PCW ‘Zero Tolerance’ Updated Match Line-Up

by Kristy Vandal, PCW Public Relations

PASADENA, CA – At PCW “Reinvention” on July 19th, “North Star” Mike Vega debuted The Plague as an evil ally as his feud deepened with “American Zero” Steve Sanchez. Vega and Sanchez have been at each other’s throats since Sanchez made his PCW return by attacking Vega in June. Sanchez claims that Vega is bringing a sickening force to PCW and proved his claim to be true as The Plague hit Sanchez with “The Outbreak”, best described as a gorilla press slam into a DDT. Vega immediately challenged Steve Sanchez and their match has been signed for “Zero Tolerance” on September 6th!Meanwhile, Aaron Proctor continues his whirlwind tour of California. Proctor made his debut (more like an invasion) with the NAW promotion this past weekend in Selma, CA and invited some of their stars to participate at “Zero Tolerance”. Already signed: Handsome Jack & Dante, the team of Handsome As Hell, versus Team WPW: Chippy Sanchez & Infernal.

More matches and updates will happen in the next few weeks, but anyone should surely NOT miss PCW “Zero Tolerance” – LIVE! – Saturday, September 6th at 8pm from The Eagles Hall in Altadena, Ca. The Eagles Hall is located at 455 E. Woodbury Rd. Tickets will be $15 for adults, $10 for kids under 12.

PCW Championship
The Messiah (c) vs. Kaos

PCW MAXimum Championship
Joey Ryan (c) vs. Lil’ Cholo

Special Challenge: Grudge Match
“North Star” Mike Vega w/ The Plague vs. “American Zero” Steve Sanchez

NAW vs WPW In A Tag Team Battle!
Handsome As Hell (Handsome Jack & Dante)
Team WPW (Chippy Sanchez & Infernal)

PLUS! B Boy, Disco Machine, Sexy Chino, PCW Tag Team Champions Damage Inc., Aerial Express, Scott Lost, Desire, “Brawlin'” Bo Cooper, Mace, the Hollywood Damage Report with Jason Bennett, and many, many more to be announced in the next few days and weeks!

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