WOW Women of Wrestling on AXS TV Recap – October 5, 2019

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WOW – Women Of Wrestling opens their 4th episode of the season with Jungle Grrrl making her way to the ring. She discusses her attack on The Beast last week and says that she’s been elevating women’s wrestling since before half of the WOW locker room could formulate sentences. Professing that she has proven herself, she calls out Beast. Beast rushes the ring, spears Jungle Grrrl and delivers a beating. It is announced that the Main Event will see Jungle Grrrl take on The Beast in singles competition. 

Fury vs. Fire

In the show’s first match, Fury (accompanied by fellow Psycho Sisters Razor and Mezmeriah) takes on Fire. Throughout the match, Fury exhibits impressive agility with her size and power advantage. Fire uses speed and limitless light Eric energy to combat her foe. Mezmeriah and Razor dismantle Fire from ringside multiple times while the referee’s back is turned. Fire, who overcame struggles through her career to cement her position on the WOW roster doesn’t say die. Fire unleashes a flurry of strikes before climbing to the top rope. Fury meets her opponent there and executed a devastating super-plex on the Girl Aflame. Fire hits Fury with her signature Barn Burner for the win. Razor and Mezmeriah storm the ring and beat down the winner, but Adrenaline rushes to aid Fire. Adrenaline and Fire make it official and announce that they are joining forces to enter the WOW Tag Team Title Series. 

The next scene take she to a darkened room where Holidead paces behind Siren’s table of tarot cards. Siren prophecies that Princess Aussie has been chosen. We see Princess Aussie on a serene beach looking rattled. Princess Aussie collapses as if a spell or curse has been placed on her. 

Vodoo Doll vs. Chantilly Chella

In the second match, Siren the Voodoo Doll takes on Chantilly Chella. Once Chella sees that Siren has Holidead out at ringside, she brings out Sassy Massy to be in her corner. Chella moves with the fast paced action of a shimmering tornado, where Siren exhibits feral, animalistic style. Holidead takes liberties to attack Chella behind the back of the official. Chella batters Siren with kicks and a huge drop kick from the top turnbuckle, but it’s not enough to put away the otherworldly Voodoo Doll. Chella hits a cutter, but Holidead distracts the referee from clinging the pinball. Siren levels Chella with her Voodoo Driver for the win. 

We are then shown the history between Amber O’Neal and Lana Star. Star was looking for gold at WOW and needed a pliable protege that she could influence. With help from the World’s Greatest Attorney Sophia Lopez, Star drew O’Neal from her small-town roots and turned her into the Beverly Hills Babe. The Babe betrayed her partner Santana Garrett, but fell short of helping Star reach her goals. Once Star fired the Beverly Hills Babe, she set her sights on The Lioness and The Babe rediscovered herself as Amber O’Neal. 

Amber O’Neal & Jessie Jones vs. The Lioness & Lana Star

Action returns to the ring for the next round of the WOW Tag Team Tournament. Lana Star with The Lioness is set to take on her former protege Amber O’Neal and Jessie Jones. With the help of Jones, O’Neal is back to her country girl self. Jones and O’Neal take the lead early in the match against The Lioness. Star dodges the Tag to avoid relieving her partner, leaving The Lioness to fend for herself. The cohesion of O’Neal and Jones is undeniable as they tag one another to stay fresh. The Lioness is tossed across the ring by Jones and hits Star. The referee acknowledges this as a tag. Jones drags the reluctant Star into the ring, executes an arm bar, and her opponent submits almost instantly. Jones then cuts a promo confirming that her partner is no longer the Beverly Hills Babe. Jones goes on to say that she and Amber O’Neal will be the next WOW Tag Team Champions and they will “make tag team wrestling great again.”

The Beast vs. Jungle Grrrl

As the Main Event begins, we are shown parallel vignettes of the extensive, rigorous training regimens of The Beast and Jungle Grrrl. As soon as the bell sounds, Beast levels Jungle Grrrl with a spear. Jungle Grrrl fires back with strikes and a powerslam. After an exchange of chops between the two competitors, Jungle Grrrl nails Beast with a missile dropkick. Each of the women make unsuccessful pinfall attempts. Jungle Grrrl tears at the arm of Beast, wrenching it over the ropes to weaken the shoulder of her opponent. The Jungle Driver lays out Beast in the center of the ring. The Queen of the Splash makes her way to the top rope, but Beast tosses her off. Beast accidentally spears the official and Jungle Grrrl attempts another cover with no referee present to make the count. Tessa Blanchard rushes the ring and clobbers Jungle Grrrl with a briefcase to end the episode. 

You can watch new episodes of WOW Women of Wrestling every Saturday at 8/7c on AXS TV. 

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