Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 329 Review

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Tito Escondido defends the Hollywood Heritage Championship, Ray Rosas vs. Peter Avalon & D.J. Hyde, and stuff. Plus some great Bobby Heenan moments.

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Like always, the show starts off with another boring backstage interview. This time the interviewer is some girl who kinda comes off like one of those “Oh my God I’m on TV!!!” types. She’s not bad though. No crude comments from me. I’m a gentleman and a scholar. She interviews the Bonus Boyz, who are like a bootleg Cryme Tyme.

The Bonus Boyz hyped their match with Pac 3. They talked about how they negotiated contracts, so they’re probably gonna get more than a huge Andrew Jackson and “exposure” payday. The Bonus Botz also said Pac 3 are giving out title shots like candy. Yeah, that’s how prestigious a title shot in CWFH is. They’re on the same level as getting your hands on candy.

Hollywood Heritage Championship Match: Tito Escondido (c) vs. Devin Sparks

Tito is sporting shorts and sneakers in this match. This is a better look for him and it fits his “bad dude” character very well. Angel Castillo did ring announcing duties, and once again he did a terrible job. Dave should bring back Joe Granola bar or use Josh cause Castillo is not good. He just doesn’t have the sorta voice or presence a ring announcer should have.

The crowd was pretty dead for this match, mostly because it was obvious Tito wouldn’t lose to Devin Sparks. There wasn’t really anything interesting in this match either. Tito hit a nice German Suplex, but for the most part there wasn’t a lot of action. Devin Sparks’ gimmick has really worn off on me, and he’s not very fun to watch in the ring. Thankfully this match was short. Tito won with a F5 to retain the title.

Eric Watts (w/ Ty Matthews) vs. Tyler Bateman

Oh look, it’s the rarely mentioned Tyler Bateman! The commentators talked about how Bateman has a title shot. Good job there. This was another rematch, and the announcers touched on that too. CWFH has a worse habit of booking unimportant rematches between their top workers than WWE does.

The match started off with Watts going after Bateman at the bell. The fake crowd noise then made the match hard to watch as it went on. I had to throw down my earbuds in anger because of it. Even with the earbuds off, the one high pitch yell was still audible. This match is what you would expect from these two in a CWFH ring. Slow, boring, basic, and full of strikes. Bateman eventually won with a Death From Above. While this was a pointless and boring match, it built up Bateman and gave him credibility as a title contender.

After a commercial, Joshua Shibata interviewed Ruby Raze. She cut a promo on Kevin Condron for a match in a continuation of their feud. Oh, and the match won’t air on TV. Wait a second, she’s in a feud with Kevin Condron? I totally didn’t know since CWFH sucks at following up on story lines. She also brought up Thomas, who is honestly the most sympathetic babyface on CWFH because of how bad their booking is.

Ryan Taylor vs. Mick Moretti

Before this match, the commentators mentioned Moretti looked like Dr. Robotnic from the Sonic The Hedgehog games. Yeah man, 90’s video game references are the way to get viewers into a worker. Good job, hacks. They kept playing up Ryan Taylor moving to the desert and being a hippy since this show doesn’t know anything about character development.

This match was a good display of Ryan Taylor’s technical wrestling skills. He had a pretty solid performance in this. Despite his corny gimmick, Moretti wasn’t bad in the ring, They had a good match, but it felt like it was mostly Ryan Taylor carrying things. Ryan Taylor got the win by submission with a modified Half Crab Heel Hook/Toehold. I really think a Ryan Taylor vs. Zack Sabre, Jr. match would be really fun. They seem like they have styles that would compliment each other’s.

Handicap Match: The Office (Peter Avalon & D.J. Hyde w/ the fake Marquez son) vs. Ray Rosas

So far this feud has had its conflict resolved and heat killed several times. During Ray and Peter’s feud, Ray has pinned Peter cleanly, and DEEJ pinned Ray cleanly. Now we have this. The commentators kept referencing D.J. Hyde firing Joe Gacy from CZW because focusing on CWFH’s own would just be stupid. Right?

Ray looked strong in this match. The heels weren’t in control for most of the match, and Ray got a lot of offense in. DEEJ was the only one from the Office who got a decent amount of offense on Ray, while Peter looked like the weaker link. DEEJ hit Ray with a dangerous looking Cobra Clutch Suplex, then Ray super kicked him to the outside. Ray followed up by hitting a Tope Suicida on DEEJ. After that, Ray and Peter had a sequence of counters before Ray pinned Peter cleanly. Again.

The match itself was decent, but the booking of this feud is garbage. This story now has even less reasons for people to care about it. Can we consider that the blowoff and just move on now?

Backstage we have Grant talking loud and obnoxiously. He brings in Howdy Price (a.k.a. Dino Winwood) and he talked a lot while saying nothing. I really think Dave Marquez hates pro wrestling.

United Wrestling Network Tag Team Champions: Pac 3 (Dylan Bostic & Dan Joseph) w/ Coach Flexo, Ray Lyn & Clearance the Waterboy vs. The Bonus Boyz (Clutch & Suga Brown)

“Ladies and gentlemen, this contest is your main event of…is your main event and it is for the United Wrestling Network Tag Team Champions.”

Once again, the ring announcing at CWFH is terrible. This match wasn’t really interesting. There was a lot of basic stuff. Dylan Bostic tried to drop an elbow to break a fall, which he did. Not a botched spot. However, Bostic and Joseph tried to sell it like it wasn’t a normal pin break.

After a commercial break, Bostic and Joseph threw Clearance in the ring, and Joe Galli oversold it on commentary. This led to a face-in-peril segment with Suga Brown playing the Ricky Morton role. Tons of punches, kicks, elbows, and basic shit in this one. The crowd didn’t really care, so this resulted in more annoying fake crowd noise. Clutch got a hot tag, then it led to everyone in the ring doing basic moves. Then Pac 3 eventually won to retain the titles.

Final Thoughts

There were some improvements in this episode. The announcers made the viewers aware of what was coming up, and there was decent attempts to remind the audience that there are people on this show not named Peter Avalon in feuds with people. Still, this is an overall boring show.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out on the Fite TV app and decide for yourself.

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