XPW TV Recap – July 28th, 2001

–XPW TV starts off with the usual musical intro.

–We see Rob Black come into his office, stroll to his desk, and notices something out of place. Kevin’s not there bothering him. Black tells the secretary to call him when Kevin arrives to the offices. They finally get a hold of Kevin, and Kevin says he’s been gone all this time in Bombay, Michigan. Full details when Kevin gets back to Rob Black’s office.

–Larry Rivera pays tribute to the original “Bam Bam,” Terry Gordy. He says Gordy was a big man, but had the grace of butterfly. He says now he’s wrestling in the great ring in the sky. After his tribute, he says Kloss is still gone due to being caught hacking XPW’s polls. Rivera tells him not to drop the soap in the L.A. County Jail! He goes over the TV Title Tournament, and says the only two who are officially announced for it are “White Trash” Johnny Webb and Kaos. Rivera says that Kaos’s condition is still in question after being burnt by The Enterprise last week.

–Black is in his office again when Kleinrock walks in. Kevin says that he’s made up to signing Webb to the TV tournament, and it’s something he’s brought back from Bombay, Michigan. He says the main event for the 2nd Year Anniversary show will be Josh Lazie & Sabu vs. The Messiah & Rob Black. The stipulation is if the Black Army wins, Lazie and Sabu are gone from XPW! Black says he doesn’t know how to wrestle, but this stipulation will make up for it. But Kevin adds if Sabu wins, the title goes around his waist. Black protests again and Kevin can’t say anything to help the situation. The contract is signed though, so the main event stands!

–August 25th, 2001 is the 2nd Year Anniversary Show at The Grand Olympic Auditorium in Downtown Los Angeles. Visit XPWrestling.com for details on how to purchase tickets.

–The Messiah arrives in Black’s office to discuss the “situation”. Black says that Kevin signed the match mentioned earlier and The Messiah can’t believe that Rob will actually wrestle in a match. Black mentions the stipulation about them being gone, Messiah is now happy. Then he adds the stipulation of The Messiah losing the title and Black losing the company if Sabu and Lazie are the victors. Messiah goes nuts and calls Kevin an f’n idiot. Black doesn’t seem to be as concerned as The Messiah, and he says he could train Black with a few of his moves.

Match One: Tokyo Gurentai vs. Mexico’s Most Wanted
Before the match Gurentai’s translator comes out and basically spreads his propaganda that the American’s can wrestle, so they want to wrestle Mexico’s Most Wanted. Damien 666 starts off with a flurry of kicks and a clotheline in the corner on Nozawa. Now Nozawa and Kikuzawa double-team Damien 666, so some boos from the crowd. More double teaming, and the ref does nothing! Awesome drop kick by Damien 666 on Nozawa. Halloween is tagged in, nails Kikuzawa with some stiff chops. Halloween is thrown over the top rope, but Damien 666 comes in and nails a huge vertical suplex from the top rope. Victoria comes in and dives off the top rope onto Nozawa. Then a huge powerbomb by Halloween. Pin attempt to no avail. Gurentai gains back advantage with a huge drop kick from the top rope. More double teaming with a huge kick to Halloween’s face. Halloween gains his last ounce of strength and whips Kikuzawa into the ropes. A huge spinning heel kick ! Nozawa goes to the top rope, but Damien sets him up with a huge vertical suplex. Both teams go for the pin, but some how the ref says that Gurentai won! The two teams keep fighting, and Mexico’s Most Wanted come out on top
Winners: Nozawa and Kikuzawa

–Larry Rivera begins to comment on the match, and then Black comes in and sits next to him out of no where. Rob says his life sucks right now, but Rivera says he shouldn’t be sad since he’s rich. Black explains about the match he’ll be having at the next show, and Rivera understands his pain. Rob says he came to Rivera back on episode 20 when Black brought him a bass to play. We see a clip from that episode, where Black is dancing to Rivera’s bass playing. THIS IS HYSTERICAL!!! After they are done with their thoughts, Black wants Rivera to bring him up again. He still has the bass with him since he takes everywhere he goes. They both do a sing-a-long and a little XPW song! Rob Black is now feeling good and will go take care of business.

–We see The Messiah walk into Kevin’s office asking him why in the hell he was in Bombay, Michigan. Kleinrock tells him he had it planned all along on getting rid of Sabu and Josh Lazie at the show. Messiah says if Rob gets pinned he’ll lose the title, which would be unfair. Kevin says he has 4 weeks to train Rob Black to wrestle. The Messiah says that’s all fine and dandy, but if they lose, it’s Kevin’s ass!

–Now we see another person come into Kleinrock’s office, White Trash Johnny Webb! Webb says he went to LawDogs [hot dog stand with legal advice] and he says that they say the contract that he signed was good to go. Webb also says that Kaos got into an accident and had his arm broke by The Enterprise. Webb says he likes that since he’ll probably be out of the tournament. Kevin says he doesn’t know if that would take him completely out of the tourny. Kevin says that regardless if Webb wins the title at the next show or not, he’ll still owe him a favor.

–Black’s in his office again, when Dorko Dude walks in. Kevin says that Kaos has broken his arm and was burned by The Enterprise. They say it’s one less step The Black Army has to take to control the entire XPW again.