Scrub’s View #1

I was hand picked by the “Voice” himself, Lonnie Hill to take a slot here at SCU. I did not ask or beg to be affiliated with the site. While I’m glad that I was asked, things would have been just fine if I stuck to posting on the boards. In fact, I will still be doing the same shit I did before I was affiliated with the site: submit rankings, go to shows, “MODERATE” the board, give opinions on the SCU site and on the SoCal scene in itself.

People have been asking me, “So what do you exactly do now?” Well, let’s just say I’ll be doing what Lonnie did. I’ll do what I usually did for the site in the past, but on top of that, I might try to throw in a column or interview in there every now and then.

I’ll try to go to MORE shows whenever possible, to help me submit more accurate rankings for the month.

Or better yet, I’ll just get Steve’s coffee for him at the office…

Steve runs the show. It’s up to him on what he wants me to do. I’m in the passenger side of his ride. But for now, I just plan on being a bigger mark than I was before (if that was possible). If you see me at a show, come by and say wassup. I’m an easy guy to talk to. We can talk about wrestling or talk about why Franco smells so terrible.

Drinking the Kool-Aid…