[RESULTS] UEW “West Coast Cruiser Cup” on November 22nd 2014

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W3C “West Coast Cruiser Cup” Tournament
November 22nd 2014
Los Angeles, Ca

On Saturday, November 22nd, 2014 Underground Empire Wrestling presented its West Coast Cruiser Cup Tournament. W3C was UEW’s final show of the year, the company and talent all made sure UEW ended the year on a high note.

The night opened with the “Voice of the Underground” Kyle Wylde, giving a classy send off to referee Jay Stone, who was referring his last UEW show, it was revealed Danny Ramirez would co-host with Wylde at the announcer’s table, & Bobby Hollywood would be the ring announcer for the evening!

Round 1 of the W3C tournament

Daniel Torch defeated Human Tornado

Sage Sin defeated Torito Garcia

“Hatebreed” Ricky Barrera defeated Steven Andrews

Johnny Saovi defeated Biagio Crescenzo

*Following the first round of the tournament medals where awarded to the 4 non advancing participants*

Rob Black entered the ring to gloat about what he and his new, some would argue, hired hit man had done to Supreme at Hellbound. Rob Black with B.C. Killer by his side stood in the ring begging for Supreme to come to the ring. This brought out Sage Sin, she got right into Rob’s face, never once backing down. The Body Count Killer attacked Sage Sin, slicing her with the knife he always has close by. He splashed her multiple times, then proceeded to wrap her neck with his chain and hang her from the top rope. Luckily JD Horror came to Sin’s rescue, going after B.C. Killer with a barbed wire baseball bat, and then assisting her to the back to be checked out by UEW’s medical personnel.

After that explosion of chaos it was time to keep the show rolling and finally crown UEW Tag-Team Champions.

Jacob “The Riot” Diez & Mikey O’Shea took on The Heavyhitters. About two minutes into this contest Christian Saint & Harry Henderson made their way to the ring to interject themselves into the match. Being that all UEW title matches fall under Underground Rules, referee Jay Stone had the match restarted as a 3-way tag contest. Even with Sean Black assisting the ‘Hitters Christian Saint & Harry Henderson seized their moment and the titles!

Round 2 of the W3C tournament

*Brackets were shifted allowing Sage Sin to get assistance from UEW’s medical personnel*

“Hatebreed” Ricky Barrera defeated Daniel Torch

Johnny Saovi came to the ring & it was announced that UEW’s medical personnel were refusing to give Sage Sin clearance to compete, referee Jay Stone began his ten count to give Saovi an on the record win in the tournament, when management advised Stone that Sage Sin was on her way out, she WAS going to compete against Saovi! Battered, bloodied and ready to brawl Sage Sin took it to Saovi, but in the end her injuries hindered her giving it her all, Saovi defeated Sage Sin.

Sean Black took on Hoss Hogg in a singles match that seen the action go from one end of the VFW to the other. Hogg able to gain the victory was then attacked by Sean Black and The Heavyhitters. This brought out the returning Robby Phoenix to make the save. Robby who had been upset with UEW’s new direction had walked out a few months ago, he’s back and claims he’s gonna do things the “old” UEW way!

The Red Bat was ready to wage war, but against the debuting Insaniac, it was a war no one could be prepared for. Insaniac made an immediate impact in the Underground. Insaniac really sunk his teeth into UEW! An impressive enough debut to get Danny Ramirez from behind the announce table and into the ring, after Danny waited for Insaniac to put his bite guard back on, Danny Ramirez will always align himself with talent that is going to be a major player, with Ramirez helping to guide this deranged individual everyone has to beware!

The “Vandal” Andre Verdun came to the ring, mic in hand, seeking retribution, calling Carnage out. This brought out UEW management, who attempted to defuse the situation, while The “Vandal” was distracted Carnage made his way into the ring from behind, chair in hand, a chair that was eventually set ablaze and smashed against The “Vandal’s” head. Carnage then proceeded to douse Verdun with lighter fluid! This prompted UEW’s CEO Mike to jump into the ring and act as a human shield. Mike was left shaken as an issue he thought was going to be eliminated has clearly gotten worse. Andre was taken to the back and treated for second & third degree burns to his head. Mike left in the ring, stunned, was interrupted by Dino Winwood, laying out a challenge for his client Sledge. UEW Heavyweight Champion Bobby Hart, out with a severe knee injury, has sixty days to answer the challenge or forfeit his title! The bad news was continuing to pile onto Mike’s lap.

*Following the second round of the tournament medals where awarded to the 2 non advancing participants*

It was now time for the W3C tournament finals. Johnny Saovi took on “Hatebreed” Ricky Barrera! The two men gave it all they had, the cup was just in reach! In the end “Hatebreed” Ricky Barrera defeated Johnny Saovi to become the 2014 West Coast Cruiser Cup Tournament winner! The Puerto Rican Pitbull immediately began tearing into the crowd. Which incited a riot, Barrera had to be escorted to the back for his safety! The crowd may not have gotten a happy go lucky winner but the respect that the audience showed Barrera for his in ring work showed through!

Underground Empire Wrestling returns January 2015! Do not miss professional wrestling pushed beyond all limits…without boundaries!

Credit: UEW’s Michael Rummans