[RESULTS] UEW “Fatal Frontlines” September 13th 2014

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“Fatal Frontlines”
September 13th 2014
Sun Valley, Ca

Saturday, September 13th, 2014 Underground Empire Wrestling presented Fatal Frontlines in Sun Valley, CA in front of a jam packed audience.

The night opened with a gigantic bang! Kyle Wylde, set to host the evening’s events solo, due to Ron Rivera walking out on UEW following to many RevX questions…was interrupted by the one and only, the man that brought independent professional wrestling to a level never imagined possible, the man behind XPW, ROB BLACK!!!

Rob Black addressed the crowd and informed Kyle Wylde that he’d be sitting ringside to call the action as a special guest commentator. The first two minutes of the show changed the entire aspect of the evening, the bar was raised, again, in UEW.

Match 1 of the evening was the continuation of UEW’s Tag-Team Championship Tournament’s first round. The Von Dooms faced Urban Discipline, 2 teams never before seen in the underground. The Von Dooms were able to pick up the victory & advance into the second round of the tournament.

Match 2 of the evening was a grudge match between Murcielago Rojo & Warhog. “The Manster” was able to defeat Murcielago Rojo and finish what he attempted to do at March of the Damned, immediately following the referee’s 3 count Warhog ripped off Murcelago Rojo’s mask. Will we ever see Murcielago Rojo in the underground again??

Match 3 of the evening seen NY Knockout taking on Sage Sin. Sage Sin still on the hunt to prove herself and pick up a victory in UEW. The match wouldn’t get to a conclusion as the “Fallen Flower” Kikyo Nakamura burst into the underground with destruction on her mind, attacking Sage Sin, an attack so brutal the “Human Horror Film” himself came to the ring to stop it. Supreme had enough, & wanted Sage Sin to prove herself on his terms, Supreme presented a match at Hellbound that would see Sage Sin face Kikyo Nakamura in a Pumpkin Patch Death Match!!!

Match 4 of the evening was the final first round match up in the UEW Tag-Team Championship Tournament. Jacob “The Riot” Diez, disgruntled with his outings in UEW singles action & his vendetta with the Heavyhitters, joined the tournament with a partner very capable of gaining victories, Mikey O’Shea. Diez & O’Shea took on the returning Wikkid and the debuting Johnny Saovi. It appeared that Diez chose wisely as himself and O’Shea secured the final spot in the tournament.

At this time, UEW management wanted to publicly offer Harry Henderson a contract. He had an impressive debut & UEW welcomed him to the underground. Christian Saint even came down to the ring to congratulate Henderson and shake his hand.

Match 5 of the night was the triple threat elimination match, which seen Daniel Torch, El Ridiculoso & “Hatebreed” Ricky Barrera go into battle. The match was not stop action, but Daniel Torch’s March of the Damned foe, Hoss Hogg came out to take Torch out. Hoss completely eliminated Torch from action leaving Ridiculoso & Barrera to battle. In the end the “Puerto Rican Pitbull” picked up another victory. Ricky Barrera is on quite a roll here in UEW, can he be stopped?

Match 6 of the night was the UEW Eastern Pacific Championship match. The “Urban Juggernaut” Sean Black was getting his shot to topple the ‘longest reigning champion of the modern era’ the ‘undefeated’ Mike Rayne. Sean Black gave it his all, but it was the distraction from Christian Saint that cost Black to lose his focus and fall victim to Mike Rayne’s absolutely devastating finisher. Sean Black’s neck and spine were jarred, concern for his well being brought out UEW staff to help him to the back. Help Black refused. Sean Black certainly has revenge on his mind and Christian Saint is in the crosshairs.

Match 7 of the night was to be the Death Match rematch of Mr. California & the “Vandal” Andre Verdun. The match began with the two going right after one another on a respect match up. The match had the crowd on edge, to see what these men were going try and do to one another this time around. Then enters JD Horror….JD Horror immediately went after the “Vandal” focusing on Verdun’s arm. Injuring him to the point the referee stopped the match, quite possibly a Death Match has ever been stopped by an official. UEW Management, Michael Rummans came to ringside, concerned for Verdun’s well being, pleading with him to go to the back to be checked on by UEW medical staff. Forever a vandal Verdun refused and had to be taken away by UEW security. Michael Rummans then forced the match to restart, putting JD Horror in Andre’s place. Mr. California & JD Horror proceeded to destroy on another until Andre Verdun was able to push his way out of the back and go after Horror. UEW security could hardly contain it. The match was ultimately thrown out completely for sheer safety concerns. Andre then challenged both JD Horror & Mr. California to a 3 way body bag match at Hellbound. The last time we seen a 3 way body bag match at Hellbound it nearly ended one man’s life!

Match 8 was the UEW Heavyweight Championship match. Also known as Dino Winwood’s crusade to strip Bobby Hart of a title Winwood feels Hart is not worthy of. Winwood’s hired help for the evening was Che Cabrera. Bobby Hart was unstoppable and made quick work of Cabrera. Winwood always working noticed Sledge in the UEW audience, Winwood offered Sledge all the money he had on him to take out Hart. Sledge agreed and the massive monster came into the ring and did what he was paid off to do. Dino may have found a winning formula with Sledge, as Hart, not a small man is now being challenged by a man larger than him!

Match 9 was the Underground Main Event. The very first meeting of Supreme and CJay Kurz. A Death Match contest. These two went balls to the wall & took things to a new level of violence, a match that seen these two men use a road flare as well as a weed whacker used as weapons to maim each other. Supreme was able to defeat Kurz in one of the best Death Matches to take place in a very long time. Celebrations cut short as Danny Ramirez came to the ring to demand to know who the anonymous third party was and who the mystery partner was for the Main Event at Hellbound. Rob Black removed his commentary headset, stepped into the ring and declared to Ramirez and the audience he was the anonymous 3rd party!!! Rob Black, with extreme running through his veins laid out Ramirez with a lighttube! Damian 666 then appeared and came after Supreme. Rob Black then called to the back for his mystery partner to come out to take out Damian, the music hit & it was revealed that B.C. Killer was the man Rob Black hand picked to team with Supreme in the Cage of Death!!! With B.C. Killer, the “Human Horror Film” Supreme & Rob Black all on the same side…no one can fathom the destruction that can take place at Hellbound.

Credit: UEW