Jay Cal’s View #159

Let’s talk about Year End Awards, well you should actually go to the message board for that… http://www.socaluncensored.com/board.  We’re looking for more contributors, we need results.  We want your opinions, reviews, etc.  Contact me for more info.  Grind House returns, updates with the United Wrestling Network, Check out the Rosas Report, plus this week’s wrestling events.  Also… seriously I need a logo.
SoCal Year End Awards
Tag Team of the Year Awards Voting has opened up on the message board. Thank you to everyone who took the time to make a nomination. Only those who registered for the SoCalUNCENSORED Message Board will be able to vote on these awards. New registrations will open after all the voting has taken place. There are a few new faces in the race this year. It seems like some of the tag teams nominated represent multiple regions in Southern California. Although in the 2014 Poll; Los Bandidos, PPRay, Vermin, World’s Cutest Tag Team, and the Young Bucks are all returning, this year Congregation of Pain (The Friars), Andy Brown & Adrian Quest, Andrew Everette & Trevor Lee, Gulak & Thatcher, B-Boy & Lil Cholo, and the Mix Tape Kings weren’t apart of last years nominations. Also returning to the ballots are The Von Dooms, Los Luchas, and The Ballard Brothers.

I was recently asked why show results are not going up on the site immediately. It’s a great question. And one I really don’t have an answer for. I mean, I know Mike and myself search out the event results that aren’t sent in or posted by staff. If you’re a fan, promoter, worker, referee, heckler, hanger on, ring rat, whatever… we need your help. We are doing our best to document the history of Southern California Wrestling. If you’re at a show, send us the results. We’ll be more than happy to credit you, your twitter handle, your facebook page, your youtube page, whatever. My email is bellow, or you can message us on twitter and facebook. Thanks in advance for your help.

The Grind Returns
This weekend will mark the return of Grindhouse Entertainment. Some might remember the name from back in March of last year, they were scheduled to have a show (Super Collider) in Colton, which is basically near the 10 freeway before you get to San Bernardino. This was to be their second show, however there was an issue with the building and the show was canceled. Nearly one year in the making Richie Slade will defend his King of the Grind Championship against in a triple threat against Eli Everfly and Jacob Diez. This will be the first show not promoted by EWF or SoCal Pro in Riverside in a long time. If you’re so inclined to check out this show, we’d appreciate any results you can send, thank you.

United Wrestling Network

It was announced that Championship Wrestling from Hollywood will now air in Northern California by way of KOFY-TV20-Cable 13 at 4:00PM and will be presented locally by Bacon Bacon of San Francisco. This stretches the reach of CWFH Television for multiple areas across the country. Off course with clearance Nationally by YouToo America (airing Saturday’s at 9PM, as well as locally KDOC-TV on Saturday Afternoon’s at 4PM and Nationally affiliated on WFBD-TV in Pensacola Florida Saturday 1PM EST, Time Warner Sports in Kansas City Missouri Monday Nights at 8PM, WVVH-CD on Cablevision 78 in New York Saturday Midnight, with more clearance to be announced soon in California.

The United Wrestling Network Streaming Service Powered by Patreon recently updated to include several new episodes to the Patreon Network starting with Episode 240 which aired on December 26th, which recapped 2015. It features: Hobo vs. Willie Mack, Joey Ryan & Ryan Taylor vs. PPrAy (Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas), and Scorpio Sky vs. Kevin Martenson. Episode 241 aired January 2nd, with a United Wrestling Network TV Title Match between James Morgan and Todd Chandler, An Interview with Avalon by Grant, PP3 Cup Qualifying Matches; Eric Watts w/ Ty Matthews vs. Cedric King, Julius Coleman vs. Gino Rivera, and in the Main Event the $5000 Step Right Up Challenge between Bateman and Hobo. The Episode 242 aired January 9th with more PP3 Cup Qualifying Matches; Dan Joseph and Julius Coleman, Ryan Taylor vs. Rocky Romero, an interview with Grant and Brian Myers, Falco vs. Mike Camden and The Main Event of United Tag Team Championship Match: Timothy Thatcher & Drew Gulak vs. Cold Cold World. And lastly Episode 243 which featured MORE PP3 CUp Qualifying Matches with; Kevin Martenson vs. Joey Ryan, Eli Drake vs. Jarek 1:20, Sasha Darevko vs. Mike Camden, The Classic Connection vs. Jared Vargas & Alexander Bernard and in the Main Event “Pretty” Peter Avalon vs. Brian Myers.

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood returns to the Oceanview Pavilion this weekend.

Ray Rosas Report
Rosas talks about the Results of Alpha Omega Wrestling. Ray also talks about the CWFH TV Show getting clearance in San Francisco, his nomination for the Paul T. Most Outstanding Wrestler of 2015. Ray also talks about his match this weekend against UEW Internet Television Champion, Human Tornado. Ray also talks about his experience at wrestling at the EDC in 2009. And answers email. If you’re a fan of the podcast tweet @RayRRRRosas and tell him.  Use the hashtag #RosasReport

Upcoming SoCal Events
Meet Former WWE Star “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters in Huntington Park, January 23 @ 12:00 PM
Meet Lucha Underground Star Johnny Mundo (FKA John Morrison) in Huntington Park, January 23 @ 2:00 PM
Grindhouse Entertainment “Robot Show” in Riverside, January 23 @ 6:30 PM
UEW presents “Fuck The World 2? in East Los Angeles, January 23 @ 7:00 PM
XWW presents Forever Ultraviolent 3 in Sun Valley, January 23 @ 8:00 PM
CWFH Tv Taping in Port Hueneme, January 24 @ 3:00 PM

If you are visiting any of the shows this weekend, please shoot us the results and we’ll credit you on the website.

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