[RECAP] LUCHA UNDERGROUND on February 4th 2015

This is SoCalUncensored.com’s Mike Draven with your weekly Lucha Underground sept-oct 2014 flyer 2recap of Lucha Underground on El Rey from Wednesday, February 4th 2015.

The show kicks off with a recap highlighting of the previous week events on Lucha Underground ending with Cage’s pure dominance of Prince Puma & Konnan with him ripping the Lucha Underground championship in half.

As the house band performs for the crowd, Commentators Matt Striker & Vampiro welcomes everyone to the show.

Son of Havoc & Ivelisse are in the ring waiting for Havoc’s opponent as the crowd chants for both stars. Ivelisse talked about how she hates reading about Son of Havoc poor performance on social media & she vows that if anyone has issues with him, you have them with her calling herself “The Baddest Bitch in the building” as Angelico makes his way to the ring for this match.

Angelico def Son of Havoc (w/Ivelisse) with a school boy roll up pinfall after Havoc accidentally shoulder block Ivelisse to the floor. Havoc tried to apologize to Ivelisse after the match but she stormed out as the fans ripped into Son of Havoc.

We see Dario Cueto in his office talking with Johnny Mundo since its been a while since we’ve seen him in the temple. Cueto wants to let bygones be bygones & informed Mundo that he’ll be in the Main event as he goes 1 on 1 with Cage.

We see a video package on the man Pentagon Jr as he talks about his ambitions, his training & that he lives by his saying “Zero Miedo…Zero Fear”

Pentagon Jr def Famous B with an Arm Submission after executed a Package Piledriver. Pentagon ended up damaging Famous B’s arm as the ref was calling for him to break the hold since he won the match. Pentagon would grab the mic & addressed the crowd “That he’s loyal to his master & he’s ready because he’s Pentagon Jr & has Zero Fear” as the fans chanted “Zero Miedo” & show their support to Pentagon Jr.

Dario Cueto is seen in a hidden room talking to someone in the shadows & mentioned that “SHE” is here “The Black Lotus” in the temple looking for him & he needs to protect the temple from “Matanza.

Drago def Aerostar via a viscous Blockbuster Neckbreaker into a DDT Finisher. Drago & Aerostar would show sportsmanship in this action packed lucha match.

We see Fenix working out until the mysterious Catrina would seek him out. She’s interested with him & delivers a gift to him..a kiss. But she said to keep it between them since if Mil Muetes found out, he’ll bury them both as she leaves.

Main Event-Johnny Mundo vs Cage:
As Mundo & Cage are in the ring, King Cuerno decided to watch this match very closely & eventually gets involved by attacking Mundo & giving a DQ win to Mundo. Cuerno would continue to attack Mundo & focused on injuring his leg. As the fans let out there frustrations on Cuerno, Cage was on his way to the back until Dario Cueto would come out saying that since he & Mundo are friends, he ordered the match between Cage & Mundo to restart because he doesn’t deserve to win via Disqualification.

Cage would continue to work over the injured leg on Mundo thanks to King Cuerno & would end up getting the victory over Johnny Mundo with Gory Bomb/Flatliner finisher in this very hard fought bout between the two. Cage would hold up the destroyed Lucha Underground championship over Mundo.

We see Dario Cueto in his office on the phone as it seems to be talking with someone about Matanza until he gets a knock on the door which would be Former WWE star & Current AAA Champion Alberto El Patron as the show ends for the week.

Another fantastic, action packed episode from Lucha Underground with a lot of hard hitting, high flying matches. Again, if you have not had the opportunity to watch Lucha Underground, you must do so. This promotion brings you some great wrestling matches & some good storytelling.

On a side note, this episode was the taping I attended a couple of weeks ago & with promos on the this weeks show, it brings everything to life from the tapings. Lucha Underground announced at the tapings a few weeks ago & now you can see for yourself that yes, Alberto El Patron (FKA Alberto Del Rio) is now apart of Lucha Underground. Lucha Underground continues to showcase some of our great home grown talent like Famous B & in the coming weeks you’ll see more So Cal Stars make their appearance on L.U. as well as more great Lucha Libre stars from Mexico.

As Jay Cal mentioned in his View point, we know stars like AWS Champion Bael/”The New Age Punisher” BBoy, Vendetta Pro Champion Mr. Cisco/Little Cholo, UIPW Internet & AWS Lightweight Champion Mariachi Loco, Former CWFH Heritage Champion “The Mirror Image” Ricky Mandel & Former CWFH Heritage Tag Team Champion Cage/Brian Cage are part of the roster. Who will we see in future episodes..got to check out Lucha Underground on the El Rey Network to find out or be one of the lucky ones to attend a TV taping in the near future.

This weekend, Lucha Underground will be having its next set of TV Tapings in Boyle Heights, Ca. Again, the tapings are full but if some fans who already reserved their seats can not attend, some seats or standing room in the balcony may open up. Please email Lucha Underground at LuchaTickets@gmail.com w/following info:

Full Name
Phone Number
Email Address
Date of Filming
Number of people in your group (Not exceeding 6 or more)

Again, Lucha Underground will email you if seats are available.

This episode was action packed from top to bottom & I give the episode with all its matches the Matches of the Night. But if you insist I give an order of the MOTN:

Johnny Mundo vs Cage
Drago vs Aerostar
Son Of Havoc vs Angelico
Pentagon jr vs Famous B

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