Interview with Seville the Thrill

This is a Draven UnScripted with a special interview with a seville 1star who’s making an impact in the So Cal wrestling with different promotions & facing all comers..”The Puerto Rican Pitbull” Seville the Thrill.

1.Thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule, how are you today?

STT: Hey brother how are ya! Well, I feel amazing! I am on the right path, staying in my lanes & working so darn hard in & outside of the ring non stop, I barely have time to see family, even to eat.

2. Can you recall your 1st memory of pro wrestling growing up? who did you watch or did you attend a live show? Who was wrestling?

STT: First memory of wrestling was as a kid man, I had two figures #1 being Jake the Snake & #2 being Ultimate Warrior! My mother loved wrestling & somehow got me hooked, I remember her ordering 40 dollar pay per views as a kid which we didn’t have a lot of money. My mom took care of 6 boys by herself, money was tight & I was the baby of 6. She forked up money to buy pay per views, vhs, figures etc to support my hobby. I remember seeing HBK nail The Undertaker with a nasty chair shot & it was over & I was hooked forever watching it episodically. I lived in Pahoa Hawaii & I never seen any wrestling shows live until the year 2001 in the Staples Center. I was a huge fan of The Undertaker still am, but I loved the hell out of WCW, the luchadors were who I loved most. Psychosis, La Parka, Silver King, Rey Mysterio JR, Juventude Guerrera, Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Super Calo, Ultimo Dragon & so on. I was so friggin excited! My first show I attended was in 2001 I had good seats & only remember Jericho being speared by ECWs own rhino. who was wrestling?… to me it was Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man, Yokozuna, Taker, The Rock, Bret Hart Ric Flair, the major dudes like any other kid seen around that time. It was a good time to grow up!

3. What made you decide that Pro Wrestling was something you wanted to do?

STT: It wasn’t like a decision it was all I knew, I didn’t wanna play baseball as a kid but I did & hated it. I didn’t wanna play basketball an older kid so I shot “bricks” & was cool with that cause I didn’t care if my team won, I didn’t wanna play. Even in high school I played football & hated it because I didn’t have the grades to wrestle but “had the grades to play football” it didn’t make sense but I knew I was gonna wrestle, I didn’t have any feeling of pursuing anything not wrestling. I was always told but your too little or called shrimp & I was like man, you’ll see. Fast forward today and bam, whats up!

4. Where did you go for training?

STT: I went to train with SANTINO BROS in Norwalk CA in 2008, standing in & out of the ring was “The Hardcore Homo” Angel, Joey Kaos, Supreme & Mongol Santino. It was hell, it wasn’t easy but I busted my hump & I wanted this more than anyone there in the class. I was determined to outshine, make’em say “WOW” look at this kid, etc. I was ready, I was so ready!

5. Who were some of the students at that time during your training?

STT: I was class two with Mariah Moreno aka Amanda later converted with class 1, consisting Lucha Machine, Famous B, Ray Rosas & Thunderkitty.

6. When did you have your 1st official wrestling match & against who?

STT: My first match was a three way dance against Playboy Clay Montley & the underrated superstar Steve Pain in Newhall, Ca on January 17th 2009 in which I was victorious.

7. When you first started wrestling, you were a masked seville 3wrestler if i’m not mistaking? what was your name at that time?

STT: Yes that’s correct I was a natural in training & was always called a rookie…rookie this, rookie that because of my size & I was given a mask. My babyface wasn’t believable, I mean I couldn’t beat anyone up right? LOL, so I ran with this mask all black which I barely could see. I wore it for three months and had a concussion in it, so I redesigned my mask and had another concussion. I hated wearing a mask & still do, but I was given the name rookie 88, 88 being the year I was born.

8. You’ve since dropped the mask & become Seville the Thrill, why the sudden change in persona’s?

STT: I wanted to be me, I wanted to show everyone who I really was and that’s Seville the Thrill, I’m just a pissed off Puerto Rican with a big mouth.

9. Since becoming Seville the Thrill, you’ve been a hard worker wrestling anywhere you can from Santino Bros, EWF to Lucha Libre events. Do you have a preference on where you work?

STT: Santinos is my home, I love working and being at home. EWF (Empire Wrestling Federation) is something else the feeling is so different its like TV & i love it. Lucha events is nothing but a big ass party, cant nobody have more fun then Mexicans..LOL! I’m learning that really quick, i love working with cats from Mexico, So Cal, etc. I learn a lot!

10. No matter where you’ve worked, you’re very boastful in your matches generating heat from the fans. Do you prefer being heel opposed to being face?

STT: I’ve been a bad guy from the womb, I was hated or seen as arrogant since junior high school because I knew I was good at everything I did which I was always willing to back it up ya know? Everyone hated me for the stupidest reasons & I was always on the winning end. Its so easy to work with a character who fits the description of you. this is who I am….I am Seville the Thrill.

