Steve’s View #8

I’m sad that I’m going to miss the second stage f the Spirit of Revolution Tournament. Stage 1 really kicked things off right. If everything goes right this tournament could be talked about in SoCal for a long time. My pick is still El Gallinero. Even if he doesn’t win it all, an appearance in the finals will be a huge boost for him.

Stage 6 of the Spirit of Revolution is scheduled for the same night as XPW’s Rapture. Revolution Pro’s shows usually go about two hours to two and a half hours, so you should be able to make both if you are so inclined. However, I don’t know what that says for Rev Pro guys being on the XPW card.

On a non-SoCal note, WWF has been good lately. I was ready to give up on them a few weeks ago. Even the Tazz and Rhyno match was good tonight. I’m glad they have finally started to get their act together.

I have a feeling we are closer than ever before to getting Survival Tobita in SoCal. Lord knows we need him.

If you haven’t done so yet, check out Nick Ramirez’s (ViolenceXPW) column on He makes some excellent points regarding the XPW title situation. You can read his column here.

Here is some more Sabu results from All Japan. These are from Puroresu Power:

June 3rd in Okayama: Sabu defeated Giant Kimala in 11 minutes, 58 seconds with a moonsault press.

June 4th in Shimane: Abdullah the Butcher & Giant Kimala defeated Yuto Aijima & Sabu in 9 minutes, 29 seconds when Butcher used an elbow drop on Aijima for the win.

Vampiro’s manager, Bob Barnett has said in a recent post on that Vampiro will be facing Sabu at XPW’s Rapture on July 7th. If this is indeed true, it makes it that much worse that XPW stripped Sabu of the belt. They could have gone 1 show without the title being defended. Like I have said before, Sabu spent over a year getting that title over, and XPW threw all that in the trash. Angle or not, it is stupid.

Don’t forget to drop by the SoCal UNCENSORED chat room. It is fantabulous!

See you this weekend.

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