[RECAP] Touch of Hardcore “Throwdown in Downtown” on June 27th 2015

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Throwdown in Downtown
UEW Arena
June 27th 2015
East Los Angeles, Ca

Good afternoon Socaluncensored faithfuls, this is your roaming reporter Mike Draven here to recap Touch of Hardcore’s Throwdown in Downtown event from Saturday June 27th from the UEW Arena in East Los Angeles, Ca.

“The Velvet Voice of Southern California” Michael O’ Garro & TOH Promoter Big Homie Double welcomed everyone to the event as Double thanked everyone for attending to the UEW arena as this event was originally scheduled to take place at a venue in Downtown Los Angeles but due to circumstances beyond his control they moved the event to the UEW arena. Double would announce the first match was originally scheduled to be a one on one has decided to turn it into a Fatal 4 Way elimination match.

Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match:
“The Manster” Warhog (w/The Revelation) def Mr. Impact, Oso Loco & “Rocket Boy” D’Marco Wilson inTOH 6-27-15 1 this opening contest. Elimination was as followed:

Oso Loco eliminated by Warhog after he delivered a devastating Powerslam
Mr. Impact eliminated by D’Marco Wilson via Schoolboy Roll up
D’Marco Wilson eliminated by Warhog via Muscle Buster Finisher

After the match, Mr. Impact would stare down Warhog while holding one of Cap Comic Con’s mask as he would throw it at Cap symbolizing that he is no longer part of The Revelation but he would hit a Package Piledrive on D’Marco Wilson to show them that he’s not someone to be pushed around as The Revelation would leave the ring & Cap Comic Con laughed at Mr. Impact’s decision.

El Lobo def Jefferson Scott via The Jackhammer finisher

As Ring Announcer Michael O’Garro annouced the next match featuring Urban Dicipline’s Jimi Mayhem vs Jacob “The Riot” Diez, “The” Jon Allen would come to the ring and announced that since Diez & Allen have dominated So Cal, he’s decided to give Jacob Diez the “Night Off”. Jon Allen would introduce his newest faction “The Cold Blooded Bastards” of Damien Soul & Azriel to the crowd & Azrael would face Mayhem this evening.

Urban Dicipline’s Jimi Mayhem def Azriel (w/Jon Allen & Damien Soul) via a Big Boot

After the match, an upset Jon Allen would grab the mic & saying that this evening isn’t over as he would challenge anyone in the back to face Damien Soul in a match. Cap Comic Con would come out to mock Jon Allen & his so called faction but told him to be careful what he wish for as he would bring out the man to accept his challenge…The Human Tornado.

The Human Tornado (w/The Revelation) def Damien Soul (w/Jon Allen & Azriel) with his “Splits” to the lower region & Double Leg Pin for the victory.

After the match, the both factions would brawl all over the arena as it would seem a new war has startedTOH 6-27-15 4 with The Revelation & Jon Allen’s Cold Blooded Bastards.

Submission Match:
As the match was about to begin, Big Homie Double would announced that Cap Comic Con would be banned from ringside after witnessing all the trouble he’s caused this evening. Both Cap Comic Con & Eli Everfly would argue with Big Homie Double & was about to leave the arena if Double didn’t change his mind which unfortunately he did in order to have this match take place.

“Indestructible” Eli Everfly (w/Cap Comic Con) def “Charming” Biagio Crescenzo after hitting a Double Arm Flipping Piledriver he would use a chair to place Crescenzo in as he applied a Triangle Choke on him & would pass out giving Everfly the victory as Everfly, Tornado & Comic Con posed for photos over a unconscious Biagio Crescenzo.

Triple Threat Match (One Fall):
“Blackhart” Fern Owens & Ali Hussein would double team on Rudy throughout the match but in the end both Owens & Hussein would put Rudy in a Double Crossface making Rudy tap out but both men would argue who was the rightful victor. Big Homie Double would have the match restarted but Ali Hussein would get the upper hand on Fern Owens but would leave ringside ending the match in a DRAW.

Seville the Thrill def “Big Dick” Hoss Hogg via a Double Foot Stomp from the top rope
After the match in classic Seville manner, he would continue to insult all the fans in attendance before leaving ringside.

4 Corners of Pain Tag Team Match-(Weapons are placed on all four corners & must be used in order to win):
Divine Intervention (Angel & Freddy Hellmuth) def The Heavy Hitters (Biggie Biggs & Tony Raze) as Urban Dicipline’s Jimi Mayhem would get involved taking out Tony Raze & distracting Biggie Biggs allowing Angel to back body drop Biggs onto thumbtacks & hitting a Spear for the victory. After the match, Jimi Mayhem would continue to attack both members of the Heavy Hitters with a Nightstick & other weapons since Urban Disicpline & The Heavy Hitters have history with each other & will be facing each other in an upcoming UEW Event in July.

Main Event-“Battle of the Juggernauts”:TOH 6-27-15 6
“The Urban Juggernaut” Sean Black def “The Irish Juggernaut” Mikey O’Shea with a Spear.
After the match, Sean Black would thank Mikey O’Shea because not only was he his mentor but he tag with him in his early career & loves him like a brother as the fans chanted for Mikey O’Shea as both men hugged in the middle of the ring as the show closed for the evening.

This event did ok but I believe due to the change in venue with only two weeks to promote, it didn’t get the crowd as they anticipated from original time of promoting when the event was scheduled to take place in Downtown Los Angeles. But never the less, everyone on the card gave the fans in attendance their heart, body & soul. Thankfully Big Homie Double & UEW were able to bring the fans this event as I enjoy attending events at the UEW Arena when I can & I too want to thank Double & everyone at UEW for hosting the event.

As to my Matches of the Night, I give the nod to these matches:

Sean Black vs Mikey O’Shea:
Pretty much pound for pound a hard hitting match & a solid showing by both men in the main event. Always a fan of both wrestlers as its only a matter of time where I can see them with championship gold around their waist again.

Eli Everfly vs Biagio Crescenzo:
It is known that Eli is a submission expert & he showed everyone in this match. Biagio I believe it was TOH 6-27-15 5my 1st time seeing him in a submission match but he held his own quite well against him. Both men pulled all the stops in this match with exciting spots, high flying & ground mat wrestling.

Heavy Hitters vs Divine Intervention:
This rivalry started from the previous Touch of Hardcore event in April & brought it to another level in this match, even though in other matches this evening used weapons these big men had in the words of Jim Ross, “A good ol’ Slobber Knocker” Match with weapons & action that spilled in & out of the ring. Adding Jimi Mayhem’s involvement, may we see a UEW vs Touch of Hardcore cross promotion event in the future?

Seville the Thrill vs Big Dick Hoss Hogg:
What can I say about Seville that I haven’t said before..from the moment he comes out from the curtain to the time he leaves, he’s on & insulting everyone he sets eyes on no matter if its Man, Woman or Child. Aside from his verbal tirades, Seville has proved to be a great wrestler with fast paced offense against anyone he’s in the ring with & it seems to late its been against bigger individuals. Big Hoss was a last minute sub as Seville’s original opponent El Ridiculoso wasn’t able to make the event as advertise but Hoss Hogg has become a great wrestler too using his power to take down anyone he faces. But Seville would use underhanded tactics with throwing powder in Hoss’s face ultimately setting up his Double Foot Stomp finisher. Great showing by both men in this match.

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