Street Style interview

Recently Steve had the chance to sit down and interview Street Style, otherwise known as Shady in XPW. In this interview you will hear how Street Style got started in wrestling, his thoughts on XPW, find out if he is a true life b-boy, and more.

Steve: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Lets get started, shall we?

Street Style: Lets do this.

Steve: First, I’ll start with the basics.  How did you get started in wrestling?

Street Style: Well, I was a big fan of wrestling and had seen an ad in the paper about CCW’s training. I knew it was something I really wanted to do, so I saved my money for a few months and just kind of went.

Steve: What was it like training at CCW and who were your trainers?

Street Style: It was pretty cool. A whole new experience for me. At first it was just Charles Gibbs (CCW owner), Goalie Howe, and this guy named Sean. Then Matrix took over the training and occasionally [James] MacFarlane and B-Boy
would come and work with us.

Steve: Your early gimmick in CCW was one of the CCW security guards who wanted a shot. Whose idea was “CCW Security Luis”?

Street Style: (laughs) It was Charles Gibbs and a little of mine. The thing is I was supposed to have something real bad happen to me then come back as the Prophet. However, when they did the whole burning of the face, it was their
last show.

Steve: What did you think of the way CCW ended?

Street Style: I didn’t like it. When it happened, it was the only place I was working cause I only had two matches, so it kind of left me, Goalie Howe, and SoCal Loco assed out.

Steve: Going back for a minute, your first match in CCW was actually against yourself. Who was your opponent for your first actual match with an opponent? How do you think that went?

Street Style: I believe my first one-on-one match was against Goalie Howe. It was an OK match and I was really green and nervous.

Steve: After CCW folded, where did you go from there?

Street Style: Actually, I have two people to thank for this. You for hooking it up with all the info and everything and Adam Marantz for getting me on the show at none other than Revolution Pro.

Steve: (laughs) No problem. I actually forgot about that. You’ve been with Rev Pro pretty much since then. How has your experience there been?

Street Style: I love it. The people there welcomed me in with open arms and have been very cool. I got to learn different styles which got me a little better. Rev Pro has been really good to me. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be where
I am now.

Steve: How did the Street Style gimmick come about?

Street Style: AWC kind of gave it to me. I was going to use WyldStyle and then Rev Pro Started calling me Street Style and it stuck. I like it cause I get to dance and it fits.

Steve: Are you a b-boy in real life?

Street Style: Yeah, I used to break dance in high school and still know some stuff.

Steve: Rev Pro is known for having some of the top junior heavyweights in the country. Have you had the chance to work any matches with Rev Pro’s top tier guys?

Street Style: I got to work with Excalibur at one of the car lot shows and Rising Son in Pomona. Then I did a six man tag with Disco and Taro against Pinoy Boy, Dragon and Son. It was great working with those guys. It was a great experience and I hope to work with them again.

Steve: You started in XPW as part of the SoCal Workers Union angle. How did that come about?

Street Style: It just kind of happened. One night, AWC called me and said, “Come to LA and hurry. We’re working XPW tonight.” So I asked no further questions and jumped in my car and went.

Steve: How do you think the SCWU angle came off?

Street Style: I thought it was cool. It ended up setting me and AWC up nice in getting in the company.

Steve: Yeah, you two were the only ones from the angle to stay on in XPW. Why do you think that is?

Street Style: Well I don’t really know. Some of the other guys were from UPW and maybe that had something to do with it. But I honestly have no idea.

Steve: Being in XPW, do they limit where you can wrestle?

Street Style: Yeah they do. I can only wrestle some places, but I still like the experience I am getting and it is great exposure. Plus the people there are really good guys.

Steve: Your XPW gimmick is sort of an Eminem clone. What do you think of the gimmick?

Street Style: I think it is funny. Not too far from my Street Style gimmick and I get to work some cool stuff with it. Get my new album.

Steve: (laughs) Do you think you and AWC will stay part of the tag division for awhile? Or do you see Shady going solo in the near future?

Street Style: I don’t know. But it would be cool if Shady did a little solo work. I think me and AWC have some good stuff ahead of us though.

Steve: There have been reports of Pogo the Clown stiffing people, and being reckless with people. Have you experienced that working with him?

Street Style: Actually, he was a little stiff on me, but it wasn’t as bad as everyone said. Pogo is an awesome guy if you have ever met him and he can work.

