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Most wrestlers in SoCal are not household names. Its a simple fact. But to the fans of the SoCal scene names like Super Dragon, Samoa Joe, Frankie Kazarian, B-Boy, and others are the big names in this area. They are the best SoCal has to offer. They are the present superstars of the SoCal wrestling promotions.

But what about the future?

In this column I’m going to take a look at six wrestlers (four singles wrestlers, one tag team) that could very well be the future of this area. When names like Messiah, Chris Daniels, Rising Son, and others are just legends, these could be the guys that are on every SoCal fan’s lips.

And now in no particular order:

Bigg Tony – This big man hasn’t been wrestling too long but he is really starting to take off. Coming out of South San Diego, Tony has the size to become the big man in any promotion. While he has size and charisma, he is still a little rusty in the ring, but his skills are improving with every match. At a recent CCW show he received one of the loudest pops when he came out for his match with Demento. Having already found away to get the crowd into his matches all he needs now is a little experience to get his skills where they need to be. Now that he is starting to show up on cards all over SoCal it shouldn’t be long before he makes his impact on SoCal.

Goalie Howe – Goalie is not really a newcomer, as he made his debut quite some time ago. However he had only a few matches before he went out for over a year with an injury. When I was originally thinking up the idea for this column, Goalie wasn’t on my mind. Then I happened to see him work a match against Louis at the March 24th CCW show. In a match with two relative newcomers, the match was very good. Goalie’s in ring work showed a lot of polish for being so inexperienced. It doesn’t appear that it will take much to bring Goalie into the forefront of SoCal, just the thing most guys need, and that’s experience.

Hostile Takeover (Playboy Rob Money & Big Ass Jason Cash) – I’m putting these two guys together as a tag-team, even though I’ve yet to see them wrestle as one. Both guys ring work is pretty good despite the relatively little experience both have had. Working programs with B-Boy and MATRIX can’t have done anything but help these guys develop however. Both are over big time as heels in CCW. The crowd really seems to hate them. Big Ass Jason Cash is already showing the battle scars of wrestling, having been split open by B-Boy with a chair. Hostile Takeover has much promise as singles wrestlers but I’d like to see them work as a tag-team. SoCal needs some more pure tag-teams and in the future I can see Hostile Takeover helping to fill the void.

Shogun – Shogun is the farthest along of all the guys on this list. In his first month he was ranked #14 on’s distinguished Top 20 List. He has the advantage of working in Revolution Pro with some of the top cruiserweights in indy wrestling today. Shogun recently suffered an injury and has been out of action for a little while. He is set to return this month, and if he returns where he left off, he should be one of the top cruisers in SoCal very soon. Being as good as he is, with as little matches as he has is scary. Shogun is destined to be a force in SoCal wrestling.

Louis – His first ever match was against himself. You would have had to of seen it to believe it. It was hilarious. Now Louis is starting to get opponents and he is doing even better. In a recent match against Goalie Howe he showed some glimpses of his potential. As with most newcomers he needs experience and matches against some of SoCal’s best to get him to where he has the potential of going. As long as he keeps improving himself, sooner, rather than later Louis should be one of the top cruiserweights in SoCal.

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Steve Bryant
Fan of Godzilla.