The World According to Matt Sinister

Well looks like I’m popping up everywhere, does that mean I’ve got POP? OK bad joke. Since this is SoCal UNCENSORED let me SHOOT my fucking mouth off.

What I love most of all about SCU is the monthly rankings. It seems like the rankings are geared more toward personal likes and personal favorites then overall objective journalism.

I also love it when these same so called journalists kiss my ass and suck up to me backstage yet blast me on the boards. While my character is a heel and I love performing as such, I think some fans take my character too seriously. Fucking get over it. I bust my ass out there, and I deserve more fucking respect then what I’m getting which is shit.

Well now that I’ ve got that off my chest let’s get down to things.

Well now that I’m once again the Mexican Lucha Libre Champion I have this to say to Jason Allgood. Thank you. You really stepped up to the plate and busted your ass out there. It’s always good when your in there working with someone who loves to perform. So many times I’ve been out there with these assholes who never want to work. Anyway I look forward to our next serious of matches, but next time I’ll try not to nearly break my skull on the Sinisida.

Oh that reminds me the sinisida is the flying headbutt, and that’s it, every move I use isn’t Sina________(insert move name here) I hate that. (So I guess I’ll hear alot more of it)

Everyone is asking me how and why the N’Sync deal came about. (If you don’t already know I’m on the cover of the new N’Sync CD “Celebrity”) Well let me break it down

a) How, My agent called me and told me that N’Sync was interested in using me for the shoot. the money was right so I said yes.

b) Why, MONEY

OK now shut up I guess I should address something else everyone’s been asking about . Super Dragon. So many fans have asked me “When is Matt Sinister and Super Dragon gonna hook it up. Fans have said to me it’s the Revolution Pro dream match. Well right now were both busy with other opponents. If you look at the current storyline Dragon is defending Rev pro against TARO and the World while The Expert is “Obsessed with regaining the Mexican Lucha Libre Championship. Actually right before Rev Pro started and I was on a 10 month layoff when I first came back my first opponent was scheduled to be Super Dragon on a show in Reno NV but unfortunately the show was canceled. Dragon went down by time I came back to California and started full time with Rev Pro. Since his return I’ve looked forward to getting in the ring with him but the timing has never been right. When will it happen? I don’t know I’m not the booker, but I’ve pushed for the idea though. I think we’d could bring out the best in each other.

Revolution Pro is only gonna get bigger and bigger get your asses up and come down to the Norwalk Swap meet every Saturday at 5:00 pm and be a part of the Revolution.

If you want to contect Matt Sinister E-mail me at