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(c) Adrian Quest

I had to talk to Adrian Quest, who is one half of the EWF tag-team champions after June 3rd’s EWF show. In this interview we talk about him starting wrestling at 11, his tryout with Lucha Underground, opponents he want’s to face, him wanting a shot at Danny Limelight’s XRT title, and more. Click to read the interview.

(c) Adrian Quest

(c) Adrian Quest

Steve: First, thank you for giving us a few minutes of your time.

Adrian Quest: What’s up everyone? No problem.

Steve: So what made you decide you wanted to get into wrestling?

Adrian Quest: I was actually really really young. I went to an EWF show and I was 11 years old, and after the show I asked about training and Jesse Hernandez said “you’re too young, you have to be at least 14 to start training.” I showed up anyway and the first day he had me running the ropes. I was 11 years old, trained for 2 years then had my first match at 13 under a mask. From there I wrestled until I was 16 then took a break for three years while I was in high school. During that time I was doing amateur wrestling in high school. In 2014 I came back and started to get the ring rust off and then had a match on the first show of the year in 2015 and I’ve been back since.

Steve: And when did you start teaming with Andy Brown?

Adrian Quest: It was actually one of those things where they had nothing for either one of us so they were like “we’ll have you guys team and see how it goes.” People loved us so it was cool. It was around September of 2015.

Steve: You’ve guys are working as a tag-team outside of EWF too, I know I’ve seen you at SoCal Pro, I think you guys team in Desert Wrestling…?

Adrian Quest: Yeah, DWE.

Steve: Have you guys teamed up anywhere else?

Adrian Quest: No, so far just EWF, DWE, and SoCal Pro.

Steve: How do you compare working places like SoCal Pro and DWE to EWF?

Adrian Quest: DWE is always unexpected. There is always a surprise when you go to DWE. SoCal Pro really reminds me of home. It reminds me of EWF. It’s like a second home.

Steve: You are starting to get a lot of hype online. I know there was a gif of you doing your 630 senton onto Rico Dynamite that’s been going around and people have been bringing up your name in matches they want to see…

Adrian Quest:  I did not know that. That is pretty sick.

Steve: Have you had anyone reach out to you about working other places?

Adrian Quest: I had a tryout with Lucha Underground. They really liked me, but they said I lack size. Since November 2015 when I had the tryout I’ve been hitting the gym five days a week, trying to hit it hard. Maybe I’ll get a second chance because they said they like me and next time they see they want to see me bigger, so hopefully I’ll get another Lucha Underground shot.

Steve: Did you get to work a dark match?

Adrian Quest: No I had a two-day tryout. I did a few matches with some other SoCal guys like Ray Rosas and Kevin Martenson. I think all the matches went really well.

Steve: I’ve mentioned this a few times before on other interviews and columns or what not, but I see guys like you, Eli Everfly, Douglas James, who you had a match with tonight, and it reminds me a lot of the early 2000s when you had guys like B-Boy, Scorpio Sky, Super Dragon, etc. coming up at the same time.

Adrian Quest: As well as TJ Perkins who had a big role in my training when I real young. From like 12 to 13 it was just me and TJ most of the time.

Steve: That’s a really good mentor because he is another guy who started really young. I remember he kind of just came out of nowhere, I think he was 15 or 16 at the time and he was just having these really good matches that someone of his experience level really shouldn’t have been having.

Adrian Quest: Yeah. It’s cool for me to have that in my back pocket where I can hit up a guy like TJ Perkins and get some advice on whatever. It’s cool.

Steve: Do you get a chance to watch any other SoCal indies like Pro Wrestling Guerrilla?

Adrian Quest: I watch PWG. It’s intense. That’s somewhere I want to be. The style there is how I want to wrestle. I need to move up to the next level to get there. I need to make the next big step so I can get there.

Steve: Speaking of taking the step, you had a match scheduled with Rocky Romero, and unfortunately he got injured in Japan and wasn’t able to wrestle, is wrestling someone like that one of the things that you think is going to help you get to that next level?

Adrian Quest: Definitely. Not only do you experience wrestling with somebody that caliber but when your name is next to a name like that you are noticed. I needed that, and hopefully in the future I’ll get that.

Steve: Have you gotten to wrestle TJ Perkins?

Adrian Quest: No, not yet. That’s another one. I want to wrestle one of my mentors.

Steve: What other wrestlers are on your list of guys you want to work with?

Adrian Quest: Pretty much all the cruiserweights in SoCal. Here at EWF I wrestle a lot of bigger guys so I can’t really show what I can do against someone my size. I want to wrestle guys like Eli Everfly, Biaggio Crescenzo, I got the chance to wrestle Douglas James tonight and it was awesome. There’s a lot of SoCal cruiserweights I’d like to face. Danny Limelight is another.

Steve: Yeah, you versus Rocky Romero is one of the matches I was really looking forward to at the anniversary show. I wanted to see how you’d match up with someone of that caliber. Your match tonight with Douglas James was one of the deciding factors in me making the drive tonight.

Adrian Quest: Thank you.

Steve: What are your goals wrestling wise?

Adrian Quest: WWE obviously is the ultimate goal, but if it doesn’t happen it doesn’t happen. I really want to go to Japan. I want to someday be in the Best of the Super Juniors and win the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight title, those are my two goals.

Steve: What about promotions like FCW or PCW?

Adrian Quest: Those are two places I want to work as well. Right now the timing isn’t right, I have to do my thing here and in a few months maybe I’ll branch out more. It’s one of those things too where it’s like should I hit them up or wait for someone to hit me up. I’m not really good with networking with promoters yet. That’s one thing I need to work on, get those connections.

Steve: Well, if anyone at FCW is reading this I’d recommend you versus Danny Limelight for sure. You have styles that seem like they’d work well together.

Adrian Quest: XRT title match? I want my shot.

Steve: Yeah, he’s definitely a guy I put in that list with you of really good wrestlers coming up.

Adrian Quest: We’re definitely a talented group of young guys. We’re all hungry, we’re ready to eat.

Steve: It’s really a good time for indy wrestling too, do you feel like there are a lot more opportunities now then there was in the past?

Adrian Quest: Definitely. Especially in SoCal in general. We have Lucha Underground. I mean it’s right there. Lucha Underground can launch you to something bigger.

Steve: Yeah, Lucha Underground uses a lot of local guys too. We’ll, you and Douglas James tore it down tonight. I thought it was the best match on the show, at least the best technical match.

Adrian Quest: I appreciate that.

Steve: Is there anything you want to plug before we stop?

Adrian Quest: Just be on the lookout for me, Adrian Quest aka the Horchata King. That’s pretty much it.

Steve: Well thank you for your time.

Adrian Quest: No problem, I appreciate it.

You can follow Adrian Quest on Twitter at @Adrian__Quest.

Adrian Quest hitting the 630 senton.

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