WOW Women of Wrestling on AXS TV Recap – September 7, 2019

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On Saturday, September 7th, WOW — Women of Wrestling opened its second season on AXS TV with vivacious superheroes, tag team competition, and a #1 Contender Match for the WOW World Championship.

The episode opens with words from the reigning WOW World Champion, Tessa Blanchard.  Introduced by WOW Co-Owner David McLane, the Born Legend Blanchard proclaims her status as the “baddest bitch in the building.”  

The Champion is interrupted by the entrances of the devastatingly powerful Beast, the former World Champion Jungle Grrrl, and the Monster of Madness, Havok.  The four women exchange intense expressions, each with their intentions set on the WOW World Championship in a mirror image from last season’s finale.  

McLane informs the audience that the Main Event will be Triple Threat Elimination Match to determine who will get a title opportunity against Blanchard next week.

In the first match of the episode, Kentucky’s Own Jesse Jones professes in her twangy southern drawl that she is here to “Make Wrasslin’ Great Again.”  Jones demands an opponent and the call is answered by Fire, “The Girl Aflame.”  Fire’s passion to pursue her dreams drives her in the ring as a stand-out WOW Superhero.

Throughout the match, Fire’s explosive kinetic energy opposes the rough-and-tumble brawling style of Jones.  Ultimately, the fast-paced ferocity of Fire couldn’t match Jones’ brutality and the match ends with Fire tapping out to Jones’ armbar submission maneuver. 

In the next scene, we see former WOW Superhero Azteca. A silhouetted figure explains via voiceover that she had to hide her true self and her dreams of wrestling from her disapproving family.  She chose to pay homage to the brave warrior persona and to conceal her identity by wrestling as the masked Azteca.  Now, embracing her true self and her culture, she reveals herself to be Reyna Reyes, The Pearl of the Philippines.  She will team with Princess Aussie as they enter the WOW Tag Team Championship Series later in the episode.

We return to the ring as The Disciplinarian, accompanied by Samantha Smart, enters for the second match of the episode.  The Disciplinarian is set to take on the debuting Sassy Massy from Boston.  

The bell sounds and we are treated to a matchup of the superior IQ of The Disciplinarian contending against the attitude and flash of Boston’s Sassy Massy.  As the match develops, the strategic opportunist Samantha Smart chokes Sassy Massy with ruler behind the referee’s back in an effort to give The Disciplinarian the upper hand. Fueled by the support of the crowd, Sassy Massy is able to rally and unleashes her own brand of blazing intensity against The Disciplinarian.  Sassy Massy wins the match with a sunset flip.

After the match, we see a brief scene with Sassy Massy celebrating her victorious debut with Chantilly Chella.  The camera pans over to The Disciplinarian throwing tantrum in the locker room with Samantha Smart.  These few seconds serve to set up a growing tension amongst the WOW Superheroes.

The episode continues with the first match of the WOW Tag Team Championship Series.  We are introduced to Psycho Sisters Razor, Fury, and Mezmeriah.  The three volatile women stake their claim on the Tag Team Titles as they eye up their opponents, Reyna Reyes and Princess Aussie.  

Throughout the match, Razor and Fury compete as a cohesive team while Mezmeriah capitalizes on the distracted official to give her Psycho Sisters the advantage over their opponents.  The wild eyes of the Psycho Sisters are on the Tag Team Titles and they will stop at nothing to secure their status at champions.  

Princess Aussie fights through the punishment of Razor and Fury with composed determination.  A big stunner from Princess Aussie finally allows her the moment to tag in her partner, Reyna Reyes.  Commentary eludes to Princess Aussie’s cultural upbringing of strength through unity and the teachings of her mother, reminding her to never give up.  The Pearl of the Philippines is tagged in and quickly unleashes hard-hitting, furious strikes to both Fury and Razor.  Fury dodges a kick and Reyna Reyes ends up taking out her partner, Princess Aussie.  Fury rolls up Reyna Reyes to take the win and the Psycho Sisters advance in the WOW Tag Team Tournament.  

The Number 1 Contender Triple Threat begins with Tessa Blanchard, WOW World Champion, joining David McLane and Stephen Dickey on commentary.  When asked who she thinks will come out victorious, Blanchard states that it doesn’t matter because she will still walk away from next week’s title match as the champion.

Monster of Madness, former WOW World Champion and The Beast

As the match begins, Beast and Jungle Grrrl momentarily join forces to dispose of Havok to ringside.  As the former WOW World Champion Jungle Grrrl and the aggressive Beast begin to build up momentum against one another, Havok catches Beast and drags her out of the ring.  The action returns to the ring with The Beast taking out both of her competitors with a double spear.  Jungle Grrrl hits a huge crossbody splash on The Monster of Madness Havok and the Beast.  Looking for her signature frog splash, Jungle Grrrl perches herself on the top turnbuckle.  

Suddenly, an outside competitor drags Jungle Grrrl from the top rope.  It is revealed to be Havok’s Tag Team partner, Hazard.  The bell sounds and the match is ruled a No Contest.  Havok and Hazard unleash stomps on The Beast and Jungle Grrrl return to the ring with a chair.  Tessa Blanchard, fed up with the chaos, declares that she will pick her own opponent for her title defense next week.

WOW Women of Wrestling is certainly starting this season with tons of action.  Their well-produced clips of character profiles elevate their Superheroes and intriguing cut scenes build drama and rivalries outside of the ring.  With new storylines being established and fresh conflicts on the horizon, it will be fascinating to see what’s in store in upcoming episodes of WOW.  You can catch WOW every Saturday at 8/7c on AXS TV and be sure to visit for more information.

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