[RECAP] IWL “Toxic Masculinity” on February 21st 2015

Insane Wrestling LeagueIWL 2-21-15 flyer 3
Toxic Masculinity
American Legion Hall #241
February 21st 2015
Baldwin Park, Ca

Good evening to all of our Socaluncensored.com faithfuls, this is Mike Draven as I’m here to recap IWL’s Toxic Masculinity which took place at the American Legion Hall in Baldwin Park, Ca.

Preshow-#1 contendership for the IWL Breakout Championship:
Ali Hussein def Ruben Igelsias & The American Oni (w/Pris) to become the next challenger for the IWL Breakout Championship.

Ring Announcer Tony Graziano & IWL Owner Vic Luna welcomes everyone in attendance & to those who purchased the event via IWL’s Roku station. The official start of the show kicks off with 1 on 1 action.

Johnny Saovi def “Mr. Excitement” Ryan Kidd when Kidd was about to shove Saovi into the referee, that small distraction allowed Saovi to hit a low blow & he was able to hit a Slice Bread finisher to become victorious over Ryan Kidd. A Happy Johnny Saovi would then address the crowd that for the last 7 years, he always did what was right & what was best for IWL but since the fans turn on Saovi, he said that now he’s looking after himself.

Just as we are about to start the next match, “The Nomad” Damon Divine would come out wearing a haze-mat suit carrying a bunch of disinfected sprays & wipes as he would “clean up” the IWL & he literally did that..He cleaned the ropes, apron, turnbuckles, etc. He would also address that he blames the IWL for the recent Measles outbreak & would hand out face mask so no one else would be “infected”. We would then see the Beautiful but Dangerous Kahmora followed by “The Hispanic that causes Panic” Seville the thrill who would attack The Leader of the Revolution Che Cabrera to kick off this Fatal 4 way match for the #1 Contendership to the IWL Anarchy Championship.

Fatal 4 Way Match for the #1 Contendership to the IWL Anarchy Championship:
Che Cabrera def “The Nomad” Damon Divine, Kahmora & Seville the Thrill as he uses his Cradle Powerbomb finisher on Seville for the win.
After the match, Divine would use some of his disinfected wipes on Seville as the fans would taunt Damon Divine out of the American Legion Hall.

IWL Breakout Championship:
“The Scourge of Grizzly Hills” Joseph Knox def “Charming” Biagio Crescenzo with a Muscle Buster finisher to retain the championship.

Next match was announced to be a #1 Contendership Match for the IWL Heavyweight Championship with two men who are no strangers to each other in the Insane Wrestling League.

#1 Contendership to the IWL Heavyweight Championship:
“Big Nasty” Eric Watts vs “The Self Proclaim King of Arizona” Chris Evans would end in a Double Countout. These two grapplers would continue to fight all around the American Legion Hall using anything that was in front of them.

IWL Anarchy Championship:
“The Metal” Justin Ryke def IWL Anarchy Champion “Pretty” Peter Avalon after a fail attempt of Avalon’s Marti-Knee’s Finisher, Ryke would hit a spear for the win & become the NEW IWL Anarchy Champion. Both men would show sportsmanship as the fans cheered on.

Tag Team Anything Goes Match for the #1 Contendership to the IWL Tag Team Championship:
The Black Parade (Pinky & Eli Everfly) would be waiting for their opponents The Mix Tape Kings (Jerome “LTP” Robinson & Jacob “The Riot” Diez) at the entry way only to have The Mix Tape Kings come out from the other end of the Legion hall with trash can lids & nail both men to kick off this Anything Goes Match.

Both teams would use a variety of weapons like Ladders, Tables, Chairs, a Cane & a Shopping Cart at their disposal to try to do enough damage to gain the win but in the end. This match would be fought both in & out of the ring but Eli Everfly would attempt a springboard huracarana from the ladder onto Jacob “The Riot” Diez who would end up powerbombing Everfly 3 times before The Mix Tape Kings hit their “Remix” Finisher (Front Slam w/Double Foot Stomp from the top rope) to become the NEW #1 Contenders & get a shot at The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) for the IWL Tag Team Championship.

In the end, all 4 wrestlers would show some respect to one another as the fans were hot for this match as this was a 5 star match.

Blindfold Match:
Simon Lotto would come into the ring wearing a blindfold as Eric Cross made his way to the ring with some lighter fluid which cause Lotto to lose his eye sight in the first place. Cross would mock Lotto before putting on his blind fold to start the match. Both stars would circle around the ring, trying to find each other so they can execute a move. Both men would hit & miss at times but Eric Cross would accidentally hit the ref with a forearm, knocking him out & would lead to him taking off his blind fold & again mock Simon Lotto in his attempt to find Cross.

Eric Cross would hit a low blow & set up Lotto for his “Cross Out” Falling Neckbreaker finisher from the top rope & then put the blind fold back on as the ref would regain consciousness to count to 3 & giving Eric Cross the victory. Afterwards, he would continue to attack Simon Lotto but Lotto would return the favor on Cross as it seems he’s able to once again see.

Main Event-IWL Heavyweight Championship:
Ray Rosas would face TNA Star Manik in the main event as Manik would use a great amount of wear down holds & submissions on Rosas throughout the match. Manik would come very close in making Rosas tap out but he would eventually come back as both men would continue this hard fought match up but in the end Ray Rosas def Manik with a Flipping Powerbomb to retain the IWL Heavyweight Championship.

As soon as the bell rang to end the match, Eric Cross would attack Ray Rosas until Simon Lotto would come out to make the save but Johnny Saovi would come out, followed by Eric Watts as well as Chris Evans & Peter Avalon with all men fighting one another. IWL Owner Vic Luna would come out & announce that since everyone feels they deserve a shot at the IWL Heavyweight Championship, at the next event on April 25th, it will be a “7 Shades of Insanity” Match as Ray Rosas will defend the IWL Heavyweight Championship against “Mr. NEW ERA” Eric Cross, Simon Lotto, “King of Arizona” Chris Evans, “Big Nasty” Eric Watts, Johnny Saovi & “Pretty” Peter Avalon as we end the show.

Insane Wrestling League gave a good show to those who came out to show their support to IWL. With IWL being 1 of 8 events happening in Southern California this evening, they got a decent attendance this evening. Due to traffic, I arrive just as Ali Hussein was announced the winner so unfortunately I wasn’t able to see the preshow match but I was in attendance for the rest of the show. All in all another good showing from IWL as we look at the next show IWL & The Devastation Device on April 25th back in Baldwin Park, Ca.

My Matches of the Night goes to these matches:
Black Parade vs Mix Tape Kings
Ray Rosas vs Manik
Eric Watts vs Chris Evans
Seville the Thrill vs Damon Divine vs Che Cabrera vs Kahmora

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