Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Ep. 335: Dogvember 2017 Pt. 1

On this episode of CWFH, we have Tito Escondido vs. Brody King in an awesome match, and the debut of DOGVEMBER!

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Before we start…

I usually post random videos that somehow tie into my thoughts on the episode of CWFH I’m reviewing. Usually they’re either ones that make me laugh, or ones that I feel would drive home a point I’m making. Fo November, that changes.

This month in my CWFH reviews we will be celebrating DOGVEMBER That means nothing but cute and adorable videos featuring the greatest beings in the world, DOGS. Why? Because cats, like most episodes of CWFH, fucking suck.

Now onto the shitshow.

We start off backstage with Grant interviewing the fake Marquez son. He said CWFH is doing “great” and mentioned the nightclub show that didn’t draw a good crowd from what I’ve been told. They were interrupted by Brody King. Brody was mad, the fake Marquez son acted smarmy instead of selling for Brody by acting intimated. Brody is in the main event against Tito on this show. What a terrible segment and a terrible way to build up Brody vs. Tito.

After the video opening, Joe Galli and Jonny Loquasto rambled about what we’re going to see on the show. The show should’ve started off with the two of them at ringside with the crowd going nuts in the background. CWFH seriously doesn’t get how to make a watchable TV program.

#1 Contender’s Match for the Hollywood Heritage Championship: Tyler Bateman vs. Ray Rosas vs. Eric Watts (w/ Ty Matthews) vs. Suede Thompson

This match is another glaring example of why CWFH and their creative team fucking suck. Ray Rosas lost to Peter Avalon on the first CW Plus show. Bateman lost to Tito on the episode after that. Watts lost to Jack Swagger on the same episode Bateman lost to Tito. Suede Thompson hasn’t had any impressive wins, and he’s annoying as fuck. I wish someone would drop a sack of shoot bricks on his face in a match. None of these guys at the moment would be credible contenders for Tito’s title given their recent track records.

So yeah. This match was a spotfest but not in a cool “THIS IS AWESOME FIVE STARS” way. It was just dudes doing spots. Bateman hit a nice tope suicida, and Ray Rosas hit a moonsault off the top rope to the outside on everyone which was cool. Later in the match, Watts hit a double Samoan Drop on Ray and Thompson, which was also a cool spot. The pacing of the match wasn’t very good for a match of this type, and the layout of this match made things a bit dull. No amount of shitty fake crowd noise could make this match come off as exciting. It just makes it worse.

Watts got the win after Peter Avalon shoved Ray Rosas off the top rope onto Bateman while Watts was down, and then hit Suede Thompson with his finishing move for the win. This match went too long and really bored me. The booking was stupider. Watts, who lost to Jack Swagger, is now the #1 contender for Tito’s title. Can it get dumber? Well if you’ve the lineup for CWFH’s next taping, you’ll see just how *insert whatever strong negative term you could use to insult someone’s intelligence here* it can get.

Tim Storm vs. J.R. Kratos

You know what’s sad? The best thing CWFH is doing is an angle they aren’t even producing. The videos on their YouTube channel building up Tim Storm have been very well produced, and Billy Corgan is doing a great job with Tim Storm’s NWA title run. That said, him doing this angle on CWFH where the matches are ruined by fake crowd noise is a goddamn shame.

This match felt like an old school heavyweight style match. They had a struggle to establish dominance at the start during a lockup, and then started to exchange chops and power moves. This match was competitive and even, but it wasn’t the most exciting. Kratos tried to lift Storm for a spot, but Storm didn’t go up for him and ended up falling to the mat as Kratos tried to lift him. The finish of the match saw Tim Storm tap to a really dumb looking submission. Poor Kratos. He deserves better than this.

Post match shenanigans: Grant asked Tim Storm about Nick Aldis’ challenge for the NWA title. He accepted the challenge and will face Aldis in the future. For once, Grant actually played his role correctly. He didn’t yell like a clown at the start of the promo, and he came off as excited when saying the match was happening at the end of the promo. That’s how it’s supposed to be done.

The Bonus Boyz (Sugar Brown & Clutch) vs. Los Rancheros (Che Cabrera [Rogelio] & Rico Dynamite [Raul]) w/ Howdy Price (Dino Winwood)

Before the match, Dino Winwood came out saying “Howdy” before the Rancheros attacked the Bonus Boys. This was your usual CWFH formula tag match. Clutch played the Ricky Morton role as the H.A.T.Echeros worked him over. Eventually Sugar Brown got the hot tag and got a lot of offense in. H.A.T.Echeros won with a Spiked Piledriver. Rico and Che deserve better than to be lumped in this shit gimmick.

Backstage, some girl said we just saw an “incredible” four way match. Actually, that match wasn’t incredible, and we didn’t “just see” it. Matthews says Eric Watts is now just “Watts.” Then he cut a promo on Tito, and girl sent us to break, Chippah. Hot dogs? Why don’t you sell Cold Cats? Tssssssss. Fucking home run Chipperson. Go to break Erock.

Before the next match, Tito came out and said he was going to put the CWFH Hollywood Heritage title match. Grant did ring announcing duties. He’s terrible at it.

CWFH Hollywood Heritage Championship Match: Tito Escondido (c) vs. Brody King

So we have two of SoCal’s best heavyweight wrestlers in this match for CWFH’s top title. How does CWFH ruin this? If you guessed “shitty fake crowd noise” give yourself a pat on the back.

The opening half of the match was pretty competitive. Both guys got a fair amount of offense in and looked strong. Tito hit Brody with an Exploder Suplex to the corner, and later Brody hit a Belly-To-Belly on Tito into the same corner. Later in the match, Tito and Brody went outside of the ring. Tito charged at Brody, and Brody ended up launching him to the ring apron. Tito would land on his feet, and then hit a Tornado DDT off the ring apron on the floor to Brody. This was a really cool spot.

The finishing stretch saw both guys hitting big moves on each other, and the fans were really into it. See what happens when you put on exciting matches? You get authentic crowd reactions. The finish saw Tito get the win after hitting the Fade To Black on Brody. This was an excellent match. Matches like this are what CWFH should be having on every show.

Post match shenanigans: Ty Matthews and Watts came out to ringside to stare at Tito. Brody shook Tito’s hand and raised his hand cause respkt. Watts got not he ring steps and teased going after Tito, and the two talked trash to each other to end the episode.

Final Thoughts

This was CWFH’s most decent show since debuting on the CW Plus. Tito vs. Brody was an excellent match and the sorta thing CWFH needs more of. Everything else was just, eh. I mentioned how the build up on YouTube for the NWA title match with Tim Storm vs. Nick Aldis has been good, but that’s because Billy Corgan and the NWA are producing it. While the NWA version of this angle has been really good, the CWFH produced segments have sucked as usual. So yeah. That’s all I got. Not enough? Make it enough.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out on the Fite TV app and decide for yourself.

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