[Results] AOW “Call to Arms” on July 9th 2016

Alpha Omega WrestlingAOW 7-9-16 flyer
Call To Arms
Elks Lodge
July 9th 2016
Twentynine Palms, Ca

The show kicked off with a video tribute showcasing members of our military as we welcomed back Dexter Milhouse as he is the special guest for today’s event. As Milhouse welcomes everyone, AOW Heavyweight Champion Ron Kilbourn would come to the ring to address his match verses Mondo Vega.

Milhouse would say that he’s in charge of the show & doesn’t want any shenanigans from the champion as he’ll be keep a close eye on his match.

Rated 2G (“King of Philly” Blk Jeez & NWA Continental Champion Badd Blood) def “The SuperTzar” Sasha Darevko & “Big Nasty” Eric Watts as the referee was dealing with Watts/Blood on the outside, Blk Jeez would use Darevko’s chain in nailing The SuperTzar for the win.

AOW Tag-Team Championship:
Kings of Suplexes (Blake Grayson & Anjul Stone) def Team Hi Def (Mathias Starkey & “High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews) as K.O.S. delivered their double team finisher Front Slam/Code breakers combo on Andrews as Starkey was flirting with a fan in this short match to successfully retain the championships.

Andrews would look bewildered as Starkey couldn’t believe what happened as well as the fan left in disgust on Mathias Starkey’s actions…what does this mean for Team Hi Def?

Triple Threat Match:
Pretty” Peter Avalon def Jarek 1:20 & “Bad Dude” Tito Escondido as Avalon rolled up Jarek 1:20 for the win. An upset Tito Escondido would beat down Peter Avalon after the match to point of unconsciousness as he shouted that “This isn’t over”.

As we returned from intermission, the AOW roster would come out to show respect to all the proud military members in the audience.

AOW Desert Championship:
Doc Shady def Ryan J. Morals (w/”Blindman” Mike Champman) via count out as Morals is still AOW Desert Champion.

Christian Cole would interview Ryan Morals after the match asking him why did he take the cowards way out. As Moral’s explained, Christian Cole would issue a challenge to Morals to be a man & defend the championship tomorrow night in Victorville against…Scorpio Sky as he made his way.

As Morals babbled incoherently, Scorpio Sky would say for Ryan Morals to shine up the championship as he’ll be taking it home tomorrow.

Semi-Main Event:
AOW Women’s Champion Lufisto faced Ashley Grace as both ladies would end the match in a Double Count out. Lufisto would knock out the referee as the ladies continue to brawl inside the ring until the roster would come out to separate them.

The championship committee addressed me to announce that tomorrow’s show in Victorville, both ladies would face each other once again but the Women’s championship will be on the line.

Main Event for the AOW Heavyweight Championship:
The King of the Streets” Mondo Vega def Ron Kilbourn via Count out as Kilbourn didn’t want to finish the match as he gave Vega the win.

Acting GM Dexter Milhouse would come out to say that he didn’t want the main event to end this way & ordered the match to restart with Milhouse as special referee.

Kilbourn would distracted Milhouse by bringing the championship into the ring. As Milhouse took the title & placed it back at the outside, Kilbourn would hit a Low Blow on Mondo Vega & get a cheap victory as Dexter Milhouse couldn’t believe that Kilbourn won the match.

The AOW champion would then proceeded to attack Milhouse after the match as he screamed, “Welcome back Dexter”. As Kilbourn exited the ring, Milhouse rose to his feet & announced that Kilbourn will defend the championship tomorrow night in Victorville against SoCal Crazy.

Overall a good showing by Alpha Omega Wrestling on Night 1 of their back to back events.

Decent size attendance for the Elks Lodge as we had a few members of our armed forces in attendance including the high deserts own Doc Shady representing the 1st marines.

Despite ending in a Double Count out, Lufisto vs Ashley Grace was a great match. The relentless champion punished Ms. Grace throughout the match but Ashley Grace’s heart & determination would not allow her to stop as she would give the “Wounded Ronin” Lufisto a solid fight. This should be a great match tomorrow.

Even though it was label as a Triple Threat Match, it was more like a 2 on 1 as Tito Escondido & Jarek 1:20 would do whatever it took to keep Peter Avalon down. With Avalon’s never say die attitude, he persevere & won but at what cost as he received an after match beat down from the “Bad Dude”…what agenda does Tito Escondido have?? Maybe to eventually challenge Avalon for his Cash in the case contract? Only time will tell..

Mathias Starkey & Steve Andrews still continue to not be on the same page over the last couple of months. With this recent loss to once again reclaim the tag team championships, what needs to be done for Team Hi Def to be back as a cohesive unit again? Will this have an effect on tomorrow night’s event in Victorville?

Your commentary team for this event were Christian Cole, “Hot Lips” Lonnie Laguna & “Stepdaddy” Roscoe P. Tucker along with myself SCU’s Mike Draven as ring announcer.

Tomorrow night in Victorville, AOW presents Heatwave as all Four Championships will be on the line:

AOW Heavyweight Championship:
Ron Kilbourn (c) vs SoCal Crazy

AOW Desert Championship:
Ryan J. Morals (c) vs Scorpio Sky

AOW Women’s Championship:
Lufisto (c) vs Ashley Grace

AOW Tag-Team Championship:
Kings of Suplexes vs ??

Plus 4 more matches!!

For detail on Heatwave event visit the socaluncensored.com event calendar

Your’s truly will return tomorrow for Heatwave & will have results posted on socaluncensored.

Again thank you SoCal for continuing to show support to all promotions in Southern California.

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