[Recap] Lucha Underground Episode 9 & 10 on March 23rd & 30th 2016

This is your Lucha Underground recap of Episode 9 & 10 which aired on March 23rd & 30th 2016 on El Rey Network.

Episode 9:
Lucha Underground Champion Fenix is in the back as Pentagon Jr tells him that this evening, he’ll become the new champion. Catrina would appear as she says he wasn’t invited to participate & informed Fenix that.Mil Muertes will once again claim the championship.

Matt Striker & Vampiro goes over the rules of the Aztec Warfare Gauntlet match. (Every 90 sec, a new Luchador comes into the ring, elimination by pinfall or submission).

Aztec Warfare Match for the Lucha Underground Championship:
Entrant #1-Lucha Underground Champion Fenix

Entrant #2-Rey Mysterio Jr

Entrant #3-King Cuerno

Entrant #4-Angenis

Entrant #5-Johnny Mundo

Entrant #6-Joey Ryan

Entrant #7-Prince Puma

Entrant #8-Jack Evans

Entrant #9-Taya

Entrant #10-Cage

Entrant #11-Macarita Segrada

Entrant #12-Marty “The Moth” Martinez

Entrant #13-Drago

Entrant #14-The Mack

Entrant #15-Chavo Guerrero Jr

Entrant #16-Pj Black

Entrant #17-Aerostar

Entrant #18-Dragon Azteca Jr

Entrant #19-Texano

Entrant #20-Mil Muertes (w/Catrina)

Entrant #21-Mantanza (w/Dario Cuerto)

1. Angenis by Rey Mysterio via 619 & Frog Splash

2. King Cuerno by Rey Mysterio via Armbar submission

3. Johnny Mundo by Prince Puma after Cage hits Weapon X on the outside

4. Marty “The Moth” Martinez by Rey Mysterio & Mascarita Segrada

5. Mascarita Segrada by Chavo Guerrero Jr via Camel Clutch Submission

6 Cage by Taya as Mundo hits Cage eith Cinder Block

7. Taya by Fenix via German Suplex

8. Jack Evans by Aerostar via a Top rope Destroyer piledriver

9. Drago by Pj Black via Brain Buster

10. Pj Black by Texano via Sitdown Powerbomb

11. Mil Muertes by Rey Mysterio & Prince Puma after Pentagon Jr attacked Muertes

12. Fenix by Mantanza via Wrath of the Gods

13. The Mack by Mantanza via German Suplex

14. Aerostar by Mantanza via German Suplex

15. Texano by Mantanza via Sitdown Powerbomb

16. Joey Ryan by Mantanza via 3 rolling side suplexes

17. Dragon Azteca Jr by Mantanza via Chokeslam

18. Chavo Guerrero Jr by Mantanza via Flipping Moonsault

19. Prince Puma by Mantanza via German Suplex

20. Rey Mysterio Jr by Mantanza via Wrath of the Gods finisher

Winner & New Lucha Underground Champion “The Monster” Mantanza Cuerto

Dario presented the championship to Mantanza as he announced him as the new champion.

Episode 10:
Dario Cuerto is in the ring talking about how he’s happy being back & Mantanza is now the New Lucha Underground Champion. As he was talking about what’s next at the temple, Pentagon Jr made his way to find out why he wasn’t in Aztec Warfare as Cuerto says he’s not championship material as Pentagon roughed up Dario.

He would demand a championship match this evening as Cuerto agreed before Pentagon can break his arm as we now have our main event set for the evening.

The Crew (Mr. Cisco & Cortez Castro) def Taya & Johnny Mundo as The Crew hits their finisher The Pschyo Realm on Taya as Cage prevented Mundo from entering the ring.

Story time with Marty “The Moth” Martinez as he talked about the legend of “The Moth” Tribe as his tribe are empowered by wealth & pride. As other tribes tried to take what the Moth Tribe has, Mariposa was their secret weapon as she destoyed anyone who tried to attack them & this incarnation of Mariposa is the deadliest one of them all.

As Dario Cuerto is in his office, Catrina would come into his office as he reassured her that this is his temple & Mantanza is the rightful champion. He purpose a truce with Catrina only to have her say that when the time is right, the championship & the temple will be hers again.

Elimination Match for the Lucha Underground Trios Championship:
Son of Havoc, Angelico & Iveliese def Disciples of Death (w/Catrina)

Order of elimination:
Iveliese by El Siniestro de la Muerte
Trece by Angelico
Angelico by El Siniestro de la Muerte
Barrio Negro by Son of Havoc
El Siniestro de la Muerte by Son of Havoc

Dario Cuerto again is his office is star struck as Rey Mysterio is in his office. Mysterio is there to talk about the original Dragon Azteca as he feels Mantanza is responsible for his death. Cuerto claims he had nothing to do with it but offers a deal for Mysterio & Dragon Azteca Jr to complete in the temple.

Mariposa (w/Marty “The Moth” Martinez) def Sexy Star (w/The Mack) via Butterfly Effect. Both Marty & Mariposa would double team on Mack after the match.

While holding the championship, Dario released Mantanza from his cage & said for his to break Pentagon’s back so he can’t return.

Main Event Lucha Underground Championship:
Mantanza (w/Dario Cuerto) def Pentagon Jr via Wrath of the Gods finisher. Vampiro would come in to check on Pentagon as Mantanza kicked him & continued the beat down on Pentagon eventually powerbombing him through the announcers table as Medics tend to him.