[Results] UEW “Passage 2 Pain” 2016 on February 20th 2016

Underground Empire WrestlingUEW 2-20-16 flyer 3
Passage 2 Pain 2016
UEW Auditorium
February 20th 2016
East Los Angeles, Ca

1.Human Tornado defeated Max X to retain the UEW Underground Internet Television Championship

2.Dmarco “Rocketboy” Wilson defeated “Jungle Boy” Nate Coy

3.Fern Owens & R3 defeated Ryan Morales & Lawrence Taylor after LT joined “Camp Clark” and beat down his own partner.

The UEW Heavyweight Champion Sean Black would back up Morales and ward off the pack of thugs.

4 . Crescenzo defeated Daniel Sanchise

5. Airon Skye defeated Daniel Torch

Ray Rosas made his way to the ring and apologized to the fans of UEW for the situation that occurred during January’s FTW 2 regarding a brawl that broke out involving Human Tornado, Rico Dinamita, Tito Escondido and Che Cabrera. As well as security, staff, some of the UEW roster and even fans!

Rosas explained he has signed onto be a coach here at the Underground School of Professional Wrestling and we would see him in UEW for a long time.

Suddenly Rico, Tito and Che appeared and attempted to make there way past security into the ring. Ray demanded that they get in the ring and apologize to everyone in attendance and found himself quickly surrounded. Max X and Dmarco Wilson would rush out to aid Rosas and even up the odds.

Ray challenged the 3 outsiders to a fight and as they approached the ring Ray blasted Max from behind and then attacked Dmarco! All four men begin beating down the two rookies of the Underground. Ray and the others removed there shirts in unison to reveal the letters H.A.T.E. across there chests.

This would bring out an enraged Michael Rummans (President of Underground Empire Wrestling) who would challenge the “Bell Garden Bitches” to face Max X, Rocketboy Wilson and 2 more of the Underground’s best in 4 vs 4 match at Malicious Intent and then they must go!

Ray accepted the challenge but added the stipulation that if they win, they will stick around as long as they like.

6.Mike Rayne defeated Marcé to retain the UEW Eastern Pacific Championship

7. Sean Black defeated Michael Krueger to retain the Underground Empire Wrestling Heavyweight Championship in a Underground Lottery match

8.Vandal Andre Verdun defeated Carnage in the “Loser leaves UEW Death Match”

After the match the entire Underground Auditorium stood in ovation in honor of the career of Carnage. Carnage was handed a mic but quickly left the ring stating “he couldn’t do this now”.

While the Vandal was celebrating his victory Corporal Robinson would approach Andre and punch him square in the mouth knocking him senseless! Corp when on to explain to Andre he was not here to destroy UEW he was there to save it.

Corp explained he was just showing tough love and wanted to awaken the beast he knew was still inside Verdun. Robinson stated that if Andre would not get the job done and fix this company then Corp would.

Next UEW event is Malicious Intent on March 12th

Credit: UEW’s Kyle Wylde

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