[RECAP] AOW “Call To Arms” July 13th 2014

This is Draven UnScripted with a full recap of the AOW “CallAOW 7-13-14 flyer to Arms” Event on Sunday, July 13th from the YMCA in Palm Desert, Ca. I, Mike Draven am your ring announcer for the evening welcoming everyone to the event & introducing your commentators for the event Big Rob & The Stepdaddy Roscoe Tucker.

As the doors opened up, Alpha Omega Wrestling kicked off with a special Pre-Show celebration for the NEW AOW Heavyweight Champion “Rock-n” Richie Slade as fans threw streamers as well as celebrated with him in the ring until New AOW Owner Christian Rosenberg & his entourage came to the ring to try to recruit Slade into his faction. Slade refused which lead Rosenberg to make a AOW Championship Match as Slade faced Jacob Tarasso.

AOW Championship:
“Rock-n” Richie Slade def Jacob Tarasso via “Stage Dive” Slice Bread finisher to retain the championship. Former AOW Champion “Big Nasty” Eric Watts comes out & attacked  Slade until “The One” Blake Grayson came out for the save. An upset Christian Rosenberg announced that Slade will defend the championship again later in a Triple Treat Match against Watts & Grayson.

Before the official start of the show, Christian Rosenberg announced that over the next few shows, they’ll be a 3 stages of Hell matches between Jerome “LTP” Robinson & Jacob “The Riot” Diez with the official first match of the show will be a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

Falls Count Anywhere Match (No DQ, No Countout):
Jerome “LTP” Robinson def Jacob “The Riot” Diez via Tornado DDT to take the 1st win in the series.

The AOW Tag Team Champions Team Hi Def made their way to the ring for the next match but once again AOW Owner Christian Rosenberg comes out to interrupt  addressing that Team HD will defend the championships on every show they’re booked & making their match this evening for the AOW Tag Team championships against a team Rosenberg has chosen.

AOW Tag Team Championships:
Team Hi Def (“Gold heart” Drake Fortune & “The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews) def Ryan J. Morals & “Boss Level” Rob Killbourn with Andrews hitting a Split Legged Moonsault on Morals for the win. A very irate Christian Rosenberg announced that’s its over & at the next AOW event “The Valley Rumble” on Aug 3rd, Team HD will defend the titles against the return of The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson).

Next Match is for the AOW Desert Championship as current champions The American Oni (w/Alpha Female Champion Pris) enters the ring & offers an open challenge to anyone in the locker room except Dexter Milhouse since Oni says he’s done with him & Darkness accepts the challenge.

AOW Desert Championship:
Darkness (w/”The Mastermind” JJ Young) def The American Oni (w/Pris) via DQ when Dexter Milhouse came to the ring to attack Oni only to have Oni get caught using a chair on Dexter & Darkness. American Oni still leaves as Desert Champion as Darkness is upset at JJ Young which may lead to the split between Darkness & his Manager JJ Young.

The International Dream Team made their way to the ring for a special Lucha Libre Rules Tag Team Match but the Athletic Director “The Blindman” Mike Chatman addresses the fans that he recruited a new member to the IDT & introduces “The Pub Crawler” Jimmy O’Connell hailing from Ireland. Their opponents are AOW’s favorites “The Anti-Hero” Spectre & Sexy Chino.

Lucha Libre Rules Tag Team Match (If wrestler leaves the ring, it counts as a tag):
The International Dream Team (JaFuri & “The Heartthrob” Evan James w/”Blindman” Mike Chatman & “Pub Crawler” Jimmy O’Connell) def “The Anti-Hero” Spectre & Sexy Chino with a distraction from O’Connell lead to a Cutter from James to Chino for the win.

