Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 326 Review: The Excalibur Power Hour

In this Championship Wrestling From Hollywood review, we pay tribute to PWG’s greatest commentator ever.

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We start the show off with another uncreative opening as Joshua Shibata interviews “Exciting” Evan Daniels and R3. They’re from Arizona. Whoo hoo. They cut a lame promo , and that was it.

Ray Rosas & Tito Escondido vs. Evan Daniels & R3

The crowd was pretty hot for Ray and Tito. The heels from Arizona worked over Ray for awhile, making this a standard tag match. The Arizona guys worked over Ray for awhile, and the fans were behind Ray. Ray eventually got a hot tag, and Tito cleaned house.Tito got the win for his team after hitting a F5 on Evan Daniels. The guys from H.A.T.E had a decent showing, but the Arizona guys were a drag.

There was a commercial played for CWFH’s nightclub show. Interested in paying $30 for a show put on by CWFH? No? Okay, I won’t waste your time. After the commercial break, Karl Mandik interviewed Scorpio Sky. He’s teaming with Eric Watts to face Anthony Idol and Big Duke. Ty Matthews interrupted him and talked. Sky shakes his head looking like I do when I watch this show.

Ray Lyn vs. Ruby Raze

Remember when Scott Hall beat Bill Goldberg to end his undefeated streak after outside interference? Do you also remember how dumb it was of WCW to let that happen? Well apparently the rocket scientists over at the CWFH creative team didn’t, as they let history repeat itself. You know who wouldn’t let history repeat itself? That’s right, Frank Stallone.

Kevin Condron (the former Jervis Cottonbelly) came out and was mentioned by the commentary team, but he wasn’t shown on camera till moments later. Great production crew.

There was some stalling from Ray Lyn and interference from Condron. Raze sold some leg kicks from Ray Lyn, The best part of the match was Raze tossing Ray Lyn around. Aside from that, this wasn’t entertaining. The closing moments of the match were sloppy and seem disjointed. Ray Lyn won after Condron smashed Raze’s injured knee in the ring post and proceeded to blow vapor smoke in her face. Ray Lyn then won with an Ace Crusher. And just like that, Ruby Raze’s undefeated streak was ended in a throwaway match on some random episode of CWFH. After the match, Ray Lyn did a terrible White Girl Dance. Seriously, white women are the worst dancers.


Backstage, Karl Mandik introduces us to Howdy Price, who says he’s bringing in some “rancheros.” Howdy is a cross between Cal Worthingon and Col. Robert Parker.  This is a character that Dave Marquez has supposedly been “developing” for 20 years. Howdy Price is former PWG commentator Dino Windwood. Lately he’s been best known for constantly bitching like child about PWG not booking local workers anymore. The promo was meant to introduce us to this character, and it accomplished just that. Too bad this character is fucking lame and uninteresting.

Ryan Taylor vs. Tyler Bateman

Both these guys faced each other on this show about a month or two back, and for some reason they’re facing each other again. There was a spot where Bateman hit Taylor with a German Suplex, followed by a  a Rolling Elbow. Both guys countered each other’s offense for most of the match. Bateman got the win after getting a quick pin on a small package.

Backstage, Joshua Shibata tries to interview Pac 3 and Ray Lyn. They talk about an open challenge that is being issued for the United Tag Team titles.

After a commercial break, Shibata interviews the fake Marquez son. He announces there’s going to be a “World Heritage Invitational,” a tournament for a shot at the Hollywood Heritage Championship. So just like that, CWFh has a random tournament from out of nowhere. No build up. No hype. Nothing. Just more random bullshit that comes off as rushed and unorganized. Oh, and stupid. I forgot to add stupid.

World Heritage Invitational Match: Brody King vs. Falco vs. Anton Alexiev

For the first time in almost a year, we have a new fake-Russian. This time it is in the form of Canda’s Anton Alexiev. Unlike the other fake-Russian, Sasha Darevko, this fake-Russian has a modern Russian character. He wears a suit, drinks vodka to the ring, and acts obnoxious. He also doesn’t have stupid Soviet Union colors on him. Good stuff. As for the match, this was a decent sprint. Alexiev looked pretty solid in this match, and his character was genuinely entertaining. Brody got the win after hitting a Black Thunder Bomb (Argentina Backbreaker into a Blue Thunder Bomb) for the win.

Scorpio Sky & Eric Watts (w/ Ty Matthews) vs. Big Duke & Anthony Idol

Everyone in this match is involved in a feud that is poorly booked. This started out with everyone brawling before the match started, and then turned into the usual heels working over a babyface bullshit you always see on this show. Since Sky was the smallest guy in a match full of taller workers, he was the face-in-peril. Watts predictably got a hot tag and got some offense in. Sky and Watts win cleanly a pretty average match to end the show.

Final Thoughts

Do I really need to repeat myself? This show continues to be a mess. It’s almost as if CWFH is trying to put on the worst possible shows they can. The storylines are booked terribly. That’s all I have to say. There’s no hope for this show. Let’s end this review on a high note.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out on the Fite TV app and decide for yourself.

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  1. I’ve read some of your reviews of this show. I’ve watched CWFH for about 2 years. I think one large part of the problem is they typically tape two shows at once, I think the Red Carpet Rumble spread to 3-4 episodes if I recall. This leads to weird editing at times to try and drive the TV story. Plus you’re often forced to wait three weeks for the culmination of the story even if it’s just a minor feud or simple challenge and not something longer term like this the angle they’re pushing with The Office. The stories would probably develop better if it had a two hour time slot. It would also probably be easier to follow if Championship Wrestling from Arizona aired somewhere so when they tried to work crossovers like bringing Oliver Grimsley in things would actually make sense. Some of the gimmicks are decent enough if they were utilized well and some of the wrestlers like Eric Watts seem to be capable of better matches than they’re given. Still I find myself enjoying watching it, perhaps things will take a turn for the better with the bigger rollout on CW.

  2. Steve Bryant | 09/01/2017 at 9:18 AM |

    I asked about the lack of availability of CWFAZ and the deal they have with one of the stations doesn’t allow them to put it on a streaming service like Fite, though they have put episodes on Facebook before.

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