[RECAP] AOW “Tag Wars” on March 22nd 2015

Alpha Omega WrestlingAOW 3-22-15 flyer
Tag Wars
Hilton Garden Inn Convention Center
March 22nd 2015
Victorville, Ca

Hello SoCal, this is your roaming reporter & Socaluncensored.com’s Mike Draven as I’m here to recap the AOW Tag Wars event which took place in Victorville, Ca on Sunday March 22nd.

With all the news over the weekend of the passing of two great individuals in the wrestling buisness, we at Alpha Omega Wrestling had a moment of silence, 10 bell salute & dedicated this event to the memory of Cincinnati Red & Hijo De Perro Aguayo as AOW stars Ron Kilbourn & “The Definition of Pain” Terex said some kind words about there mentor Red as I said a small remembrance for Perro Aguayo jr.

As the show kicked off & we were interrupted by the members of The Regime (“The Red Headed Stepchild” Buford Tucker, Ryan J. Morals, “Top Shelf” Jeremy Jaeger w/Crystal Michelle & AOW Tag Team Champion “Bad Dude” Tito Escondido). Buford Tucker would announce that the AOW Owner Christian Rosenberg along with AOW Tag Team Champion Rico Dynamite were on an international tour scouting for new talent to add to the regime & that since they are not here, Buford Tucker along with the rest of the members of The Regime were in control of tonight’s event.

As they are aware that the winners of Tag Wars this evening recieves a shot at the AOW Tag Team Championships, Tito Escondido representing both himself & Rico Dynamite signed the contract the championship match..(on my back, thanks Tito). All of a sudden, “Stepdaddy” Roscoe P. Tucker would emerge from the back as he was to inform The Regime that since Christan Rosenberg’s is out on a business trip, the AOW board of directors has named him as the general manager for one night as the regime were non to happy.

Stepdaddy would kick off the show by making a tag team match featuring Tito Escondido & Buford Tucker verses two of AOW’s faithful stars in “The Veteran” Rudy Luna & “The Real Deal” JJ Steel plus he barred the other members of the regime from ringside.

Tag Team Match:
“The Real Deal” JJ Steel & “The Veteran” Rudy Luna def “Bad Dude” Tito Escondido & “The Red Headed Stepchild” Buford Tucker as Steel pinned Escondido with a school boy. The Regime would leave the ring unhappy & yelling at “Stepdaddy” Roscoe Tucker as he is at the commentating table w/Big Rob.

Ron Kilbourn def “The Winning Ticket” Simon Lotto via a Spear in this hard hitting matchup between these two great stars.

“Big Nasty” Eric Watts along with his manager Pris would make their way for the next match up but Watts had something to say as he was looking forward to Tag Wars but since it was taking place in Victorville…not so much. Watts would continue to trash talk about Victorville & the fans until Former WWE Star & So Cal’s own “The Hardcore Kid” Aaron Aguilera would come to the ring & would say what was right about being in Victorville & what he was going to do to the former WWE Tough Enough contestant. This would lead into the following match as the Battle of the Big Men would commence.

“Big Nasty” Eric Watts (w/Pris) def “The Hardcore Kid” Aaron Aguilara with a school boy pinfall victory as Aguilera was checking on the referee. Aguilera would get a nice ovation from the fans in Victorville.

Triple Threat Ladies Match:AOW 3-22-15 pic 1
Crystal Michelle (w/”Top Shelf” Jeremy Jaeger) def Tab Jackson & Ashley Grace as Crystal Michelle rolled up Jackson after a distraction from Jaeger. After the match, Jaeger would also attack Tab Jackson then he would order Crystal Michelle to do a Moonsault from the top rope onto Jackson. As they’re leaving the ring, Crystal Michelle with tears in her eyes would say “I’m sorry” repeatedly to Tab Jackson as she was helped to the back.

AOW Heavyweight Championship:
“The One” Blake Grayson vs TNA Star Mike Knox was a true David & Goliath style match as veteran Knox having some fun with the young champion until business picked up as both men would trade blows & holds with Knox accidentally splashing the referee in the corner in which “Big Nasty” Eric Watts (w/Pris) would come from the back & attack Grayson. Just as Watts wasAOW 3-22-15 pic 2 ready to hit “Drive By” kick to Grayson, he moved & Watts would nail Knox with the kick knocking him out as Grayson would toss Watts out of the ring & go for the pinfall.

“The One” Blake Grayson def TNA Star Mike Knox

Grayson would help Knox up onto his feet & explained what happened and as it looked like Knox was going to sucker punch Grayson, he would extend his hand & both men showed respected in the ring.