As we return for intermission, “Golden Heart” Drake Fortune comes out to talk about AOW partaking in a special Charity event on Saturday, Aug 16th where all proceeds will go towards the medical cost for a little girl who is battling cancer. (Once I receive word on location & matches, I’ll post the info on the Socaluncensored event calendar so anyone can attend to see a great show & support a cause)

“Top Shelf” Jeremy Jeager & “The Real Deal” JJ Steele (w/Christian Rosenberg) def Dexter Milhouse & “The Winning Ticket” Simon Lotto (w/Crystal Michelle). The American Oni came out & battled with Dexter Milhouse to the back leaving Lotto alone with Jeager & Steele. JJ Steele hit his “5th Wall” Reverse Tombstone finisher on Lotto to gain the victory as Rosenberg celebrated with Jeager with Steele looking on in disbelief…Possible tension developing between Steele & Rosenberg?

Former AOW Owner “The Stepdaddy” Roscoe Tucker comes into the ring to announce the next match as “Fat-Tastic” Biggie Biggs comes to the ring as he would face “The Stepchild” Buford Tucker along with Rosenberg. Rosenberg ordered The Stepdaddy to be the referee in the match but he refused. Rosenberg threaten Stepdaddy that he will terminate him if he doesn’t do it, which Roscoe Tucker reluctantly agrees.

“The Stepchild” Buford Tucker def “Fat-tastic” Biggie Biggs via DQ when The Stepchild hit The Stepdaddy with a chair & tossed it to Biggs. As Stepdaddy looked on thinking Biggs did hit him, the fans chanted “NO” but in the end, an upset Biggs hit the Stepchild with the chair ultimately Disqualifying Biggs.

Before we head into the Main Event, Jerome “LTP” Robinson comes out & says that it doesn’t matter who wins the championship, LTP is cashing in his opportunity at the championship since winning the Pride of the Ring tournament at the next event AOW “Valley Rumble” & then joins Big Rob & Stepdaddy at the commentating table.

Triple Threat Match for the AOW Heavyweight Championship:
“Rock-n” Richie Slade def “Big Nasty” Eric Watts (w/Pris) & “The One” Blake Grayson via “Stage Dive” Slice Bread Finisher on Watts to again retain the championship for the 2nd time at this event. Grayson & Slade shook hands after the match as LTP makes his ways to address Slade only to have Christian Rosenberg come out saying he already booked Richie Slade in a title match at the rumble but will give LTP his chance which Rosenberg announces another Triple Treat Match at AOW “Valley Rumble” as Richie Slade defends against Jerome “LTP” Robinson & Former WWE/WCW/TNA Superstar Chavo Guerrero as the fans got excited & we end the show.

The event had a wonderful turnout of fans in attendance as this event paid tribute to all military personals & their families along with all the die hard Alpha Omega Fans. As to the matches itself, Everyone & I mean Everyone brought their “A” Game to the event. Diez/LTP had a hardcore feel to it, all the tag matches were very solid in the performance & storytelling with each match giving the fans the satisfaction they need in a wonderful show. So for the 3rd time I announce that AOW “Call to Arms” was the Match of the Night meaning I can’t pick one match & here by pick them all…Congrats to everyone on the show!

Alpha Omega Wrestling returns back to the YMCA of Palm Desert on Sunday, Aug 3rd for “The Valley Rumble featuring:

The Valley Rumble (30 superstars over the top rope rumble match where winner faces AOW Heavyweight Champion at AOW Unleashed later this year)

AOW Heavyweight Championship:
“Rock-N” Richie Slade (C) vs Jerome “LTP” Robinson vs Wrestling Legend Chavo Guerrero Jr.

AOW Tag Team Championship:
Team Hi Def (Drake Fortune & Steven Andrews)(C) vs The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

AOW Alpha Female Championship:
Pris (C) vs Hudson Envy

Lucha Libre rules Tag Team Match:
Bobby Rios & Mystery Partner vs “The Veteran” Rudy Luna & Mystery Partner

Until Next Time..this is Mike Draven & I’ll see you at Ringside!