[RECAP] Lucha Underground February 18th 2015

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February 18th 2015
Boyle Heights, Ca

This is your Lucha Underground weekly recap with your’s truly Socaluncensored.com’s Mike Draven. Let’s get ready for some Lucha Underground action!

As Matt Striker & Vampiro welcome everyone, we head into the first match as Mil Muetes minus Catrina as he takes on Chavo Guerrero. Despite not having Catrina at ringside in the beginning of the match, Mil Muetes is still a force to be reckon with. Striker reminds the TV audience that a few months back, Guerrero attacked Blue Demon Jr which upset those in Mexico & Catrina did warn Guerrero in the past that Mexico will be coming for you.

Guerrero uses mat wrestling to wear down the Mighty Mil Muetes and Catrina finally makes her appearance in the temple as she watches this match. As Muetes sees Catrina, she reveals his sacred stone that she seem’s to control him with which allows Chavo Guerrero to hit Muetes with a chair giving Muetes the DQ win. As Muetes flatlines Guerrero onto the chair, he orders Catrina to enter the ring to give her signature “Lick of Death” but she refuse & it would seem that Mil Muetes would flatline her until Fenix comes to the aid of Catrina & as a gesture of thanks, she kisses Fenix in front of Mil Muetes as this new rivalry has entered its next chapter.

We see “The Black Lotus” Matanza searching around the temple in pursuit of the one she’s been looking for that she question Dario Cueto a couple of weeks back.

Dario Cueto is in his office talking to The Crew (Cortez, Bael & Mr. Cisco) as he praises them for what they’ve been doing since the start of Lucha Underground. He would give them the main event for tonight in a 6 person match vs Sexy Star, Pimpinela & Mascarita Segrada in an “Anything Goes” Match. As long as they continue to do what he needs them to do, Cueto will always have The Crew in the main events position.

Ivelisse & Son of Havoc come to the ring as Son of Havoc is scheduled to face Angelico in a rematch. But since Ivelisse says about Son of Havoc losing streak, she challenges Angelico to face “The Baddest Bitch in the Planet” to a match as he makes his way to the ring.

Even though Ivelisse has a MMA background, Angelico has some fun with her in there match putting her in some “unique” positions as it seems he’s not taken her seriously in the match until Ivelisse continues to show him why she’s in the ring with some solid moves which impresses the fans in the temple. Eventually Son of Havoc gets involved, kicking him in the back of the head allowing Ivelisse to school boy Angelico for the victory. Angelico would grab the mic & say that if Ivelisse is interested to leave “Her guy”, give him a call.

As we get ready for the next match as we see Superfly vs Texano, we would go to a interview that Vampiro conducted with Texano prior to the match & for the fans to get a chance to know more about the Youngest AAA Champion in AAA History, Texano.

Texano would state that he dominated Mexico for the last 2 years & that he never lost the championship to Alberto El Patron but more like Alberto stole the championship from him. He would go on to say that he’s here in Lucha underground to destroy Alberto El Patron & recapture the AAA Championship.

Texano would defeat Superfly with a Death Vally Driver on to his Knee & Neckbreaker combo in a very impressive in ring debut for Texano. Alberto El Patron would come out to fight Texano after the viscous assault Texano gave him last week eventually whipping Texano with his own Bull Rope until security & refs would come out to break them apart. Now the question is asked, Can we see the AAA Championship be defended in Lucha Underground as these two grapplers have history? We’ll have to wait & see.

The Machine called Cage wearing the damaged championship around his neck enters Dario Cueto’s office demanding that he should be the rightful Champion. Even though Cage has destroyed Prince Puma & Johnny Mundo, Cueto says Puma is still the current champion but offers Cage a match vs Puma & if he wins, he gets a championship match against him. As Cage exits, Chavo Guerrero enters saying to call Mexico to tell them they got what they wanted & he’s quitting. Cueto’s wishes Guerrero the best in his future endeavors as he looks upon his broken championship belt.

Matanza would end up finding the individual she’s been looking for & say’s she has vowed to kill him with her bare hands as she mysteriously disappears.

Main Event No DQ Anything Goes Trio Match:
The Crew is in the ring waiting for their opponents Sexy Star, Pimpinela & Mascarita Segrada as Pimpinela & Cortez start off in the ring. Cortez would use a Kendo stick on Pimpinela choking him out & he’s done for the match as the trainer checks on him.

For his size, Mascarita Segrada can hold his own against the crew as the fans cheered for the mighty mini but ultimately Mr. Cisco would powerbomb Mascarita on the edge of the apron. Mascarita would come back into the ring only to fall victim to a viscous curb stomp by the crew onto a chair leaving Sexy Star the only luchador to face The Crew. As the fans chant for Sexy Star, she would do everything she can to hold off The Crew hitting move after move. As The Crew was just about ready to finish her off, Big Ryck would make his way to ringside which would distract The Crew & allowing Sexy Star to victory roll Bael for the win as the show comes to an end for the week.

As each week goes by, Lucha Underground is getting better & better plus reaching more & more audiences. Lucha Underground has been trending each week on twitter as more fans are made & more reviews are coming out on how everyone on social media loves Lucha Underground.

Lucha Underground is definitely a show in where you never know who may be the next star to show up if not to wrestle but just to watch the show. Former WWE stars like Torrie Wilson, Lisa Marie Vernon (Fka Victoria/Tara) & Katarina Waters (Katie Lea/Winter) have stated on twitter that they’ve attended Lucha Underground tapings & were very happy with the action & atmosphere.

So again if you’ve haven’t had the opportunity to see an episode of Lucha Underground, you need to. They put on a great show that only Robert Rodriguez can make. Everyone who works on the show brings out the very best in & out of the ring plus you get everything you want in a show..Action, Drama, Suspense all wrapped up in a Wrestling show.

This weekend February 21st & 22nd, Lucha Underground returns for its next set of TV Tapings in Boyle Heights. As previously mentioned in my past recaps, the tapings are full BUT if those fans who already reserved spots are unable to attend, they may be seats available but YOU need to email Lucha Underground to see if you’re able to attend. If you’re interested in attending, Please email Lucha Underground at LuchaTickets@gmail.com w/following info:

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Lucha Underground will email you if you’re able to attend

My Matches of the night goes in this order:
Texano vs Superfly
The Crew vs Sexy Star, Pimpinela & Mascarita Segrada
Mil Muetes vs Chavo Guerrero
Angelico vs Ivelisse

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