UEW “Annihilation” on April 2nd 2016

Underground Empire Wrestling
AnnihilationUEW 4-2-16 flyer
April 2nd 2016
East Los Angeles, CA
Underground Empire Wrestling’s “Annihilation” Results:

1.Daniel Sanchise defeated “Exciting” Evan Daniels

2.Marriah Moreno vs Dakota was thrown out after Marriah attacked Dakota on her way to the ring and smeared orange paint all over the face of Dakota reminiscent of the Pumpkin Queen’s war paint. This would bring out Sage Sin to defend Dakota and go face to face with Moreno, however Marriah laughed and walked out of the building.

3.The Classic Connection defeated LT & R3 with Ryan Clark after retired UEW wrestler Freddy Havoc whom was sitting ring side tried to start a fight with Clark through the guardrails and as R3 dropped down to help Clark, Royal and Shapiro would take advantage of the situation and pin LT while his back was turned.

4.H.A.T.E’s own Ray Rosas with Peter Avalon defeated Crescenzo, Corey Jackson and Ryan Morales in a 4-way Elimination match

5.H.A.T.E’s own “Latino Meat” Che Cabrera with Damien Arsenic defeated “Jungleboy” Nate Coy

6.H.A.T.E’s own “Bad Dudes” Tito & Rico with Damien Arsenic defeated Max X and Rocketboy Wilson

7.”Urban Juggernaut” Sean Black defeated Fern Owens to retain the Underground Empire Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. Moments before Black retained it was believed that Owens had won the title however, the ref who made the count was none other than the “Ace” Buddy Royal therefore the decision was not valid and ultimately would cost Fern the gold!

Before the main event it was announced due to safety concerns the lumberjack stipulation had been removed from the UITV title match.

8. Human Tornado retained the Underground Internet Television Championship by disqualification after being jumped by all members of H.A.T.E! This would bring out more of the UEW locker room to clear the arena of H.A.T.E and end the night! The “Bell Garden Bitches” were invited back April 23rd for some “ALL OUT VIOLENCE”

Credit: Kyle Wylde & UEW