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Good evening SoCalUncensored faithfuls, this is Mike Draven as I’m here with a special Draven Rudy 1UnScripted Interview. My guest stands only 5’1 & only weighs in at 120lbs but don’t let his size fool you as this wrestler is proving to stand toe to toe with everyone he sets foot in the ring no matter the size of his opponent…’s RUDY.

1. Good evening Rudy, How are you doing tonight?

Rudy: I’m doing fantastic this evening thanks for asking how bout yourself?

2. Doing well myself, thank you. Please tell me your earliest memory of Pro Wrestling, do you remember who you saw or where you saw it?

Rudy: My earliest memory of wrestling was my mother use to sit me in front of the TV at 2 months old so I was raised by wrestling in a sense.

3. What was is it that made you realize that this was what you wanted to get into?

Rudy: In 2002, Shawn Michaels returned and WWE released a promo video with highlights from his career. I remember watching that promo and just thinking this is what I”m going to do when I grow up & didn’t know how or what I was going to do to get there as I was 7 and just knew that’s gonna be me.

4. Where did you go for training & how long did you train before having your official first match?

Rudy: I was trained at Mach 1 Pro Wrestling’s school which was located in Anaheim and it was about 14 months after training that i had my first match.

5. Who & Where did your first match take place & where you victorious?

Rudy: My first match took place at a CWFH (Championship Wrestling From Hollywood) house show type deal it took place at a car show inside the LA convention center & it was a 3 on 1 handicap match against Terex where he destroyed all 3.

6. What year did you make your debut?

Rudy: I made my debut in 2012 and i was under the name of Shawn Winchester at that time.

7. Since you mentioned Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, What do you think of the competition Rudy 7from CWFH?

Rudy: The competition at CWFH is awesome, lots of talented wrestlers there like Jarek 1:20, Joey Ryan, Ryan Taylor, Ali Hussein, etc.

8. It’s been some time since we’ve seen you complete with them, will Rudy make a triumphant return?

Rudy: Maybe…Its been on my mind, I did have a pretty big undefeated streak for sometime there and had the best win/loss record in that company for a while. I’m still waiting for the day Stu Stone is ready to lace up a pair of boots again and give me a rematch but I guess for now it’s really up in the air.

9. It’s seems like you found a home in Fans United Wrestling. What do you think of the San Diego based promotion?

Rudy: Uhh..I guess you can call FUW one of my many homes, I like the promotion a lot its for the most part a locker room full of friends. At first I didn’t know what to think about “the bar show” because of my religious beliefs and all but that was the first promotion I worked at after taking a month and a half off due to sever illness last July/August.

10. With friendship comes enemies & seems like you have a rivalry with one Ali Hussein. Tell us about how this came about?

Rudy: I honestly don’t know where it came from..I took my time off last year and before that me and Ali were really close use to travel together. So when I was invited on to his hookah lounge segment, I was excited and then he went on and on about my failures, talking about how I had even been beaten by Ashley Grace a month before who I then asked to be my tag partner and I guess he really didn’t like that and attacked me. Then it seems that Ali and Bruce Gwarstein had a common enemy in me now (beat Bruce in September) and now those two keep sneak attacking Ashley and I instead of fighting us straight up. And after what happened at the award show, it doesn’t seem like it will be over any time soon.

11. Again, it seems as of late wherever you’re booked, Ali is there. You’ve competed at Touch of Hardcore Rudy 8in April & sure enough Ali was one of your opponents in a Fatal 4 way. At the recent TOH event, you two battled each other in a triple threat match along with “Blackhart” Fern Owens..Do you feel Ali is purposely doing this & what did you think of your Triple Threat Match?

Rudy: Yeah I’ve noticed that but no I don’t think he’s doing that purposely. I think the promoters and matchmakers see that there’s tension there and know its going to be an intense match and I guess every one goes with the immortal words of Shawn Michaels and Triple H, “Let them fight! Let them fight! Let them fight”!

As to my recent match with him, the war is far from over as we beat the living hell out of each and again, I proved what everyone already knew that I can take the worst thing you can throw at me and I’ll still get up and keep on fighting. I’ll fight till there’s nothing left & Ali knew that going in to the match. So yeah, he and Fern made an alliance for 1 night only to try to do the impossible and put an end to me. Ali has to realize you can’t kill the fight and the drive I have in my heart as I’ll fight with everything I have until my legs are gone. I’ll make sure I am not forgotten, the war between Ali and myself has just begun.

