CalTernative 2 Raw coming in the Summer

Since the inception of Rawlternative, it gives a world wide audience the opportunity to see what we CalTernative 2 Raw 2015 flyer 2already know and that is they are plenty of hard working men & women out there entertaining people in the square circle. Recently Steel Cage Radio submitted some matches for #Rawlternative featuring So Cal promotions but they never got word from them. So SCR contacted me, Mike Draven to inform me they want to do Calternative 2 Raw..basically the same idea as Rawlternative but focusing on matches from all promotions in California..From Santino Bros Wrestling Academy, “Alternative wrestling show” Pro wrestling, Insane Wrestling League, Alpha Omega Wrestling, Empire Wrestling Federation, SoCal Pro to Hoodslam, Fighting Spirit, Vendetta Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Revolution to Lucha Libre and everywhere in between.

Tomorrow SCR will release info on where you can submit a match to be aired on #Calternative. The projection date to air it online is possibly July 6th with Myself, Mike Draven (representing Socaluncensored) & “The Five Card Stud” Jeff Maverick as your hosts for this wonderful concept to show the world that the state of California has some great wrestling action they need to see. So everyone, look over your matches if its Championship matches, Intergender, tag team, lucha libre, etc..lets make Calternative something & maybe become a yearly event online.

(Official Announcement will be released tomorrow, what SCR will be asking, etc & we’ll post it on here.)


Update: Attn all California Promotions:
To submit your matches for #Calternative2Raw in July please do the following as mentioned on the facebook event page:
Live broadcast on Youtube . We are accepting submissions for all California based promotions. Send files using and send them to * 2gb limit

For the facebook event page:

If your matches contain commentary, it will be played with commentary. If it doesn’t, the match will play as is without commentary.

Last day to submit your promotions matches is June 26th 2015

Hope to see the state of California want to participate in this great concept & show the world that California has the greatest wrestling action!!!!

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