EWF – July 25th, 2003

Damn, things were exciting at EWF tonight. I not only saw some great old school wrestling, but got to meet one legend and one legend in the making, those two being Chavo Guerrero Sr. and Jr. Billy Blade and Ragin’ Dawg had a very good match, tying the Bo Cooper/ Vizzon match for MOTN honors. Combine the wrestling with a hot crowd, and you’ve got yourself a show. I’d like to especially mention the kids in front of me, they had a blast, and reminded me how much more fun wrestling can be before the Internet fills your head with more info about wrestling than you probably could ever need. Bino Gambino, Jin Hiyru, and T.J. Taz had a nice little triple threat style match. In the early going, Taz used the fact he weighs as much as both the other wrestlers combined to his advantage. I guess it has to do with size, but Taz was unbelievably able to pull off a rock bottom as his opening move. He followed this up with a back trip choke slam on Bino. Wow, two finishers and they’re still warming up. After using the other two as his punching bag for a bit, Taz went to the top rope to miss a senton bomb, and the other two were all over him like Joey Ryan on a high school freshman cheerleader. Bino dropped a leg, and then Hayru dropped an elbow. Jin slapped on a chin lock, and Bino put on his beanie, and did the Italian equivalent of “Hulking up.” This fired up goombah hit a dropkick to Taz, still in the chin lock, then hit another kick on Jin. Taz was up to hit a suplex on Bino, and at this point the match broke down to everyone hitting moves everywhere, and it was mayhem. T.J. submitted to an STF while Bino kicked him in the head, and the referee raised both Bino and Jin’s arms. WTF? Psycho Dave ran in to help Taz, then Steve Masters cleared the ring in street clothes to announce that since Kenny King wasn’t tough enough to show up, he had the night off. Jesse Hernandez came out to say Masters had a match, and Big Q came out to volunteer to wrestle the champ. Q went on a long tirade, and Masters asked if there was a translator for Ebonics in the house. Long story short, they set up the main event that has been listed on this site all week long.

Heel referee Handsome Johnny Star came out to officiate the next contest. Gang…. err, Billy Blade wrestled Ragin’ Dawg. Dog started the match with an ankle pick, he used it like a single leg shot, and worked it into a leg lock on Blade. After enduring the lock for a bit, Billy took a powder. At this point Psycho Silly Willy arrived at ringside armed with a steel chair, and everyone knows he turned on Dawg at the last show. Blade approached a distracted Dawg behind, and gave Dawg an atomic drop and a nut kick. He then choked Dawg in the corner. Billy worked the lower back of Dawg, using numerous knee drops and punches to the kidneys. Blade controlled the match almost start to finish, trying for 3 with a back breaker onto his knee, but got 2. Blade threw Dawg to the buckle and gave him an awesome running kick to the head that lit the crowd up faster than a fat joint rolled in Mike Vega’s garage. When Blade applied a headlock, Dawg took the opening to get in a belly to back suplex, but landed hard on his back and was unable to capitalize on it. Billy and Dawg were up at the same time, and Blade got off a short arm DDT like Jake Roberts used to do before the powders took control of his life. Dog got up to somehow throw Billy to the ropes, and hit a power slam out of nowhere. At this point Willy distracted Dawg, and Billy got Dawg up for a DVD. As Blade hit the DVD, Willy slid a chair into the ring for Dawg’s head to land on. The referee DQ’d Billy Blade, and Dawg got the win, but what he really wanted was to get his hands on the smug little bastard at ringside. I will never type this next sentence again for as long as I live, so read it carefully. The match Blade wrestled was a serious candidate for match of the night.

The West Coast Ryders, Under Pressure and Rudy “Del Toro” Luna came out to wrestle Los Chivos. Kayam started with Luna, and cheated right from the start. He used a variety of chokes, and used bottom rope leverage to work the leg of Luna. When Pressure tried to point this out to the ref, the Chivos took the opportunity to switch without making a tag. After Pressure told the ref about that move, the Chivos pulled the stunt off again, and Kayam went to the top rope. Luna was able to get there, and threw Kayam off like he was Ric Flair. Luna followed up with a running bulldog, and Oro was in the ring immediately. Luna fought off both men, and made the hot tag to Under Pressure. Pressure cleaned house, and got 2 off a slam to Kayam. After some exchanges and brawling, Kayam tagged in his partner, who made a knee drop onto Pressure’s throat, allowing a frog splash by Kayam for the Chivotes to get 2. At this point, all four wrestlers were in the ring, and simultaneously Kayam pinned Pressure while Rudy pinned Oro, both men hitting rollups. The referee determined that since two guys had been pinned, they were both out and the other two men would go one on one to determine the tag title champions. Kayam quickly rolled up Luna, and got 3 using the ropes for leverage. For some reason, referee Star didn’t notice this blatant cheating right in front of his face, and Chivos retained the gold.

