WOW Season 4 Episodes 5 & 6 Review

On this set of episodes, Holidead is in action against a murderer, Sophia Lopez continues to be the Greatest Attorney In The World, Lana Star is up to shenanigans, and WOW utilizes more logical explanations for their storylines. Click the review for the review. And click it again when you’re done.

Season 4, Episode 5: Rise From The Dead Click here to watch this episode and the bonus clips

The episode started with the Dagger going to the office of Sophia Lopez, the Greatest Attorney In The World, to thank her for getting her murder chargers dropped. Apparently, she killed him and claimed he was abusive. Holy fucking shit, this show has taken a very dark turn. Dagger says she’s gonna knockout whoever talks shit about her. Sophia Lopez, the Greatest Attorney In The World, tells her about Holidead and how she needs “help” and that her “voices” are talking about Dagger. I still can’t get over the fact that the Dagger killed her husband.

After the intro, there’s a clip of Santana Garrett talking about how she was injured, then it transitioned into a promo from Holidead. She talks about what the Dagger did and that she saw it. She said what the Dagger did was wrong. She also talked about voices in her head. This was a really good promo. The production was done well, and Holidead delivered her lines very well and had some really good character work.

The Dagger vs. Holidead

The commentary team mentions that the Dagger wants her legal issues to not be talked about, but it was talked about in the opening segment, so there that. Holidead worked over Dagger and controlled the match. During the match, David McLane talks about how Dagger is a “MMA-style” wrestler like Keta Rush, and that she has bad news for her that he’s going to tell her later. Dagger eventually made a comeback. Holidead eventually won after hitting her finishing move. The match was pretty sloppy, and Dagger seemed pretty green. This show really isn’t something that is aimed towards people who care about quality wrestling, but usually WOW makes up for it by putting on entertaining ones. Sadly, this wasn’t really entertaining. Still though, Holidead got the win on someone who killed a man, so that should really put her over with the audience, right? Right!?!?

Backstage at the Belasco in Lana Star’s dressing room, the Beverly Hills Babe (formerly Amber O’Neal) has been waiting for Lana. She has a red carpet event to attend, while the Beverly Hills Babe isn’t invited cause she’s “not ready.” Lana gives the Beverly Hills Babe a contract with small prints. She was suspicious of it, but signed it after encouragement from Lana. The entire time, the Beverly Hills Babe was under the impression that if she wins the belt, she’ll be wearing it around her waist. Sadly, Lana is implying that she’s gonna be holding onto it if the Beverly Hills Babe wins. Ooohhhh, drama!

After this we have an announcement that the next match, which was supposed to be a “MMA style” match between Keta Rush going against current Bellator MMA fighter and former Invicta FC title contender Colleen Schneider, has been cancelled because of “MMA licensing issues.” WOW really goes the distance when it comes to tying up loose ends in their storylines. A clip of David McLane going to a gym where Stephy Slays and Keta Rush are working out. McLane tells Keta her match with Colleen has been cancelled cause she’s an “MMA wrestler” and that it won’y fly with WOW, and that they’re not going to have “MMA-style fighting, wrestling, combat” in WOW. He also says that WOW won’t buy a license from the California State Athletic Commission. Actual reason. Stephy then offers to take Colleen’s place against Keta, and Keta buries her partner by saying that her training in jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai. Stephy insists she can handle it, and brings up actual logic when she mentions that they’re professional wrestlers. After the segment, Stephy bench presses an Olympic bar with no weight plates.


In “The Spirit Guides Her” we get a standalone promo from Holidead, who has a Dagger doll that she teases stabbing to hype their match. In “The Dagger Erupts After Loss,” we see Dagger throwing a tantrum and throws stuff around in the locker room. She cut a promo saying she’s tired of people stepping all over her and claimed Holidead fought dirty. During this promo, she implied that her husband’s death wasn’t accidental, so she might’ve admitted to murder here and will do it again. Awesome.

Season 4, Episode 6: Friends Or Foes? Click here to watch this episode and the bonus clips.

We start off with Keta Rush and Stephy Slays working out in Palm Springs, CA. She warns her about her new friends, saying she wasn’t talking so good about her. Stephy then says Keta is too paranoid and thinks everyone is bully. Keta says she has a lot to learn and leaves after Stephy Slays got a social media notification on her phone. After the intro, a video package that goes over the history of the Bully Busters’ friendship and what happened on the last episode to build up their match.

Stephy Slays vs. Keta Rush

The commentators talked about how both women were bullied in high school, which resulted in them becoming friends. Stephy controlled the match in the opening portion of the match. David McLane kept bringing up Keta’s martial arts training and claims she’s a fighter, but nothing about her in ring work or character gives off that vibe. The announcers kept calling the submission moves incorrectly, like calling a basic head scissors a “Triangle Choke.” Yeesh. Keta hit a nice head scissors takedown on Stephy at one point in the match, which was the best spot of the match at that point. The finish saw Keta do a guard pull and applied a Triangle Choke on Stephy Slays. who tapped out that the referee missed, resulting in an awkward moment. Stephy looked pretty green in this, but Keta did a decent job at hitting her spots.

Post match shenanigans: the commentary team analyzes a replay of the finish and breakdown what happened as Keta celebrates her victory.

Meanwhile in Long Beach, CA, David McLane is eating at a seafood restaurant and is joined by Sophia Lopez, the Greatest Attorney In The World, and Lana Star. He loves the bread and water, and Sophia Lopez, the Greatest Attorney In The World, points out that he likes it cause it’s free. Then an onscreen graphic confirms that McLane loves free shit. I can’t blame him. I love free shit too. Lana talks about her getting her belt back, but McLane says she’s not getting a title shot cause of her injury. Lana then informs him that in her contract, she can name a replacement and said the Beverly Hills Babe would be taking her place “by proxy.” Once again, Sophia Lopez, the Greatest Attorney In The World, proves she’s the greatest attorney in the world by pointing out the fine print, and suggests he hire her as his lawyer. I’d like to hire her for some legal issues I’ve been having myself.

In some random outdoor place, Jessie Jones and Selena Majors are in the woods and shoot cans with a B.B. gun. Jones and Majors cut an old school-style Southern promo on Riot, Spike, and Razor, putting them on notice.They’re gonna show them what “Southern Pride” is all about. I imagine they’re gonna yell racist, homophobic, and other bigoted things at them. On the next episode, Southern Pride (Jessie Jones and Selena Majors) go up against Razor and Spike (Christina Von Eerie and Hudson Envy) with Riot in their corner.


In “Speed And Submissions” we get a short video where Keta Rush talks while footage of her doing a Triangle Choke on a training partner is shown.

Final Thoughts

This show continues to be dumb, innocent fun. The entire murderer storyline with the Dagger is hilarious to be honest, and Sophia Lopez, the Greatest Attorney In The World, continues to be my favorite character in wrestling. The matches weren’t very good, but you can’t expect quality matches from this show. The storytelling continues to be done well, and the production is also still holding up. WOW night not be a good “pro wrestling” show in the traditional sense, but it’s a good storytelling show that is cheesy and campy. The new website layout is also excellent when it comes to the episode pages. It is more streamlined, and has a list of the characters that appear on the episode before it. The episode pages also feature bonus clips as well as “Director’s Notes” on each episode. WOW’s presentation is really well done.

Like I’ve said before, if you’re someone who can enjoy campy, cheesy, stupid, fun, goofy, and corny entertainment, you’ll love this show. The next episodes premier on April 11th and 13th on

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