Steve: What do you think of XPW going to Philadelphia and running a show at Viking Hall (ECW Arena)?

Street Style: I think it is pretty cool.  I mean, a SoCal fed is branching out to other states. To me, it’ll be great to see where it goes. I would love to get the chance to wrestle there sometime.

Steve: So you aren’t on the card for August 31st?

Street Style: I am not sure yet. But who knows, maybe you’ll see Shady busting out some moves with a Philly cheese steak in hand.

Steve: Having wrestled for a few indys, how do you think XPW’s product compares to the rest of the promotions in SoCal?

Street Style: I think it is more professional as where it has the bigger venues and TV production. They have a really good setup. And the crowd is nuts. I like how they react.

Steve: How about in-ring?

Street Style: XPW has some really good talent.  They have more big name guys and they are all great to work with.

Steve: What is your opinion on EPIC?

Street Style: I don’t know too much about it other than it is on the same channel as XPW. I know a lot of guys in it and they are all real cool people and great workers but other than that, I don’t know.

Steve: Do you think there is any real hatred between people in EPIC and XPW?

Street Style: I think it is a pretty cool  feud cause it gets people more into watching to see what is going to happen next. I don’t know about any real heat though.

Steve: You worked the Mike Gonzales benefit show and was involved in the match where Lucky broke his leg. Any thoughts on that?

Street Style: It was one of those things that just happened, but I felt so bad after it happened. I knew it was just an accident, but it hurt to see what had happened to him. I just recently talked with him and he should be back
on the scene sooner than later. If you’re reading this Lucky, speedy recovery dog. I want to see another Lucky match.

Steve: You wrestle a lot for WCWA in San Diego. How have your experiences there been?

Street Style: At first, I was working guys like Mase and Kyle K. No offense to those guys, but uh, I think I could do better. Then they started tagging me with my old trainer, Matrix. I was real excited about that. Now they got me working
with some better guys. I think WCWA is a good fed. The crowd is great there. San Diego needs more wrestling so I don’t have to drive as far.

Steve: You were nominated for SoCalUncensored’s 2001 Rookie of the Year. What were your thoughts on that?

Street Style: I was surprised. I don’t think I am all that good to be honest with you. I would love to get better. The guys that were nominated were all way better than me.

Steve: What do you think of the Internet wrestling scene in general?

Street Style: I think some of it is funny as hell. I tend to check up and see what people liked about my matches and what they didn’t like. I like to listen to hear input to see how I can improve and be more entertaining.

Steve: What are your goals in wrestling?

Street Style: I hope to be up there with Kaos and Super Dragon someday and be able to travel to different states or even countries and wrestle. I think that would be a lot of fun.

Steve: Who are your dream opponents, in SoCal and out?

Street Style: Hmmmm. I would love to work singles with B-Boy and Super Dragon. Outside of SoCal? Hmmmm. I don’t know too many people outside of SoCal. But uhh, a singles match with K-Kwik would be fun.

Steve: Do you ever see Street Style in the WWE?

Street Style: That would be the ultimate. I don’t know if I can ever be that good, but I will try. I see it in dreams.

Steve: OK, back by popular demand, let’s do some word association.

Street Style: Nice.

Steve: Charles Gibbs.

Street Style: Missing link.

Steve: Matrix.

Street Style: Friend and one hell of a guy.

Steve: American Wild Child.

Street Style: What can I say about him, he gave me so many chances and I just got to thank him.

Steve: Rob Black.

Street Style: I like the guy. To me he is cool.

Steve: Mexico’s Most Wanted.

Street Style: Great workers. Definitely deserving of any tag titles. I had so much fun working with those guys.

Steve: Bigg Babbi Slymm

Street Style: That’s my dawg.

Steve: Backyard wrestling.

Street Style: Westside G… err, umm, my bad. (laughs)

Steve: (laughs) Did you work any of Westside G’s shows?

Street Style: I worked one, I think with AWC.

Steve: Did you get paid?

Street Style: Yeah we made sure we got paid before the show.

Steve: OK, back to the word association.  Street Style.

Street Style: A little more practice and I think I could be a force to be reckoned with. Fo sho.

Steve: Any last things you want to say before we end this interview?

Street Style: Just uhh, thanks to everyone who has helped me in this business. I am still brand new and you have to see what’s in store for the one and only light-skinned ghetto hip hop enthusiast.

Steve: Thanks for your time.

Street Style: Thank you.

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