Chaos Column Recap of SoCal Pro’s Super Clash

SoCal Pro “Super Clash 2017”

9/16, Boys & Girls Club of Oceanside

The last time I was in Oceanside for SCP, it was for their 9-Year Anniversary Card. Although I haven’t been to any other SCP event before “Super Clash” Last Saturday, I still kept an eye on what was going on at the promotion. This year’s “Super Clash” card drew a large crowd, although not everyone took a front row seat. Despite that, their raucous fans–led by the “Loud & Proud Crew”, and plenty of kids, help bring the energy to the ring.

(In case you’re not familiar with a “Chaos Column” recap, details of what happened in a match are generally not as lengthy as Steve’s recap, or that of the other contributors. They are short in length, but concise, and detailed enough to give you–the readers–a sense of what happened from my point-of-view, without taking too much magic away from watching the match itself on DVD or online.)

P – Snake v. Incendia Calavera

Short, but effective match between two masked wrestlers, with plenty of good lucha libre. Snake wormed out of a Fireman’s Carry hold, and got a Cradle/Crucifix rollup for the pin.

1 – Golden State Championship: Ryan Kidd (c) v. Destro

Destro’s ring entrance started with scenes from the hit horror movie, “It”, and he came out with a clown mask, and plenty of red balloons. The match itself was a strong opener, with some outside brawling, and the referee trying to stop Destro from using a chair as a weapon. Maybe that was a good thing, because Destro caught Ryan late, and hit the Death Valley Driver for the pin.


2 – Kitana Vera v. Akane Fujita

Although I don’t know how much punishment she took from Ruby Raze at the previous CWFH event, she took plenty of it from Kitana. Kitana did everything she could to put away the joshi star from Ice Ribbon, but was unable to get the pinfall or submission win. Perhaps that increasing frustration played into Akane’s favor, because she rolled a Samoan Drop into what looked like a Modified, One-Arm Straitjacket Sleeper or Chokehold, then apparently into a Rear Naked Choke position for the tapout submission win.

3 – Dirty Doug (w/ Everett Scott) v. Kikutaro

This match could’ve ended with one kick to Doug’s nuts, but after some pleading from the Japanese veteran, the match was restarted as a “No Balls Barred” match. Doug endured numerous shots to the balls and butt in the crazy comedy match, hitting a Rock Bottom for the pin.

4 – The Rabbit Tribe (Paul London, Mala Suerte, & Saltador) v. Ricky Mandel & SCP Tag Team Champions, The Ballard Bros.

This one was a very fun gimmick match to watch, complete with the kind of craziness you’d expect from a Lucha Underground trios match. Plenty of outside brawling in this match, complete with the fans taking shots. All that craziness was capped with Paul London hitting the Shooting Star Press on Ricky for the pin.

5 – Lucha Libre Rules: SoCal Crazy & Mariachi Loco v. Bestia & Damian 666

Some reasonably wild lucha spots in this match, complete with the classic series of whips to the torsos, using a belt. Bestia 666 rolled a Superkick on SoCal Crazy, into his Modified Muscle Buster for the pin.

* SCP Heavyweight Champion Hunter Freeman comes out to see who would become the #1 Contender for the title, in the wake of the injuries that bit Anthony Idol hard. Apparently, Idol had some disagreement with Everett Scott, because had it not been for Dirty Doug & Dark Usagi interfering, Everett would’ve probably taken a bump (most certainly not an Idol Overdrive due to the injury). Dark Usagi stayed in the ring to state his case to be the #1 Contender, then SoCal Crazy made his case, then Ricky Mandel came out to state his own case. This led to the next match.

6 – #1 Contender’s Match: Dark Usagi v. SoCal Crazy v. Ricky Mandel

This one was a very good Triple Threat, one fall match, with was not a surprise, since it featured some battle-hardened veterans. Ricky had the last laugh, hitting a Skull-Crushing Finale on SoCal Crazy for the pin.

SM – Heavyweight Championship: Hunter Freeman (c) v. Ricky Mandel

Almost right away, did Hunter go after Ricky. The match was a good back-and-forth match…..until Everett Scott came out to distract the referee, & Hunter. That led to Ricky hitting his Neckbreaker finisher for the pin, & Everett Scott making an announcement.


M – Final Match of the “Best of 3 Series”, Hair v. Hair: Ju Dizz v. Mike Camden

This was a very good main event, which had Mona of the LPC very vocal throughout the match. There was a tense moment in the match, where the ref took a bump, and Mike went for an electric hair clipper. Both men ended up going for the device, before it was dropped. Mike then went for a pair of manual scissors, as the ref regained enough consciousness to officiate the match again. In the end, it was Ju Dizz who hit his own Modified Rock Bottom for the pin, and proceeded to cut at least half of Mike’s hair length, tossing it to the fans to close it out.

Final Card Rating: 4 / 5

With Ricky Mandel regaining the big title, it’ll be interesting to see what happens at next month’s “Rumble In Oceanside” card, SCP’s annual event, with its “Royal Rumble” style main event. If Ricky or any member of ESI is still holding the big title by the time Anthony Idol is able to compete again, it could make for an interesting feud in the San Diego area … If you didn’t read my tweets during the show, I made a brief evaluation of Akane Fujita. The way she weathered all the punishment she took from Kitana Vera, and kept on fighting, it reminded me someone who took that kind of stuff a couple of years ago at Stardom USA. Yeah, I’m taking about Kairi Sane. Akane will need that strong heart, and a bit of ring luck, when she enters the upcoming Triple Threat Elimination Match against Samara & Deonna Purazzo at AWS.

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  1. Mark Kausch | 09/20/2017 at 9:11 PM |

    Sorry to “hear” that Ricky joined ESI. Last time I talked to him I said it was refreshing to have a heel that didn’t belong to that stable and he agree. Times change.

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