Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 347 Review

David Marquez was back opening the broadcast with an interview with Jack Swagger, who is going against Brian Cage. In order to go against the machine, you have to train and prepare. He’s 35 now (old enough to be president).  He called the machine a 300 pound gorilla that in order to fight, you need to step up. The credits rolled and we were ready for episode 347!

Brian Cage vs. Jack Swagger

Brian Cage came out first looking ridiculously huge (congrats to Cage on the birth of his daughter!) as one of the most powerful wrestlers on the planet. Crazy thing is, this guy moves like a cruiserweight. Jack Swagger came in with a patriotic theme. Swagger looked to be in good shape, and is toned. The announcers noticed this a few times during the battle, also. The match was an early stalemate, with shoulder charges going nowhere until Swagger gave him a few amateur takedowns and some boots in the corner. Cage came off the ropes and head scissored Swagger followed by a big German suplex by Swagger on Cage, which was impressive. Swagger went for the swagger bomb but it was blocked. Swagger got tossed to the outside.  Cage did a tope con hilo, and landed on his feet outside the ring.  Another German by Swagger, but Cage went to his feet and gave him one back. Swagger then does two Germans, Cage reverses to three German attempts.  Swagger attempted the patriot lock, but it got reversed into a small package.  Commercial break.

*Side Note: The atomic lighter works anywhere! No fuel, charges by USB… guess you can get it engraved too. Go Atomic! This should work much better than my current steel and flint combo.

Cage and Swagger were trading blows after the break, and it was a lot of back and forth, Cage nailed a nice side kick. Swagger hit a couple splashes and then a spinebuster. Cage hit a nice dropkick and some lariats, then a spinebuster by Cage. These guys seemed to be trying to one up each other. The announcers were wondering how you can break a machine.  I’m guessing it’s training and preparation. Cage almost nailed a moonsault, but Swagger nailed Cage with a Swagger Bomb for 2. Cage hit another German after a combo attack in the corner but only got 2. Cage nailed a pump handle driver that was crazy on a guy of Swaggers size.  Swagger countered a Frankensteiner attempt into the patriot lock. Machine broke a second attempt of the Lock, but it was taking its toll. Then a second rope slingshot vertical suplex and discus clothesline lariat by Cage was just wild. Cage then hit a nice modified Michinoku Driver for the victory.

This was a really good match between heavyweights; very athletic stuff by Cage, solid wrestling and power moves by Swagger. The finish was a surprise, but a well deserved win by Cage no matter which way you look at it.

The Spirit and the Stars vs. Aerial Instinct 

This was one of my higher anticipated matches on the card so far. Both these teams, The Spirit and the Stars (Espiritu and Astro Viejo) and Aerial Instinct (Lucas Riley and Jake Atlas), can fly and wrestle a fast paced lucha style. The Stars haven’t had too many teams that can match their skills in CWFH, so this was expected to be a good match. CWFH has really invigorated their tag team division with Aerial Instinct and Reno Scum joining, suddenly making it very strong and diverse. The match started off with Riley and Astro at a blistering pace with a nice headscissors by Riley, which was answered by Astro with a Hurricanrana. Espiritu and Atlas came in and Espiritu took advantage early until Atlas did a spinning arm drag to a smooth side kick followed by a smooth double team wheelbarrow to senton by Aerial Instinct. A “this is wrestling” chant started. Espiritu hit a vicious tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, and a double team kick by the Stars got them a two count. The announcers mentioned the previous defeat.  While Espiritu worked with Astro to a pretty cool looking headscissors to spear in the corner on Riley, he got Riley in a fisherman’s suplex. Riley fought his way out of the corner after looking completely out of it, with a great looking Sling Blade Flatliner that the announcers mentioned they’ve never seen before. I’m not sure I have either, to be honest.

Jake Atlas finally got the hot tag, and went on a run of several big moves ending with a nice looking springboard forearm, but only got two. Jake Atlas looked so good.  He’s my favorite for rookie of the year. Instinct got off a nice stalling vertical suplex into a cross-body double team. Lucas accidentally took out Atlas, and Espiritu hit his ECD followed by Astro’s running Shooting Star to take this match.