11. Who would you say are some of your favorite opponents to wrestle that really brings out the best out of you?

STT: Believe it or not, Richie Slade, Mariah Moreno, Daniel Torch, Sage Sin, Eli Everyfly, Jeremy Jaeger, Chris Kadillak, Peter Avalon, Famous B, Ryan Kidd & B-Boy.

12. How do you feel about grappling with a lady in a match? seville 5Do you feel someone like Hudson Envy can give Seville a run for his money?

STT: Nah man, she got lucky in a match & needed Sage to beat me. As far as one on one, no matter how many womens titles she holds, today I’m on top of my game. I don’t feel any woman can stop the madness right now.

13. Any championships you’ve attained in your career?

STT: Yes, the most hated wrestler in so cal, I’ve got to leave before shows end because if I’m outside with these fans, it’s a wrap & they want my blood. No championships at all zero from 2009-2014 but one day.

14. Where do you see yourself in the next few years? Dominating So Cal? International?

STT: I see myself working in PWG getting my big break plus I see myself being more aggressive, more mouthy, bigger than life & putting on a show where ppl want to see me get my ass kicked so bad! LOL… I have dreams to make it to Japan and Mexico & I’m not gonna let anything or anyone stop me.

15. Is WWE a goal for you?

STT: Always and will forever be, all I can say is I’ll never quit & I’ll always be like a fly on shit to them. All I need is 5 minutes & I know I will impress them.

16. Who would your dream opponent be?

STT: I’ve got a few: Undertaker, Tajiri, Psychosis, Alex Shelley, Awesome Kong, Bull Nakano.

17. You compete for Underground Empire Wrestling & it seems you’ve added a new level to your persona as “Hatebreed” Ricky Barras. Why the sudden change in personas?

STT: Seville The Thrill, The Rookie 88, Seville Alvarez or “Hatebreed” Ricky Barrera whatever you know me as, there isn’t any change other then getting smarter & finding ways to seville 6win instead of pleasing a crowd.

18. At a recent UEW event, you faced Daniel Torch & El Ridiculoso in a triple threat match where you came out victorious..what did you think of your two opponents & how did you feel coming out on top?

STT: I mean did you doubt that I wasn’t gonna come out with a W? I am superior & I’ve been on a winning streak I’ve been put against Tornadoes, Torches, Gangstas, & Ridiculous people in mask only to get my hand raised, to get a check & to get up over these people that stand in my way. I’m tired of seeing people comfortable in their spots & guess what..when you see me and step in the ring with me, your spot & seat are taken by me and its gonna take more then a prayer to god to knock me down.

I’m fueled by hate, anger, frustration & just pure brutality. I’ve take back seats while people were handed opportunities, championships, pay checks, TV time, etc. I’ve had it & I’m not gonna watch anymore, I’m gonna go out there & do what I do best and that’s win by any means necessary. Its all about me from now on and if the fans want some, I’m gonna knock you out like every man and woman young & old that’s stepped up & fallen.

19. Do you have any other appearances coming up to let the fans know?

STT: Absolutely, I’m working with IWL, UEW, SANTINO BROS, EWF, NSPW, FPW, but no you wont see me at AWS or UIPW for what reason ask them.

20. When not grappling in the ring, some fans may know that your other passion is music. Talk about this passion & do you see yourself wanting to achieve more in the music world?

STT: I’m human, I’ve been hurt, I’ve hurt myself more then people have hurt me and its a real pain killer for the heart for other ppl as well as they can relate to me and what I write about. I write, produce, sing rap & design my music the way I want it to sound, not for radio, not for MTV, BET or CMT…my music is raw, explicit & blunt. I have written over 230 songs since 2004, put out 9 music videos & completed over 13 mixtape albums, my work ethic is more than amazing. For those who wanna find my music go to & type in SEVWWE (Seville Alvarez)

21. Any scheduled musical performances you’re scheduled to appear & where can your fans see you at?

STT: They can hit up ROB G on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for my future shows as he does all the bookings & I just show up.

22. Do you have a Facebook or Twitter where your fans can follow you?

STT: Facebook – Seville Alvarez
Twitter – 1988seville
Instagram – sevillealvarez
Email –

23. Lastly do you have any words to say to all your fans or haters in So Cal?

STT: I know what your thinking, I’m not a real athlete, I’m just a wrestler. I’m 5’5 150 pounds & when you step through those ropes bad things do happen. I’ve had multiple concussions, a wrestler shatter my jaw, scars all over my body, missing teeth, baseballs full of fluid in both elbows, BUT I STILL GOT UP! This is who I am, this is what I do, I’m not really an athlete? This isnt real? Try unlacin my boots.

Definitely a man with no lose for words, I would like to thank Seville the Thrill for taking time to have this interview for us at Socaluncensored. Make sure to keep visiting the event calender for upcoming events in which Seville will be participating in along with our fantastic So Cal stars throughout the month.

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