Interview with Dexter Milhouse

Hello everyone & welcome back to a special Draven Dexter Milhouse 1UnScripted as I had the pleasure of interviewing Alpha Omega Star Dexter Milhouse.

1. Good Evening Dexter, how are you tonight?

DM: I’m doing pretty good. Pretty neat, Mike. How about yourself?

2. Not bad, thank you. Can you tell me about your earliest memory of Pro Wrestling, who was in the match?

DM: The first televised match I remember is when I was maybe 8. I was channel surfing and I paused on a match involving Dick Murdoch and some jobber. I was mesmerized by these big tough grown men who were (or maybe not) trying to kill each other in the ring. Soon after, my Dad took me to a live event at The L.A. Olympic Auditorium. The main event was Tito Santana vs Don Muraco, but what stood out the most was the bloodbath that Sgt. Slaughter and The Iron Sheik were involved in. That match is what really got me passionate about wrestling. Sgt. Slaughter has been my favorite wrestler ever since.

3. What was about Pro Wrestling that wanted you to go into it?

DM: Ever since my first exposure to pro wrestling, I always knew that its what I wanted to do. I was bullied a lot as a kid and made to feel inadequate because I didn’t belong to a particular group or “clique”, I didn’t dress a certain way, or just because someone thought I could be pushed around easily. I began researching different forms of self defense like boxing, ju-jitsu, and most other forms of martial arts commonly practiced in South-East Asia.

I found that most of these typical forms of martial arts are great self defense but they are all designed to defend against other martial arts of the same style. I researched pro wrestling and found that there are no other forms of martial arts that are designed to defend against it. If I were to train to be a pro wrestler, people who practiced ju-jitsu, boxing, and all martial arts deriving from Asia (including ninjas) would be defenseless against me.

4. Where did you go for training?

DM: I started at the Alpha Omega Wrestling school in early 2012. I attended their first “Unleashed” show as a fan and started following them on Facebook. After volunteering to set up the ring, I was asked if I would like to train with them and here I am. The class runs on workouts designed by Drake Fortune with frequent input and appearances by anyone from Eric Watts and Rudy Luna to Blake Grayson, Doc Shady and Steven Andrews. With so many pallets to choose from, I’ve managed to create an arsenal of moves that you might see Rudy Luna perform as well as something you might see from Team Hi-Def. I highly recommend the A.O.W. Wrestling School for anyone in the Coachella Valley who is interested in becoming a wrestler. There, you will go from no experience, to knowing everything from how to fall, character creation, and ring psychology. Plus, you never know who might stop by to give a few pointers.

I still presently train a couple times a month at Jesse Dexter Milhouse 2Hernandez “School of Hard Knocks”. Another great school to consider if you live in the San Bernadino area. Jesse has been recognized by his peers as one of wrestling’s top trainer/promoters and his school is world renowned among all west coast wrestling schools.

5. Since you’re training with two different schools, do you see any similarities or differences in the two schools?

DM: Both schools, as do most schools in the country, train their guys to perform maneuvers as simple as getting up from the mat or running the ropes the same way. Teaching guys the same technique gives two wrestlers from different schools the ability to have a good match even if they’ve never met each other. Both schools cover physical conditioning as well as in ring work and psychology. There are also differences in the two schools which is one of the reasons I go to both. The AOW school, in my opinion, is great if you’ve never stepped foot in a wrestling ring. I went from being a fan to being on shows in less than a year. I also became comfortable working with wrestlers from other schools. Jesse’s school, on the other hand, usually has more guys training. Some with a lot more experience than I do. I always end up leaving Jesse’s school with something new to think about.

6. With only being a wrestler for a couple of years, how have you enjoyed going out & competing in the ring?

DM: These past couple years have been awesome! A dream come true! I’ve always wanted to do this but didn’t have the resources or knowledge to get into it. In my day, there was no internet and “kayfabe” was still very much alive back then.

7. Since training with EWF, have you had the opportunity to wrestle at an EWF event?

DM: I haven’t wrestled at an EWF event …YET! I’m sure the opportunity will present itself when the time is right. I would love to get in the ring with guys like Brute Barreto, Killa Gorilla, and Andy Brown on their home turf.. I’ve had some great matches with EWF guys in AOW, so I’m sure we would do the same on an EWF venue.

8. We know that AOW is your home promotion but have you had the chance to branch out to other promotions & if so, where?

DM: I’ve worked up near Fresno a few times at T.W.F. I’ve done some charity events here and there as well as competing in The Cauliflower Alley Club’s Rumble last year in Las Vegas which was presented by Vendetta Pro Wrestling which was a huge moment for me.. I’m also toying with the idea of possible appearances at Blue Collar Wrestling in Oregon and Lucha Libre P.O.R. in Arizona.

9. For those who don’t know, you started off as a heel but then transition to a babyface, what do you prefer more..Face or Heel & Why?

