[RECAP] IWL “Sicko Sircus 2015” on June 20th 2015

Insane Wrestling LeagueIWL 6-20-15 flyer
Sicko Sircus 2015
American Legion #241
June 20th 2015
Baldwin Park, Ca

Hello Socaluncensored faithfuls, Mike Draven back at you with a recap of IWL’s Sicko Sircus event on Saturday, June 20th as we kick off with a special Preshow match where the winner is the #1 Contender for the IWL Breakout Championship.

Preshow-#1 Contendership for the IWL Breakout Championship:
“The One” Blake Grayson def Douglas James via Double Arm DDT to become the NEW #1 Contender & will receive his championship match at the next IWL event on August 8th

As the show kicked off with Tony Graziano & Vic Luna welcoming everyone, “The New Age Punisher” B-Boy made his way out. He would talk about not getting his chance at the IWL championship & since he was scheduled to face the champion later on in the event, he demanded to face the IWL Heavyweight Champion “Pretty” Peter Avalon immediately.

IWL Heavyweight Championship:
“Pretty” Peter Avalon def “The New Age Punisher” B-Boy with a bridging double leg pin from a triangle IWL Sicko Sircus 2015 1choke by B-Boy to successfully retain the championship. After the match, B-Boy would shake Peter’s hand & as soon as Peter was celebrating in the ring, Ray Rosas would come in unbeknown to Peter (thinking he was going to attack him) but would celebrate along side Peter before grabbing the mic.

Ray would address why he didn’t cash in his mandatory rematch for the IWL Championship verses Peter Avalon and talk about his issues with “Mr. New Era” Eric Cross in costing him the championship & announced that since Cross wasn’t going to face him in a match, he would enter himself in the Sicko Sircus Rumble match just to get his hands on Eric Cross. IWL Owner Vic Luna would return to the ring & told Ray that if enters himself in the Sicko Sircus, he would be forfeiting his championship rematch against Avalon. Ray would ask the crowd if he should do it as the fans in attendance would shout out “YES” as Rosas agrees. Eric Cross would come out to trash talk a bit before security would escort him to the back as Rosas asked Vic Luna his entry number for the Sicko Sircus as he says Ray Rosas would be #1 but giving Eric Cross the #2 slot as Cross returns to ringside upset at the decision by Luna.

Triple Threat Match for the IWL Anarchy Championship:
Justin Ryke def Seville the Thrill & Che Cabrera as Ryke delivered a Spear on Cabrera & a Sit Down Powerbomb Pinfall on Seville to successfully retain the Anarchy Championship. Ryke would then grab the mic & say that he’s seen wrestlers come & go from IWL in his 8 year career but makes a promise to the IWL fans that he will never leave them & he’ll always remain in the IWL.

IWL Breakout Championship:
The American Oni (w/Pris) def “The Scourge of Grizzly Hills” Joseph Knox as the referee was incompasitated by getting squashed in the corner, Knox attempted a pinfall & Pris would come in trying to break it up allowing The American Oni to spray Knox with Green Mist & he was able to hit his Spinning Kneeling Neckbreaker into a Dragon Sleeper making Knox tap out & becoming the NEW IWL Sicko Sircus 2015 3IWL Breakout Champion. Oni would continue to attack Knox after the match, choking him with the championship & Pris would hand him a scissor which Oni would cut the beard of Knox & leave the ring proud of his actions.

Tag Team Match:
The Mix Tape Kings (Jerome “LTP” Robinson & Jacob “The Riot” Diez) def Tag Game Strong (Leo Blaze & Cedric “The Hitman” King) with the “Hail to the Kings” Double Team Finisher (Double Foot Stomp from Top Rope/Michinoku Driver Finisher) on Blaze. After the match, both teams would shake hands & raise arms in Sportsmanship.

Main Event-Sicko Sircus 20 Wrestler Rumble Match:
(1 min intervals, Over the top rope to be eliminated)

“Mr. New Era” Eric Cross won the 2015 Sicko Sircus last eliminating Ray Rosas & becoming the NEW #1 Contender for the IWL Heavyweight Championship. After the match, Cross would grab the mic & taunt Rosas but Eric Cross knowing that once he challenges Peter Avalon for the championship, Rosas may interfere & would cause him to lose so he would purpose a match verses Ray Rosas at the next event on Auguest 8th. Eric Cross would accept Ray Rosas previous challenge & he would put up his newly won #1 Contendership if Ray Rosas puts up his IWL Career. Avalon who was at ringside tried to reason with Ray Rosas but he would agree to the terms as Peter Avalon couldn’t believe what Ray had agreed to.

