Enter The Professor

I’m here for a reason, and thats because of my love for wrestling. Up until 1999, I had no idea about what Southern California had in terms of its great wrestling, and rising stars. Now, I don’t even pay attention to WWF/WCW, because it is boring, and easy to spot new angles, not to mention all the friggin dirt sheets. But when I realized that I live in a special area, that being the inner Los Angeles area, I stopped watching the big 2, and fell in love with the best indy scene there is – Southern California.

These days, I’m always going to indy shows, whether it be MPW, UIWA, or XPW. They are great to watch, and easy to mark out at, since the crowd is much smaller than that of the Big 2, and Southern California itself is a great product in the making. The routine indys, UIWA, MPW, Rev Pro, have rising talent that cannot be ignored, in Super Dragon, Tech 9, Cincinntati Red, B-Boy, King Faviano, Primetime Peterson, and more. UPW brings in WWF talent every month, and for the price UPW charges, is a bargain, for any true mark to go out and see some of the more famous wrestlers in the US. Despite the WWF talent UPW brings in, they also have a group of rising talent, in Samoa Joe, Prototype, and for awhile, Christopher Daniels. XPW brings in some of the bigger names that west coast fans never had the chance of seeing, and now do, in New Jack, Sabu, Vic Grimes, Dick Dudley, Kronus, etc. XPW also has a group of rising talent, that being The Messiah, Supreme, Jimmy, and Pogo.

As more and more indy wrestlers are being signed, it only makes the independent scene more exciting to watch, because more and more new faces are coming in. The independent scene gives any true fan what they would be looking for, that being pure wrestling. Every indy fed out there has their share of “hardcore wrestling”, or “Lucha”, or just pure wrestling itself, a draw to most marks. Whatever the wrestling fan craves, can be found here in Southern California.

For those fans who just aren’t familiar to independent wrestling, this is why sites like SoCalUncensored.com, SoCal-Wrestling.com and CAWrestling.com are made, to cover the world of the independent wrestling scene in southern California. If you havn’t been to a local show, what are you waiting for, check it out. Even if you don’t like what you see, not a lot of money is being shelled out of your pocket, so no big loss is there.

Thanks for reading

-The Professor