DM: I just like to be in the ring. I’ll work either way depending on what the booker is looking for. I will say, however, that I love having the AOW fans behind me these last few months. ItDexter Milhouse 6 makes a huge difference when the fans are behind you.

10. Fans from AOW really got to know more about you from a match you participated in “Cash in the Case” where similar to Money in the bank where you can cash in on ANY & I do mean Any championship in Alpha Omega. You won this opportunity & you cashed it in on the AOW Women’s Championship which you won. Why did you cash it in on a women’s championship & not the AOW Championship, Desert or Tag team Championship??

DM: When I was put in the Cash in the Case Match in 2012 I was quite surprised. I think it was only my second match of my career. When I won, I was shocked! So was everyone else. Most of the title-holders were face so I naturally started cutting heel promos, claiming that everyone has been a bully towards somebody at one point in their lives and everyone would have to pay.

Unfortunately for me, I went on a 6 month losing streak. Every attempt to “cash in the case” would be foiled before I could even hand the case over. I had to do something to get out of this funk. One day, I was looking over the contract and noticed that it didn’t exclude the Women’s Title. It said it could be cashed in against ANY championship. What better way for me to make a name for myself than to dominate the women’s division.

I called for a secret meeting with Chris Law, who was employed by AOW at the time and an expert at legal documentation, who confirmed that I had the right to cash in against AOW Women’s Champ, Tab Jackson. At the next show, I did what I had to do to show people that Dexter Milhouse was no joke and became The Champion of Women. I quickly learned that the women were just as tough as the men. Typically, I was barely able to keep the title by the skin of my teeth, usually having to get myself disqualified to retain the title. In the long run, my plan worked. More and more people were talking about Dexter Milhouse than ever before.

11. You eventually lost the Championship of Women in a Battle Royal to where The Midnight Society’s Pris won. How did you feel about Pris winning the championship?

DM: My feelings were split down the middle. I was furious about losing the Women’s Title and with Andrea the Giant, Tab Jackson, and Hudson Envy in the mix, Pris was the least of my worries. But, with a little interference from The American Oni and a previously eliminated Hudson Envy, she pulled off the impossible. Looking back, it reminds me a lot of the first time I won the Cash in the Case the year before.

12. In that same evening that you lost the Championship of Women, you became an entrant for the 2013 Cash in the case match which you became a 2 time winner. How did you feel about winning again an opportunity at any AOW Championship?

DM: Later the same night, I was informed that one of the Cash in the Case Match participants had transportation problems and couldn’t make it to the show. I was asked if I would be a fill-in for The Cash in the Case Match. Obviously, I accepted. Once again, everyone including myself, was shocked when I won Cash in the Case for the second year in a row. But, this time it was different. I was hearing cheers… The fans were beginning to accept Dexter Milhouse. Maybe they were made to feel inadequate or picked on as a kid because they didn’t belong to a certain social group. Maybe they didn’t dress a certain way or act a certain way. Maybe they just weren’t “cool”. All I knew was that THESE were good people and from that point on, I made it a point to stick up for them. All bullies would face “Cold Calculation, Total Devastation, and Furious Dexter Milhouse 3Master-planning”! Starting with the one who cost me the Women’s Title, The American Oni.

13. As you stated, Yes you did become a 2x Cash in the Case winner & Yes, you did cash it in on a vulnerable American Oni & became the NEW AOW Desert Champion. How did it feel being able to dethrone him as champion?

DM: At the time, The Midnight Society were thriving. I believe they held every title at the time. They were bullies who would gang up on one or two guys at a time and The American Oni had been bullying both the fans and myself recently. When I saw an opportunity to catch him alone in the ring in a vulnerable state, I didn’t hesitate to cash in the case and take the AOW Desert Championship.

14. You’ve held the championship for a short time eventually losing it back to The American Oni who also gave you an unexpected hair cut. What did you think of this incident?

DM: After attacking me before and after the match, hitting me twice in the head with the belt, and winning back the belt, Oni shaved off my Mohawk while I was unconscious. He made a huge statement that day. To me, that statement is that people like the American Oni will always be around to belittle people and constantly knock people down… Until someone like me constantly gets back up! Over and over again. Since that incident, any time Oni attacks someone before or after the Dexter Milhouse 7bell, I’ve made a run-in to stop it. Oni has responded by interfering in my matches, usually costing me a win. Oni says a rematch is out of the question, but I plan on getting back up more times than he can knock me down. On that day, American Oni will know that my name is Dexter, and I have just run out of medication!

15. In this year, ownership of Alpha Omega Wrestling has switched hands from Stepdaddy Roscoe Tucker to Christian Rosenberg. What do you think of the current reign of Rosenberg in AOW?

