WOW Women of Wrestling on AXS TV Recap – September 28, 2019

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WOW Women of Wrestling Episode 3 opens with a visit from the Born Legend, WOW World Champion, Tessa Blanchard. Blanchard shares that she wants to set the record straight – she won the title on her own and pinned the shoulders of Jungle Grrrl. Jungle Grrrl comes to the ring and says that it took Blanchard and Beast to beat her. The Monsters of Madness, Havok and Hazard, approach and Blanchard tells Jungle Grrrl that she should face them alone since she’s so tough. As Blanchard leaves, The Beast enters. It is announced that Jungle Grrrl and Beast will team up to face the Monsters of Madness in the main event. 

Nikki Krumpus vs. Princess Aussie

In the episode’s first match, Nikki Krumpus takes on Princess Aussie. The Norwegian Nightmare Krumpus is accompanied by The World’s Greatest Attorney Sophia Lopez. The international showcase takes off with Krumpus using her stature advantage to overpower Aussie. Krumpus is menacingly powerful, but Aussie is able to evade for moments throughout the match. Aussie capitalizes on a missed elbow drop from Krumpus and levels her opponent with a neckbreaker. As she makes her way to the top rope, Lopez grabs her leg to delay her climb. Krumpus dodges the frog splash from Aussie and wallops her with Aussie’s own bamboo staff. Aussie is taken out by Krumpus’ signature move, Happy Holidays, and The Norwegian Nightmare takes the victory. As Krumpus celebrates her win, Holidead and Siren take the beaten Princess Aussie from ringside. 

The Temptress vs. Reyna Reyes

The episode’s next match sees the Temptress, accompanied by The Dagger, against The Pearl of the Philippines Reyna Reyes. Early out the gate, The Temptress employs her cunning tactics, attempting to mesmerize her opponent. The two competitors are well-matched, each having an answer to the other’s maneuvers. Reyes displays her lucha style with springboards and arm drags to The Temptress. Reyes scales the rope but is distracted by The Dagger at ringside long enough for The Temptress to toss her from the top turnbuckle. The Temptress takes the upper-hand in the match, locking in submissions on the Pearl of the Philippines, but Reyes refuses to give up. Reyes rebounds and hits The Temptress with a springboard cutter, but The Temptress perseveres. Reyes takes the victory over The Temptress after executing her signature Sky Twister. 

We see a brief vignette on The Psycho Sisters’ Mezmeriah and learn about her vicious LA underbelly origins. The Psycho Sisters have taken on this unhinged maniac as a way to ensure their victory in the WOW Tag Team Tournament. 

The Disciplinarian and Maverick vs. Chantilly Chella and Sassy Massy

In another cut scene, it is explained that Samantha Smart has arranged for The Governor’s Daughter, Abilene Maverick, to team with The Disciplinarian in the WOW Tag Team series. We return to the ring for that match. The team of The Disciplinarian and Maverick face off against Chantilly Chella and Sassy Massy. Chella mounts a serious offense against The Disciplinarian early on. With excellent cohesion, Massy joins her for a double elbow drop. Massy evades The Disciplinarian by slipping between the ropes but is taken out on the apron by Maverick. Maverick becomes the legal competitor and attempts a cover on Massy. Maverick knocks Chella off of the apron so that she is unable to aid her partner. The Disciplinarian and Maverick stay fresh by tagging one another as they continue the assault on Massy. Samantha Smart attacks Massy from ringside with her ruler behind the referee’s back. Massy gains some separation from The Disciplinarian with desperate strikes and is able to execute a clothesline on her opponent. Chella and Maverick are tagged in and Chella launches into a barrage of strikes. Together, Massy and Chella hit a cutter combination on Maverick to gain the win and advance in the Tag Team Tournament. Shortly after, the camera takes us back to the locker room where Maverick and The Disciplinarian argue over their loss. 

Jungle Grrrl and The Beast vs. The Monsters of Madness

Our main event begins with Jungle Grrrl and The Beast taking on Havok and Hazard, The Monsters of Madness. Hazard and Jungle Grrrl exchange a few maneuvers before their partners tag themselves into the match. The two powerhouses of Havok and Beast howl at one another in the center of the ring, each asserting their dominance. The Monsters of Madness use their chemistry to their advantage, picking at one another’s opponents from ringside whenever the opportunity arises. Jungle Grrrl grabs Beast’s hand and tags herself in, using her agility to run offense on both Monsters of Madness simultaneously. Beast reenters the fray but is caught in a Boston crab by Havok. Jungle Grrrl comes to the aid of her partner, but the two exchange words in the ring. While her back is turned, Jungle Grrrl is hit by Hazard with a steel chair. The referee calls for the bell and Jungle Grrrl and The Beast win by disqualification. After the match, Jungle Grrrl brutally attacks Beast with the chair. The episode ends with the competitors being separated by WOW officials. 

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