bad champion (in my opinion) as well as give my own WORTHLESS odds about them winning it all.

East Side

Disco Machine
Disco retired earlier this year…only to make his return just a bit later. I don’t think anyone cares that he’s gone back on his word of saying he’ll never wrestle again, mainly because he’s Disco Machine, and he rocks. He’s always a fun wrestler to watch, he can wrestle well, has great charisma, and everyone digs him. I think him being the PWG champion wouldn’t make a lot of sense, namely because he’s in Chismo and Super Dragon is easily the best wrestler in it. I think Disco’s role as a wrestler in any promotion has always been the same, booked around the middle and put on a solid match, and it looks like that wont change soon.
Odds of winning 30:1

Adam Pearce
It’s funny about Adam, the very first indy show I ever went to was the one he retired at. So when he came back at an EPIC show last year, I didn’t know what to think. I’ve seen him live a few times since and he brings a great intensity to the ring…especially for a big man. I’d love to see him win it all, he’s make a great champion for any promotion…and he’s a great speaker. Realistically, I think the odds of him winning it all are better then most. He’s well liked by most fans. I think he’ll get past Disco, and has a fairly great chance of getting past Ryan/Scorpio. If he gets to the finals, its over, he’ll win it.
Odds of winning 10:1

Scorpio Sky
Scorpio is definitely another SoCal fan favorite and has really blossomed in 03. Him winning it all would give him a huge push as a big player in the SoCal scene. Pretty much every round would have to be an upset. For a underdog, I think he has a good chance, but I don’t see how a tourney with Super Dragon, B-Boy, and Daniels could have someone like Scorpio Sky win it all… yet. The fact that Quicksilver isn’t in the tourney RAISES his chance of winning, mostly because he doesn’t look like a member of a tag team just thrown into the mix.
Odds on winning 17:1

Joey Ryan
If the winner of the whole thing turns out to be an underdog, I’d put my money on it being Joey Ryan. Personally, I’d love to see Joey come out 4 times in 2 days with JoeRyanFan sitting in the crowd. Joey has gotten great support from the fans, and has really improved over the past year. I think he’ll beat Sky, but will lose to Pearce. Joey Ryan being the PWG champ would be a pleasant surprise.
Odds on winning 15:1

Colt Cabana
Seen him live once…last year against Super Dragon. It was a fairly good match. He’s wrestling twice in LA next month (well 3 if you count two nights of PWG if he wins). He’s definitely made a name for himself in the East, but methinks he is working PWG and APWLA just because its convenient for him cause I think he has family here. I’m sure his match vs. Excalibur will be one of the better first round matches, but he won’t win it all.
Odds on winning 20:1

I’d love to see Excalibur burst out of the shadow of Team Chismo and catch some individually glory and attention. I think it’d make for a great surprise as well as some interesting angles and matches in following months. If he does win it all, he will have to go through a tough route against opponents who definitely look more likely to win it then them. The fact that he’s one round a way from a match against Super Dragon puts his chances down. His match against Bosh last week was short, and he won in impressive fashion, so PWG definitely is making him look like a bigger name wrestler in the fed.
Odds on winning 20:1

Hook Bomberry
If Super Dragon is going to lose a first round match, it wouldn’t be against Hook. Hook is a decent wrestler, but in no way will win this match let alone the tourney. Easily the least likely guy to win it all.
Odds on winning BIG#: 1

Super Dragon
I don’t necessarily want Super Dragon to win it, but I don’t think there is much argument for him being the favorite. He’s been the best wrestler in SoCal for a while, if you want to argue B-Boy is, knock yourself out. Super Dragon would make a great champion, and provide great defense matches, especially one on ones…like he always does. If anyone is dumb enough to bet on professional wrestling, at least bet on him. He’s had many great matches this year already, more then anyone else. That’s pretty impressive considering he was gone the first 2-3 months cause he was in Japan.
Odds on winning 4:1


Frankie Kazarian
I think Frankie will go to the finals, but I think the battle will be won in the east. Kazarian was pushed to the main event at the last PWG show, and then he was given some mic time to end the show. Great wrestler whose been having lots of success lately. He’d make a great first PWG Champion.
Odds on winning 7:1

Scot Lost
Yeah, Lost has had a solid year, but he has no real chance here. If anyone from the X Foundation is to win (and even that is very unlikely), it’d be Joey. He isn’t very likely to beat Kazarian, and I can’t really picture Lost being the PWG champion under any circumstance.
Odds on winning 40:1

Tony Kozina
Man, I haven’t seen him since EPIC, and I was pretty disappointed to not see him last week. He always wrestles solidly, but nothing at showcase level, nor does is he a true fan favorite by anyone’s standard. Expect him to go home on Friday Night to be B-Boy.
Odds on winning 25:1

B-Boy is the 02 SoCal Wrestler of the year, and he’s probably a strong second this year, maybe first. He would make a great champion, but B-Boy worked CZW over PWG last week, which is fine, but the fact that he would makes him less likely to win the tourney. He’s going to CZW in the future, and I don’t think PWG would want to risk their champion not being there. B-Boy may go to the finals or semi’s, but expect him to not win it all.
Odds on winning 22:1

Well, Rev Pro certainly had TARO on top…and he did well there. TARO is really over with the fan, with his pre-match routine up to the “push the button”. He’s fun to watch in the ring, and he’s fun to listen to. Definitely a hard long trip to the finals for Taro, especially going against someone like Grimes in round 1. I think TARO will go in one, but you just never know.
Odds on winning 20:1

Vic Grimes
Well, someone from the great ECW and XPW. Grimes is pretty damn good for a big man in the indies. His match against TARO should be fun to watch, and it will take an upset for Grimey to lose this one. But I definitely see Daniels or HKK beating either TARO or Grimes. I don’t think PWG will push Grimes to the top, but he’s definitely a good guy to have a round.
Odds on winning: 17:1

Chris Daniels
I see a lot of predictions already on the board that Daniels is going straight to the finals. He’s definitely the most well known wrestler in the indies that’s in this tourney. Same with B-boy though, he wrestles in ROH and TNA and I think SoCal wants to push one of their own to the top. I hope Daniels does make it to Saturday (and he probably will). Realistically he could go all the way, but I wouldn’t put my money on it.
Odds on winning 10:1

Hardkore Kidd
Currently the APWLA champion, and that alone in my opinion will be reason enough for him to NOT win this tourney. He could beat Daniels, but lets face it, everyone would definitely rather see Daniels go to the next round. HKK has been the best I’ve ever seen him wrestle in the past few months, but he has really little chance here.
Odds on winning 20:1

My predictions
Pearce over Disco
Ryan over Sky
Excalibur over Cabana
Dragon over Hook

Kazarian over Lost
B-Boy over Kozina
Grimes over TARO
Daniels over HKK

Ryan over Pearce
Dragon over Excalibur
B-Boy over Kazarian
Daniels over Grimes

Ryan over Dragon
Daniels over B-Boy

Ryan over Daniels

Joey Ryan= PWG champion

Yeah, it wont happen…but it could.

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