Scrub’s View #26 – This Sucks

This sucks. I missed out on seeing Ultimo wrestle live in SoCal. I would have went to WPW for sure, had I known what was going to go down with EPIC on Sunday. This sucks.

Basically, I didn’t want to spend $100 plus dollars on Indy wrestling, all on one shot. $20 for WPW, $20 for EPIC, and $20 for each supposed EPIC tape that was released. That’s a shitload of money that I sure as hell wasn’t ready to spend. Plus, I just had my wisdom teeth pulled out, and I really wasn’t in the mood to watch Indy wrestling, but had I known that I only had one chance to catch Ultimo live, I’m pretty sure I could have made myself “in the mood”.

This sucks.

I was getting ready to leave for Los Angeles around 3ish. I get a call from my colleague Steve, saying that he just heard word that Sunday’s EPIC show was cancelled. “What the fuck?! You’re kidding me”, I blurted. I then got on the computer to update the site, to inform (or inadvertently misinform) fans that EPIC was changing venues. Little did I know, that the info given to me was false. A farce. A fallacy. Godammit. But I didn’t know that till later.

OK, the show’s moved to the Marketplace. Ugh, the Marketplace. Guuuuuureat. But at least it’s pretty close to my house. Saves me gas. Fine. The San Diego peoples arrive at my house, and we kill time by watching Juvi’s Juice Bar segment, Sabu vs. Low-Ki (Sabu comes out to Madonna’s “Like A Virgin”), and Sabu vs. Air Paris (funniest match ever!). So far, today wasn’t that bad. I didn’t waste my time driving to LA, and EPIC was still on for tonight.

We all get something to eat. As we’re eating, Steve gets a call saying that the show is officially cancelled. What the fuck. This sucks. We all part ways, from Orange County, CA, and head our separate ways. I was supposed to update the site as soon as I got home. I couldn’t do that though, since my Internet connection was out. I apologize. It sucked that we all missed the chance to see Ultimo live. It sucked that we missed out on a stellar card that was promised to us. It sucked that I missed out on other plans that I could have partaken in. Mr. Show, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and Janeane Garafolo were all at the Wiltern on the 17th. I would have went to that for sure, had I known EPIC wasn’t gonna run. This sucks.

Once home, I receive a call from everyone’s favorite cheater, Joey Ryan, asking me how much I loved his 5-star match. He then went on to tell me that he got to watch Survivor Series in its entirety and went on to rub it in my face on how great it was. Bastard! He then went on to inform me that Ruckus was in town! RUCKUS! SoCal would finally get to see B-Boy vs. Ruckus. Or maybe not. Adam Flash was in town too. So was Elix Skipper. All unannounced outside talent. Plus, the Ballards, Frankie Kazarian, Adam Pearce, B-Boy, M-Dogg20, Josh Prohibition, Bobby Quance, Jardi Frantz, NOSAWA, and Masada all made quite the voyage to be at EPIC. Only to find out that the show wasn’t taking place. Oh, and how could I forget Ultimo Dragon, and his entourage? Yea, it just dawned upon me, that not only were us the fans ticked, but of course the wrestlers were too. Tons of fly-ins. Tons of outside talent, traveling from all over the place, fucked over as well.

Speaking of the fans, there were some fans that traveled pretty far too. Everyone’s favorite “super fan”, Cynic, traveled from the Yay Area just to see EPIC. And of course there are other fans that make the trek as well. Probably not as long a trek as Cynic and company, but nonetheless, they make a trek. Steve and Justin make quite the drive too from San Diego (along with Adam Pearce, Scott Lost, and several others). Plus, there were fans that were misinformed about the show, driving back and forth from Anaheim to LA. As someone on the SCU message board said, “A lot of wasted gas, time, and energy”. Couldn’t have said it better myself. This sucks.

So all in all, everyone seems to get fucked up the goat ass. Everyone. From fans, to wrestlers, to referees, to parents of those fans that had to drive all over SoCal. I have never seen a wrestling scenario like this, handled so poorly. The last time a SoCal show was cancelled for me, it was a Rev Pro show. Back then, it was handled properly, as the promoter was kind enough to invite all the fans to his house for a get together. The promoter took a shitty scenario, and managed to salvage it well.

So, what now? What do I make of EPIC? EPIC was the company to put on the high-profile cards. Their in-ring product was great. Their management was terrible. We were all hoping that as time went by, EPIC brass would learn from their mistakes and grow to become an unstoppable force, not only in SoCal, but nationwide. Well, you can throw that idea out the window. EPIC, the next Ring of Honor? Ha. My ass.

Now, I can see Gary Yap posting on the Internet some long ass soliloquy on how he fucked up and how he takes all the blame. And then I see a handful of EPIC fans saying, “WOW, Gary is honest! He’s the man. EPIC is #1!” Ugh. That excuse is so tiresome and repetitive. I don’t even know if I want to hear what Gary has to say. I don’t even think he’ll be even able to voice his opinion, considering that cardboard boxes don’t carry good Internet connections.

Thanks Gary. You mean well, and I thank you for the past wrestling cards, and I thank you for your efforts. But you done fucked up. Thanks again, and good luck.

This sucks.