This was a fun fast paced match that you didn’t know who was going to win. I hope this becomes a feud for them. All four competitors were great in this. Lots of double team moves, and a fast brisk race up to the finish. Aerial Instinct proved they belong and can excel in CWFH.

Tim Storm vs. Karl Fredericks 

This was another showcase match with Tim Storm and his legacy vs. a very talented wrestler in Karl Fredericks. Storm was also very tan. Like darker than EC3 tan. I’m impressed. Storm is also very strong. He made Fredericks look so lean. Storm’s neckbreaker was slow and classic. He’s all power with a side of veteran technique. Nice looking vertical by Storm just wore Fredericks down. Fredericks took a nasty looking fall, getting nearly turned inside out on a turnbuckle. A nice looking tiger suplex by Storm only got him a two count. Fredericks hit a pele kick and a splash to Storm, but then ate two clotheslines and a big boot. A missed Swanton by Fredericks got him snatched into a Perfect Storm. This ended the match, and pretty much established Storm as a dominating presence in this one. This one was over a little faster than I expected, but it sure gave me an idea of what Storm could do, that’s for sure.

Scorpio Sky vs. Rocky Romero 

United Television Championship match? Yes please! Scorpio Sky vs. Rocky Romero? Even better! This was a nice looking main event, and the announcers were treating it as such. There was strategies for both wrestlers, back history… it was good stuff. The guys started off fast and furious, neither guy holding an advantage. Then the lights went out briefly, and the wrestlers threw a pair of dropkicks ending the stalemate. Scorpio nailed rocky with a stiff shot and they took it to the outside and started brawling on the announcers table. Rocky dropped Scorpio face first onto the apron and then nailed him with a running high knee. The action went back inside, and Rocky started working Scorpio down. Rocky nailed another knee to a draped Scorpio on the turnbuckle. Stiff chops by Rocky started an abdominal stretch into a commercial break. Scorpio avoided Rocky in the corner and turned it around into a sky high backbreaker into a bow and arrow over the knee. Both guys fought back and forth until they hit each other with dueling clotheslines, not once, but twice. Both guys were slow to their feet, but Rocky was up first and hit a smooth headscissors and then started his unending clothesline until Scorpio dodged, but got turned inside out but Rocky with a huge clothesline. The action went to the top turnbuckle where Rocky hit a Frankensteiner. This turned into a slugfest, going back and forth until Scorpio hit a crazy looking cutter on Rocky on the outside apron. Scorpio hit a crazy Tope and landed on his feet. This match pace picked up quickly but then referee Jeremy Marcus took a knee. Scorpio then hit the Ace of Spades on Rocky, but there was no ref around. Scorpio went outside and grabbed the title belt, but was torn on whether or not to use it. He dropped the belt and went for another Ace of Spades, but Rocky hit Sliced Rocky, but couldn’t get a count, either. Scorpio tried to use the belt again, but took a knee. He then hit Rocky square with the belt, but still couldn’t get the three count. He then ups the ante by doing the Ace of Spades onto the title belt. Scorpio took this, and the belt. I would imagine they would call this a tainted victory, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care. The fans however really showed their distaste in the victory, with several people booing and thumbing down the victory of Scorpio.

This was a good match with an excellent story going which was, from the reaction of the fans, unexpected in more than one way with a title change and a turn to a darker place for Scorpio, which may make him even more dangerous. These guys are both excellent wrestlers and this felt like a main event match with the announcers, a hot crowd, and a championship atmosphere. The lights going out seemed to invigorate the crowd, and the wrestlers.

Final Thoughts:

This has been a really fun set of matches. You had a main event level match with Cage and Swagger, a hot tag team match with two extremely talented tag teams, another showcase match with Tim Storm vs. Karl Fredericks, and the excellent main event for the TV title with Rocky and Scorpio. There wasn’t a moment where I wasn’t entertained, and it didn’t feel like there was any dead time in the episode. They squeezed four matches into the episode, 3 of the 4 I really liked and I got where they were trying to go with the other one. I’m not going to describe which one, so decide for yourself!

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