They started to announce intermission, but Vizzon interrupted the announcement with a mic of his own, and introduced wrestling legend Chavo Guerrero Sr. This brought the older fans to their feet, and Chavo humbly accepted the appreciation. He thanked the crowd, and then introduced his son, Chavo Jr. This brought the other half of the crowd to its feet, and the place went nuts for Los Guerreros. The announced that they’d be taking Polaroid’s, and a line quickly formed at ringside. I never buy Polaroid’s, but this was a special occasion to be photographed with two generations of greatness. I got in the ring for the photo (I wiped my feet first) and it was a pleasure to spend a few moments with these two. They were kind enough to autograph my picture, and Chavo Jr. even remembered the conversation I had with him at the Grove Theater a few months back. These two were both a class act all the way.

Bo Cooper wrestled Vizzon in a grudge match from the last show where Bo turned on Vizzon, leading the mullet man to be beaten down by Bo, Steve Masters, and Black Metal. Off the lock up, Bo slammed Vizzon, and Vizzon gave Bo his receipt via an arm drag, a clothesline, and a dropkick. At this point, Cooper bailed out of the ring to think things over, and when he stopped to jaw with a fan, Vizzon dove off the top rope onto Cooper. Bo got back in and the two did some hold for hold wrestling. Bo was able to hit a big back body drop, and the big man thought he was in the driver’s seat. Vizzon tried about three clotheslines on Cooper, but was unable to knock the big man off his feet. On the fourth attempt Vizzon got smart and took to the air for a flying clothesline that knocked Bo off his feet. Vizzon was able to give Bo the 10 punches in the corner, but Bo fought back, giving Vizzon a chop that threatened to cave in the man’s chest. Bo then pulled his opponent’s shirt over his head, effectively blinding him. Bo took advantage, making punches and kicks at random. He did a few double axe handles on Vizzon, then tossed his opponent from the ring, where Bo delivered the double axe handle off the apron to the floor. He then threw Vizzon head first into the steel post, and the sound Vizzon’s body made when his back made impact with the cement made me sicker than I’ve been since XPW folded up shop. Back in the ring, Bo hit a pretty nail in the coffin, and went for a 2nd rope splash. Vizzon tried to roll out of the way, but was not quick enough, so he took the splash lying on his stomach. Both men got up, and after a few punches, Vizzon actually body slammed Bo Cooper! To me, this was as unbelievable as seeing D.J. Medina keep promises he makes to fans and workers. Vizzon hit a top rope elbow drop to get 3, and that was that. Steve Masters ran in to help Bo double team Vizzon, but Chavo Sr. hit the ring, and both rudos ran away in fear. This was the other MOTN candidate, and the best Cooper match I’ve seen to date.

It was time for the main event, so Big Q and Masters were in the ring. Q entered the ringside area wearing a mask that made him look like he was Destro from G. I. Joe, for those who are old enough to get the reference. Big Q has a disturbingly long and fat tongue, and he spent to a lot of time sticking it out and wiggling it like he was offering Masters some good cunnilingus. They locked up, and neither man wanted to break the lock up, so they rolled all over the mat tied up, eventually ending up on the floor. Q punched Masters a few times, and clothes lined him on the tile floor on the outside. The clothesline looked quite painful. Once they got back in the ring, Masters hit a few nut shots and worked a nice headlock. Masters chopped Q a few times, and then Q did the tongue thing again and chopped Masters. Q hit a big splash in the corner, but Masters had an eye rake ready, so it turned things around quick. Masters followed up with a side Russian leg sweep. Bo Cooper appeared at ringside, and got up on the apron. Q knocked Bo to the floor, and out of nowhere Masters rolled up Q for the duke. Masters and Bo double-teamed Q, until Vizzon came out to help Q. Vizzon’s chest was a mess from all the chops he had taken, but he got Bo and Masters out of the ring. Masters took this opportunity to kick the shit out of innocent bystander EWF Jeff, and Jeff went down like Aaron Proctor on a Saturday night in West Hollywood. Jesse came out and announced Vizzon and Q vs. Masters and Cooper for August 22 back in Covina for the next show. This Masters/ Vizzon feud is on the slow cooker, but I for one cannot wait for a mullet vs. title match to headline the KOC.

All in all a very fun night of sports entertainment action, I’d like to say I had a blast, and it’s always a treat to kick it with Alknows for the evening. My buddy Tim had his nephew there, and all the EWF superstars were very cool about hooking up this 9 year old up with autographs. Special props to Steve Masters and Bo Cooper, who were kind enough to lay some signed promo photos onto Cody. That kind of thing is above and beyond the point of giving back to the fans, so my hat is off to both wrestlers. You guys made this kid’s first Indy experience very special. This is the reason that family oriented shows are so cool. August 22 looks like a good show, and I’ll be there, barring unexpected turmoil. I won’t be at PWG tomorrow, but lots of luck to the guys putting on the show, it looks great, and I’ll probably buy the tape. I have to see Styles and Joe hook it up.

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