UEW’s Biggest Surpise…The Return of Rob Black

On Saturday, September 13th at the Underground Empire Rob Black UEW 9-13-14Wrestling event “Fatal Frontlines”, The entire company was in a state of shock. The crowd at Fatal Frontlines was in shock. Rob Black made his debut in Underground Empire Wrestling, then later revealed they he was the anonymous 3rd party that made it possible for the Underground Main Event @ Hellbound to take place in UEW & not in Tijuana. Rob Black even got physical, taking out Danny Ramirez with a lighttube. Xtreme is alive & well in the Underground. With Rob Black involved with UEW….things just got taken to a whole new level!!!

What does this mean for UEW? Make sure to follow up for info on UEW’s “HellBound” on Oct 18th!

Tickets on sale now: http://www.uewwrestling.com/

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  1. Hooray, even less reason for me to care.

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