Main Event-Tag Wars:
(Tag Wars is a Multi Team, Triple Threat Elimination Gauntlet Match starting with three teams & anyone can tag anyone. Eliminations by pinfall or submission & as soon as a team is eliminated, the next team would join the match until all teams have entered & the winners will get a shot at the AOW Tag Team Championships)

The teams who started the match were:
The Freedom Avengers (Fabian Fury & “The Emo Behemoth” Pinky)
Team Sexy Saturday Night (Sexy Chino & “Mr. Saturday Night” Tommy Celsius)
Rated 2G (NWA Northwest Champ “Best of the Indies” Badd Blood & CZW World Champ “King of Philly” Blk Jeez)

Team Sexy Saturday Night was eliminated first as Pinky pinned Sexy Chino after executing a Delayed German Suplex.

Next team to enter: Team Hi-Times (The Human Tornado & Buddy Highway)

As Team Hi-Times came through the curtain, The Freedom Avengers were eliminated as Blk Jeez school boy Pinky for the elimination.

Next team to enter: Ridiculously Bigg (El Ridiculoso & Biggie Biggs)

Team Hi-Times were eliminated as El Ridiculoso hit his Top Rope Leg Drop on Buddy Highway for the elimination.

Next team to enter: The West Coast Shooters (Hoss Hogg & Eli Everfly)

Ridiculously Bigg were eliminated as Badd Blood school boy El Ridiculoso for the elimination.

Next team to enter: The Munsters (“The Definition of Pain” Terex AOW 3-22-15 pic 3& Jacob Tarasso)

The Munsters were eliminated as Hoss Hogg delivered a Lariat Clothesline on Tarasso for the elimination.

Next team to enter: The Casting Couch (Richie Slade & Seville the Thrill)

The West Coast Shooters were eliminated as Seville hits a Double Foot Stomp on Eli Everfly for the elimination.

Next team to enter: Bobby Rios & Tiger Kid

The Casting Couch would forfeit participating in the match against Bobby Rios/Tiger Kid & Rated 2G thus eliminating themselves from the match.

Next team to enter: Team Hi Def (“Golden Heart” Drake Fortune & “The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews)

Bobby Rios & Tiger Kid were eliminated as Fortune would hit a Spinning Neckbreaker on Rios for the elimination.

Next team to enter: Spectre & “Mr. Pop Culture” Adan Reyes

Adan Reyes & Spectre would be eliminated as Badd Blood hit a devastating boot the face on Reyes for the elimination.

Next team to enter: AOW Desert Champion Dexter Milhouse & Chaz Hererra (w/Lex Icon)

Dexter Milhouse & Chaz Hererra would be eliminated as Blk Jeez hits a DDT on Milhouse, knocking him out for the elimination.

Final team to enter: The Regime (Ryan J. Morals & “Top Shelf” Jeremy Jaeger)

Rated 2G would be eliminated as Steven Andrews pinned Blk Jeez eliminated them from the match. Rated 2G would continue to beat down Team Hi Def after they eliminated as they were upset for not lasting the entire match & seemingly giving The Regime the win. Rated 2G would take out the referee as they left the ring which would allow Jaeger to jaw jack with “Stepdaddy” Roscoe Tucker at the commentator table & assaulted him. Jaeger would hand Morals a chair to nail the final blow on Team Hi Def until Stepdaddy couldn’t take it any longer, retaliated on Jaeger & hit Morals with the chair, knocking him out & Stepdaddy put both men on top of Morals as the referee came around.

Team Hi Def (Drake Fortune & Steven Andrews) def The Regime (Jeremy Jaeger & Ryan J. Morals w/Crystal Michelle) to win the 2015 Tag Wars & getting a shot at the AOW Tag Team Championships.

As an exhausted Team Hi Def was about to sign the contracts, all the members of The Regime would hit the ring & brutally attack Team Hi Def & “Stepdaddy” Roscoe Tucker to the point were they couldn’t stand. Tito Escondido would then rip up the contract as Buford Tucker would shove the pieces of the contract down Team Hi Def’s throats as all members of The Regime would celebrate what they’ve done as we end the show for the evening.

AOW’s Tag Wars drew a good crowd to Victorville as everyone gave the very best to their faithful fans. A lot of the action did spill to the outside especially with Watts vs Aguilera as they used weapons, chairs & even busted a hole in the wall. Tag Wars you saw a lot of hard hitting, high flying moves that pleased the fans. And this show was dedicated in the memory of Perro Aguayo Jr & Cincinnati Red who we lost this weekend.

As to my Matches of the Night, I give the nod to:

Eric Watts vs Aaron Aguilera
Blake Grayson vs Mike Knox
Ron Kilbourn vs Simon Lotto

Alpha Omega Wrestling will be back in May as they present their annual 2 day tournament event “Pride of the Ring” where the winner of the tournament will get a shot at the AOW Heavyweight Championship at a future show. As soon as I hear details, they’ll be posted on our event calendar. Until then, you can follow AOW:

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