Lucha Underground Season 4, Episode 17: The Moth and the Butterfly Review

The road to Ultima Lucha Quatro continues as Killshot faces Son of Havoc, and Marty The Moth offers his sister, Mariposa, a title shot.

Lucha Underground Season 4, Episode 17: The Moth and the Butterfly

As always, we started off with a video recap of events that took place in previous episodes. After the recap, we see Aerostar standing on a roof as he’s approached by Melissa Santos. She asked him what happened with Fenix. Aerostar told him Catrina’s spirit infected him, causing him to change into something evil. Melissa said she can save him, but Aerostar says he can’t or that it would be the end of everything.

Inside the Ice Temple, Vampiro and Matt Striker welcomed fans to the show and talked about Marty The Moth becoming Lucha Underground Champion. Joey Ryan, Ivelisse, and XO Lishus were already in the ring for the first match during this.

Joey Ryan, Ivelisse, and XO Lishus vs. The Rabbit Tribe (Paul London, El Bunny, and the White Rabbit)

The White Rabbit entered the ring for his team first to distract the faces, causing El Bunny and Paul London to attack at the start of the match. London and El Bunny would do a lot of the heavy work, while the White Rabbit stood on the ring apron watching in disapproval. The White Rabbit would eventually tag himself in after his team had control and faced off against Joey Ryan. Joey would hit some superkicks on him, but the White Rabbit was able to withstand the kicks from Joey. After hitting a Saito Suplex on Joey, the White Rabbit pulled out a white glove and beat Joey with a Mandible Claw.

After the match, the White Rabbit swung a watch in front of his bloody glove. Joey would lay in the ring convulsing as the show went to a commercial break.

Following a commercial break, Matt Striker and Vampiro talk about Ultima Lucha Quatro. After going over what will go down at Ultima Lucha Quatro, Melissa Santos introduced the next match.

Killshot vs. Son of Havoc

Killshot would go after Son of Havoc’s mask to start the match. The two would end up countering each other’s offense at the start of the match. Killshot would end up getting an advantage and started to work over Son of Havoc’s hand. Son of Havoc would mount a comeback and the action would go back-and-forth. Son of Havoc would get the win after countering a Magistral Cradle by Killshot into a pin.

After the match, Killshot attacked Son of Havoc and punched him several times with his dog tags. Killshot then unmasked Son of Havoc. Dario Cueto emerged from his office. He talked about the importance of their masks, and then booked a Mask vs. Mask match between the two of them at Ultima Lucha Quatro.

After a commercial break, Melissa Santos introduced Marty The Moth. Marty was accompanied to the ring with Chelsea Green, who now goes by Reclusa. He got on the microphone and cut a promo about his journey and the people who have humiliated him. The fans in the crowd would chant “cero miedo” throughout this. He talked about how he had Reclusa attack Sexy Star at her home, which is why she hasn’t been on the show. Marty would then say he would give his sister Mariposa a title shot for forcing him to focus. Mariposa would then enter the Ice Temple as the show went to commercial.

Lucha Underground Championship Match: Marty The Moth Martinez w/ Reclusa (c) vs. Mariposa

The match would begin after a commercial break. At the beginning of the match, Matt Striker stated that this match will be a No Disqualification match. Marty would go after Mariposa’s mask and controlled things early on. The action would spill outside of the ring where Marty threw Mariposa around the Ice Temple. After being thrown into the announcer’s desk, Mariposa began to bleed. Marty would then yell “BLEED! BLEED SISTER!”

Mariposa would mount a very brief comeback before Marty powerbombed her into the bleacher walls and onto the floor. Reclusa would go under the ring to give Marty a chair. Marty would attempt to hit Mariposa with a chair, but Mariposa would make another comeback. She would get on the mic and told Marty “you want to play with chairs? Let’s play, bitch!” Mariposa would then slam a lot of chairs onto Marty right after. The match would head back into the ring where Mariposa controlled the action. At one point, she would hit a Samoan Drop on Marty onto a chair for a near fall.

As Mariposa went for a Kudo Driver, Reclusa ran in and delivered a boot to her. Marty would then hit Mariposa with a Package Piledriver for the win.

After the match, Marty got on the mic and told Mariposa the same focus she gave him will keep him as Lucha Underground Champion. He then challenged Pentagon Dark to a Cero Miedo match at Ultima Lucha Quatro. Marty then said he would dedicate the match to Mariposa and Pentagon Dark. He then said he would “dedicate this” to Pentagon Dark before breaking Mariposa’s arm. Pentagon Dark would run out with a chair to run Marty out of the ring. He got on the mic and accepted his challenge. Pentagon Dark then promised the fans he would break his bones.

Final Thoughts

This was a solid episode of Lucha Underground. The Killshot/Son of Havoc match was good, and the main event was also pretty enjoyable. This show also did a pretty good job at building up Ultima Lucha Quatro and advancing the storylines going into it. I don’t really care for the Melissa Santos/Fenix angle, but aside from that, everything was enjoyable. Lucha Underground has had a pretty underwhelming season, but the last few episodes have been much better.

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