DM: I have mixed feelings about the way Mr. Rosenberg is doing things. Since his reign as AOW owner started, he has brought in some huge names for us to work with like The Guerreros, Hernandez, and Amazing Red. He has put together same really great shows with dramatic storylines. However, Mr. Rosenberg seems to be a little bias towards some of the guys he would like to see hold championships as opposed to guys the fans would prefer. He has put AOW champion Richie Slade in numerous matches which made it almost impossible for Richie to win. Sometimes twice in one show. He has also put tag-team champs, Team Hi-Def, on a grueling schedule where they are required to defend the belts at EVERY show. So far, Richie and Hi-Def have pulled through impossible odds and are still at the top of their respective mountains, but how long can they last in this environment?

16. AOW is on the Road to Unleashed, its biggest show of the year. Have you’ve gone to Mr. Rosenberg to try to secure a spot on the show against a certain challenger??

DM: I still want a rematch with Oni. I know the idea of a rematch is furthest thing from Rosenberg’s mind right now. The only way it will happen is if I continue to remind Oni that as long as we’re both in the same building, I will foil any attempt he makes to belittle fans, attack wrestlers before or after the bell, or just plain act like a bully. Eventually he will realize that I won’t give up until he answers my challenge. On October 3rd in Victorville, we will once again be in the same building during “AOWs Road to Unleashed”. No one will want to miss this!

17. Ultimately, where do you see yourself in the next few years?

DM: I’ve been given a huge opportunity by A.O.W. I got a huge push with not much experience. They back me up on a lot of my crazy ideas. I put in a lot of time behind the scenes to help keep A.O.W. alive, as everyone should, because I was given a chance to live my dream. In few years from now, though I may stray to other promotions here and there, I can’t imagine being anywhere else than A.O.W. whether it be in or out of the ring.

18. Have you looked into any other So Cal promotions you would like to wrestle for like Santino Bros, Vendetta Pro, SoCal Pro or even Lucha Libre events?

DM: Those local SoCal promotions would be ideal places for me to grow, but I generally don’t aggressively pursue working for other promotions because I’m pretty busy out of the ring. However, I typically take opportunities that are economical, convenient, and fit into my “”normal person” schedule.

19. Is WWE a goal you would like to reach?

DM: The WWE, amazingly enough, is not where I want to be. When I was growing up and imagined myself being in the ring one day, the venue was always a local high school gym or some other intimate setting. Not a huge sold out arena. Sometimes, I would imagine myself hitting the big-time and appear on WTBS from Atlanta in a sold-out production studio of 200 people. The weird thing is, the closest I’ve ever gotten to attending an Indie show at the time was WWF at The Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles. As I mentioned before, those were the moments that got me passionate about pro wrestling. The interaction with the fans was genuine. There were no obligatory chants expected from the fans. No robotic reactions required. Now, as an adult, I find myself living out those day dreams I’ve imagined. And it’s AWESOME. I’m already where I want to be.

20. What do you think of WWE & TNA’s product?

DM: I really watch WWE and TNA a lot less than I have in the past. After the “attitude era”, I think it became kind of repetitive. I’ve already seen John Cena vs Randy Orton a thousand times. Why would I want to watch it again. I get bored when I have to watch the same main eventers go at it for three hours a week. I’m “old school”. I prefer having ONE or TWO main event matches with some mid-card guys and jobbers working up to it. Again, I’m referring to the 80’s.

I do subscribe to the WWE Network and watch it from time to time. Mostly older clips, however, NXT is a breath of fresh air for me.

21. Who is your dream opponent?Dexter Milhouse 8

DM: I’d like to give Sgt. Slaughter a run for his money. You did say “dream opponent”, right? In reality though, I’m so new to the business that every opponent is still a dream for me. I’m just happy to be here.

22. Do you have a facebook, twitter or instagram you would like the fans of SoCal to follow you?

DM:  You can follow me or book me at

My home promotion, AOW, can be found at

You can also enjoy the “All Dexter, All the Time” youtube channel at:

23. Lastly, do you have anything to say to your fans & fans in general in SoCal?

DM: Before we end this, there is something The American Oni should know. Oni, I know you’re skimming through this interview looking for where I may be wrestling in the immediate future so you can show up cost me another match. So, I’ll make it easy for you. I will be appearing at AOWs Road to Unleashed on October 3rd in Victorville, Ca. No need to check your calender, Oni. You’re booked there too. I will finally get an opportunity to thank you for going out of your way to make others feel insignificant; thank you for breaking my glasses; thank you for cutting off my Mohawk; and thank you for belittling the fans. If it weren’t for people like you who always knock people down, there wouldn’t be people like me who always get back up.

In closing, I’d like to remind everyone who has ever been made to feel insignificant because they’re different, don’t dress a certain way, don’t hang out with the “cool” people, too young, too old, or for any reason whatsoever, that as long as you stay true to yourself, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Thanks for chatting with me, Mike.

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