Order of Entrants:
1. Ray Rosas
2. Eric Cross
3. Chris Evans
4. Simon LottoIWL Sicko Sircus 2015 4
5. Johnny Saovi
6. “Big Nasty” Eric Watts
7. Che Cabrera
8. Damien Soul
9. D’Marco Wilson
10. “Charming” Biagio Crescenzo
11. “The Emo Behemoth” Pinky
12. Riki De La Paz
13. Cedric “The Hitman” King
14. Damon Divine
15. Kahmora
16. IWL Cameraman Jimbo Slice
17. Ruben Igelsias
18. Azriel
19. “The One” Blake Grayson
20. “The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews

Order of Elimination:
1. Damien Soul by Che Cabrera & Johnny Saovi
2. D’Marco Wilson by Pinky
3. Cedric “The Hitman” King by Kahmora
4. Riki De La Paz by Kahmora
5. Kahmora by Chris Evans, Johnny Saovi & Eric Cross
6. Jimbo Slice eliminated himself
7. Pinky by Che Cabrera
8. Che Cabrera by Ray Rosas
9. Azriel by Damon Divine
10. Ruben Iglesias by Blake Grayson
11. Blake Grayson by Ray Rosas
12. Steven Andrews by Simon Lotto
13. Damon Divine by Eric Watts
14. Biagio Crescenzo by Simon Lotto & accidental help by Johnny Saovi
15. Johnny Saovi by Simon Lotto
16. Simon Lotto by Johnny Saovi & Biagio Crescenzo*
17. Eric Cross by Ray Rosas**
18. Chris Evans by Eric Watts
19. Eric Watts by Ray Rosas
20 Ray Rosas by Eric Cross

* After being eliminated, Johnny Saovi & Biagio Crescenzo would enter the ring, double team on Simon Lotto & eliminate him from the match. Even though Saovi & Crescenzo were eliminated & through Lotto over the top rope, the officials deemed Lotto is eliminated.

** Lotto, Saovi & Crescenzo continued to brawl on the outside while the Sicko Sircus was still going on as referees & security tried to break up the fight & send them to the back. While everyone was distracted, Ray Rosas did in fact eliminate Eric Cross from the Sicko Sircus but since the referees didn’t see the elimination, Cross hid around the ring until Rosas eliminated Eric Watts thinking he won the match, Cross would sneak back in & eliminate Ray Rosas & was named the winner.

Good size crowd on hand for the return of IWL’s Sicko Sircus at the American Legion this day. Overall the matches did pretty well & set’s up the next IWL event titled InsanoVision to take place back at the American Legion on Saturday, August 8th with these two matches officially set:

#1 Contendership vs Career Match:
Eric Cross vs Ray Rosas

IWL Breakout Championship:
The American Oni (w/Pris)(c) vs “The One” Blake Grayson

Plus the latest flyer from IWL has the IWL Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks on it..could these IWL 8-8-15 Flyerinternational stars be making their return to IWL in August & does this mean The Mix tape Kings finally get there Tag Team Championship Match?

As to my Matches of the Night, as difficult as it is usually cause every match brought something I felt these get my nod:

Blake Grayson vs Douglas James:
No matter where I see Grayson perform, he’s getting better with every match he’s in. Different wrestlers have brought out something in Grayson in his matches & he’s someone that will excel in the buisness. Even though he’s not over 6 foot tall, he’s a solid wrestler with power (pretty much like our So Cal version of Taz in a way). Douglas James who only a rookie this year & is seen on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood & Santino Bros looked very good in his match verses Grayson as he brought more of a technical mat wrestling to his opponent. He is someone to keep your eye on & with more matches under his belt I can see him rise in So Cal’s wrestling scene & may be a strong contender for the 2015 Socaluncensored Rookie of the Year category.

B-Boy vs Peter Avalon:
These two vets tore the house down in the official opening match of the show. Fans were behind the runner up to the Socaluncensored Wrestler of the Year as B-Boy gave everything he had & much more to Avalon in his first title defense. Peter Avalon being resilient in his match, was put in a number of positions but seemed to kick out of 2 where anyone else would probably had been down for the 3 count. Both men shine in this match & gave the fans in attendance a great match of the night.

Ryke vs Cabrera vs Seville:
Being despised by fans wherever he goes, Seville’s trash talking didn’t get under the skin of either Che Cabera or Justin Ryke in this match. All three men would unleash a lot of offensive maneuvers on one another essentially giving any one of them the victory. Cabrera & Ryke matched up well with strength & size but Seville is smaller, leaner & faster delivering high flying offensive moves on his two larger opponents. Everyone kicked out of finishers, we had brawling on the outside but in the end the champion prevailed in this hard hitting match up. I know in the IWL, we haven’t hear the last of Che Cabrera or Seville the Thrill as we know Seville will probably continue his “boastfully” quest against Justin Ryke & the IWL.

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