[RECAP] Santino Bros “Final Event of 2014” November 7th 2014

This is Draven UnScripted with a recap of the Santino Bros Santino 11-7-14 flyer“Final Event of 2014” which took place on Friday, November 7th, 2014.

The show opened with Joey Kaos coming to the ring in front a full capacity crowd to thank them for coming out this evening. He talked about starting Santino’s originally in Norwalk, ca & eventually making the gamble of opening the Dojo in 2010. And after 2 successful years of putting on shows at the Dojo in Bell Gardens, he announced that this event would be the Final wrestling event to take place inside the dojo. So he wanted to make this event memorable to everyone in attendance & end 2014 on a high note. He also mentioned that his 1st show of 2015 will take place on January 17th with a location to be determined.

Lucha libre Match:
Crystal def Seiya via submission
(I believe that was his name, Sieya..if not I apologize)

“BlackHeart” Fern Owens def “Manilla Ice” Ryan Ramos via Tiger Suplex pin

Pinky made his return to Santino bros this evening & talked about not being appreciated from everyone especially during the Robbie Phoenix/Sgt Major feud. He calls out Robbie Phoenix & ask for his opportunity for a shot at the Santino Bros Heavyweight Championship which he was promised since last year. Phoenix came to the ring & said he doesn’t owe him anything but is willing to give him a crack at the championship later in the evening.

Tag Team Match:
Silverado & The American Balloon def Ali Hussein & Seville the Thrill via pinfall.

Darwin Finch vs Chaz Herrera went to the 10 min draw in this battle of the nerds.

Ruby Raze def Hoss Hogg with a school boy roll up for the victory.

Tag Team Match:
PPRAY (Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas) def The Revolution (Sasha Darevko & Che Cabrera) when Chaz inadvertently struck Che allowing Rosas to roll up Cabrera for the win. Afterwards, The Revolution attacked Chaz for his wrong doing in the match.

3 Stages of Hell Match (1st Fall:Normal Match, 2nd Fall: Submission Match, 3rd Fall: Last Man Standing match):
Bad Dude Tito Escondido def Famous B via F5 finisher onto 2 chairs during the Last Man Standing match & Famous B couldn’t make it back on his feet by the 10 count to win 2-1 falls.

Rico Dynamite def BC Killer with a Death Valley Driver.

As the match was about to start for the Santino Bros Heavyweight Championship, Rico Dynamite came to the ring & demanded that he gets the shot instead of Pinky & told Pinky to leave since Dynamite said Pinky owes everything to him since Dynamite trained him all these years. Phoenix instead granted both men’s wish & made it a Triple Threat match for the championship.

Triple Threat match for the Santino Bros Heavyweight Championship:
Rico Dynamite def Pinky & Robbie Phoenix by hitting a reverse Senton Splash on Pinky to become the NEW Santino Bros Heavyweight Champion. Rico would then grab the mic & says the Nightmare has come true at Santino’s & to Tyler Bateman or Eli Everfly, that the Heavyweight Championship is the ONLY championship in Santino Bros.

Main Event for the Santino Bros Submission Championship:
“The Butcher” Tyler Bateman def Eli Everfly to retain the Santino Bros Submission Championship. After the match, Rico Dynamite came out & held up the Heavyweight Championship as Bateman held up the Submission Championship as both men stared down each other as we end the show.

Again, this event was jammed pack as many fans stood up to watch the event, myself being one of them. But overall a good show from Santino bros but with the news of no more shows being run at the Dojo does bring a bit of sadness but Kaos along with everyone at Santino Bros vowed that on January 17th, they’ll have a show at a new location. So fans, keep an eye out on Facebook, Santinobros.net & on Socaluncensored.com for future updates on the 1st Santino Bros event of 2015.

My Matches of the night goes to:
Famous B vs Tito Escondido
Tyler Bateman vs Eli Everfly
Pinky vs Dynamite vs Phoenix

Until next time, I’m Mike Draven & I’ll see you at ringside!