[Results] Lucha Underground Season 2 Episode 3, 4 & 5

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The Temple
Boyle Heights, Ca

Episode 3-February 10th 2016:

Kobra Moon def Bengala (Kobra Moon’s debut)

Catrina & Fenix are in her office as he demands another match verses King Cuerno as Catrina simply smiles.

We see Aerostar set off to talk to the gods about uniting the warrior tribes.

King Cuerno is talking to Catrina about how she feels he didn’t get the job done as she tells him he’s scheduled to face Fenix in a “Last Luchador Standing” match.

Jack Evans def Drago

We see a package promo by Texano as he talks about who he is & his issues with Chavo Guererro.

Catrina walks in on Prince Puma as she talks about Konnan’s last words & tells him he is to face Pentagon Jr next week.

Last Luchador Standing Match:
Fenix def Gift of the Gods Champion King Cuerno

We end with Cortez Castro talking with a Deputy Captain as she asking where Dario Cuerto. Castro will be joined by a new partner as they have one mission…to find Cuerno. And his new partner….Joey Ryan

Episode 4- February 17th 2016:

Ivelisse comes into Catrina’s office demanding for another shot at the Trio’s championship but Catrina refused. She did order her & her team to face a new trio team later this evening.

Angelico, Ivelisse & Son of Havoc def Chavo Guererro & The Crew
Chavo very upset with the loss, scolded Cisco & Castro as Texano makes his way to get his hands on Guererro.

Johnny Mundo talks about his career in Lucha Underground & how he’s been treated unfairly.

Joey Ryan & Cortez Castro are seen talking about how Ryan is superior as a cop & will be as a wrestler as his debut match is next.

Cage def Joey Rayn
As Cage sets his eyes on Mil Muertes, Johnny Mundo attacks Cage but would end up being on a receiving end of a Weapon X finisher.

Rey Mysterio is in training with Dragon Azteca as they prepare for battle but would tell the tale of 7 Aztec tribes & what they need to do to unite them.

Prince Puma def Pentagon Jr
Pentagon upset as he thought he won the match, attacked Referee Marty Elias & went after Puma only to be caught with a round house kick. Puma would set up Pentagon Jr in hus own Arm breaker submission hold only to whisper something to him & let him go.

Sexy Star is seen running away as she seems terrified as she encountered someone. The Mack says who you’re running from as she responded with “Moth” but as Mack is ready to search for Marty “The Moth” Martinez, Sexy Star pointed to her as Mack looks at who Sexy Star is pointed at.

Episode 5-February 24th 2016:

As Pentagon jr seeks advice from his master, we’d hear the voice of Vampiro talking about how this side of himself laid dormant in the mind of Ian Hodgkinson & with the help of Pentagon Jr has awakened the man known as Vampiro as he tells Pentagon to do whatever it takes to get whats his.

Jack Evans def “The Darewolf” PJ Black due to Drago accidentally spraying his mist on Black instead of Evans.

We see Famous B advertisement for (423) GET-FAME as he’s looking for you to be Famous.

Gift of the Gods Champion King Cuerno def Killshot

Gauntlet Match 1 vs 3:
Chavo Guererro def Texano but Texano def both members of the crew.

Black Lotus & Dario Cuerto are talking as we heard screams inside Mantanza cell as Cuerto talk about how abusive their mother was & how mantanza saved him.

Catrina is walking in the temple as Pentagon Jr tells her he wants Prince Puma in the ring as they both fight one another but she would agree to a match next week but warned Pentagon Jr that he made a huge mistake putting his hands on her.

Johnny Mundo (w/Taya) def Cage
Both Mundo & Taya would attack Cage after the match as both of them left their mark on “The Machine”.

King Cuerno comes into Catrina office & officially wants to cash in his championship opportunity verses Mil Muertes but Catrina would announce a ladder match for the Gift of the Gods championship verses Fenix next week.

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