12. Everyone has a favorite opponent or someone that brings out the best in them, do you feel that Ali Hussein is that guy for you or do you have someone else who is your “Ying” to your “Yang”?

Rudy: I wouldn’t say he’s my favorite opponent, there’s too much animosity for him to be my favorite opponent. There’s 2 people I would say are my favorite opponents:

1. Mikey O’Shea because we know each other so well and he would bring the best out in me whenever we were in the ring together and 2. Matt Striker because every time your in that ring with him, it is a Rudy 2completely new learning experience.

13. You mentioned earlier about helping Ashley Grace in FUW & it seems that this has sparked into something in becoming a tag team. How are you enjoy teaming with Ashley?

Rudy: I love having Ashley as my tag team partner…shes young and has amazing talent, its great having some one you can trust around as she has my back and I have hers.

14. We’ve also seen you take another role in Pro Wrestling as a personal assistant to one Joey Barone in EWF (Empire Wrestling Federation). Is this something you may want to pursue as becoming an assistant/agent/manager in Pro Wrestling?

Rudy: I thought that was forgotten..HAHA. It was one of those things where being so young I wanted to test the waters in as many different avenues of the business as possible in case God forbid some day I can’t do what I do anymore at the end of the day I’m a wrestler.

15. You mentioned who your favorite opponent was but who would you like to face if you haven’t yet?

Rudy: There’s a few in a 1 on 1 match; “Charming” Biagio Crescenzo, Danny Limelight, Seville the Thrill, “Uptown” Andy Brown, Dark Usagi..there’s a lot but those are just a few.

16. How do you feel of the current wrestling scene in So Cal?

Rudy: In my opinion it’s amazing, there’s great hungry talent and it keeps growing. There’s promotions popping up every where giving the guys and girls new places to show off their talent and providing them Rudy 5an opportunity to perform im front of new people as well as tons of new places to train and hone your craft.

17. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Rudy: In 5 years..I’ll be 25 in my personal life maybe be a leader at my church, maybe married with a kid or just be me with my Harley..HAHA. Wrestling in 5 years, God willing I’ll be working for a promotion like Lucha Underground or someplace way bigger.

18. What do you think of the current televised wrestling products like WWE, TNA, Lucha Underground?

Rudy: I openly say this to every one right now, the business is changing for the better and more and more guys are getting opportunities in big companies that they wouldn’t have gotten 10 or 20 years ago. Wrestlers that arn’t 6 foot giants are getting huge pushes everywhere right now as CM Punk and Daniel Bryan were some of the first. Now we have guys like Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins on top and guys like Adrian Neville, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, etc in line to take those top spots.

19. Have you had the opportunity to wrestle in Mexico? Or would you like to wrestle internationally?

Rudy: Its funny I just had this conversation with a friend yesterday even though I have not wrestled in Mexico yet, I have a friend who I’m not gonna name that’s been pushing me to get my passport because he wants to take me down to Mexico for some shows as I really want to do it it and I’m getting my passport very soon.

20. Have you won any championships or special accolades in your wrestling career?

Rudy: I have not won any championship titles in my professional wrestling career yet but special accolades…hmmmm I guess you can count winning “Finisher Of The Year” at FUW.Rudy 4

21. Do you have a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram for fans to follow you?

Rudy: I can be found on Facebook as Rudy Segovia & on instagram: @RudySegovia23

22. How can promoters contact you for future bookings?

Rudy: For bookings I can be reached on my social media pages or by email

23. And finally, do you have anything you want to say to you fans in So Cal?

Rudy: To my fans in So Cal, I want to thank you for the love and support you’ve shown me over the few years. I’ve been doing this and I want to say no matter how big or small you are, if you have a dream chase it. You are the only one who can tell you whether you can or can achieve, it doesn’t matter what background you come from…hell I was conceived during a conjugal visit and raised by a single mother and lived on a reservation where my neighbors lived in a run down abandoned school bus. I can honestly say it doesn’t mater how bad your up bringing is or was, you can achieve greatness just work hard for it.

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