WOW Women of Wrestling on AXS TV Recap – November 16, 2019

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The latest episode of WOW Women of Wrestling opens with electric tag team action.  After being eliminated from the WOW Tag Team Series, The Bully Busters Keta Rush and Stephy Slays have reunited to face the team of Abilene Maverick and The Disciplinarian. Stephy Slays is looking for retribution against the bullying she endured from The Governor’s Daughter Abilene Maverick. 

The Bully Busters vs. Maverick & Disciplinarian

The Bully Busters begin the match strong with big dropkicks to Maverick and Disciplinarian, but momentum quickly shifts against their tenacious opponents.  With the conniving Samantha Smart at ringside, Slays and Rush have an added element to consider in this matchup.  After seemingly endless devastation at the hands of Maverick and Disciplinarian, the Bully Busters once again join forces against their opponents.  They display their tag team cohesion with double elbow drops.  Steph Slays hits a Sunset Flip on The Disciplinarian and, after some slight confusion regarding the referee’s count, the match ends.  The Bully Busters are declared the winners.

After the match, Abilene Maverick ends her partnership with The Disciplinarian and her manager, Samantha Smart.

Southern Pride vs. Dixie Darlings

In the next match, we see the Battle of The Southern Belles as the team of Southern Pride (Jessie Jones and Amber O’Neal) takes on the Dixie Darlings (Jolynn and Jolene).  Jessie Jones takes to the mic to voice her anger at the Dixie Darlings.  Jones maintains that due to the Darlings’ theft of hers and O’Neal’s boots, the team lost their spot in the Tag Team Series.  Southern Pride takes quickly to stomping down their opponents as soon as they enter the ring. Jolene and Jolynn quickly regain focus and force O’Neal and Jones to ringside to recover.  As the match continues, Southern Pride target Jolene.  The seasoned competitors Jones and O’Neal tag to stay fresh as they impart multiple submissions on Jolene.  Even with her arm being wrenched out of its socket, Jolene refuses to submit.  While the referee is distracted by Jones, Jolene gets O’Neals’ shoulders on the mat for a three-count.  Finally, Jolene makes the tag to her partner but the official doesn’t see it and will not allow the new competitor to enter the match.  After hitting O’Neal with a DDT, Jolene finally creates enough separation to tag in Jolynn.  A fiery Jolynn attacks Jones with all of might, but taps out to Jones’ armbar.

The Lioness vs. Khloe Hurtz

Last week, the Lioness was proverbially fed to The Beast by Lana Star.  This week, Star coaches her protegee to face the All Natural Khloe Hurtz.  Upon entering the ring, Lana Star introduces Lioness who performs a song for the crowd.  Hurtz, who fired her Ring Rats after her last match, takes an early advantage over The Lioness with powerful hits.  The endurance of Lioness is undeniable as she fights through a devastating submission from Hurtz.  Lioness bodyslams Hurtz and cracks her with a spinning heel kick.  Lana Star distracts Hurtz at ringside and smashes a mirror over her head, allowing Lioness to cover her opponent for the win.

Monsters of Madness vs. Siren & Holidead vs. Fire & Adrenaline

The Main Event features a Triple Threat Elimination Tag Team Match between Monsters of Madness (Hazard and Havok), Siren and Holidead, and Fire and Adrenaline.  Two winning teams  will move on to the finals to compete for the WOW Tag Team Championship.  Adrenaline and Holidead begin the match with fast-paced action.  New competitors enter and Fire manages to clock Hazard with a few strikes before Hazard takes over and tags in Havok.  Siren is tagged in and she has a brief interaction with Havok before Holidead is brought back into the match.  Holidead brings Adrenaline back into the ring by her hair and Adrenaline is now legal against the mighty Havok.  Adrenaline is knocked loopy around the ring by Havok, who brings her partner Hazard back into the match.  After a vicious snap suplex, Havok reenters the match, but is taken down quickly by Adrenaline.  Fire is tagged in and goes head-to-head with Holidead.  Holidead suplexes Fire and utilizes her partner Siren’s boot to smash the head of her opponent.  Siren the Voodoo Doll becomes the legal competitor and sets up Fire in a Tree of Woe.  Holidead dropkicks Fire, but Fire digs deep to hit a desperation dropkick on Holidead.  Havok tags herself in from the stunned Holidead.  Adrenaline rushes to the aid of Fire, but is quickly disposed to ringside.  Havok takes out both Siren and Holidead with a suplex before getting Siren on her shoulders of the Air Raid Crash.  Havok pins Holidead for the win.  The Monsters of Madness will face Fire and Adrenaline next week for the WOW Tag Team Titles.

Watch the battle for the WOW Tag Team Titles on the season finale — Saturday, November 23rd at 8/7c on AXS TV.

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