Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Ep. 333 Review: Meltzer Driver Tribute Edition

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A bunch of hoopla on this week’s CWFH. Click for the review. Stay for the Meltzer Drivers. Five stars.

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Backstage, we have the Bonus Boyz being interviewed by that girl. They’re facing the Spirit and the Stars. What a lame way to start the show.

Richie Slade vs. Julius Coleman

The dorky commentators try to put over how cool Slade and Coleman are. They didn’t do a good job at it. As this match was going on, Kansas State vs. Oklahoma was on Fox in a close game that was in the third quarter. The commentators mentioned the NWA Champion Tim Storm was going to be facing Ziggy Dice in the middle of the match. Yippie.

Coleman and Slade had a pretty dull match. They didn’t anything really basic, and they tried to do some decent spots, but overall it wasn’t very exciting. A lot of what they did looked pretty contrived.

Post match shenanigans: Grant interviews Julius Coleman. He said ti was “my time” a bunch of times and then called out Peter Avalon. He asked him “what’s good burh? What’s really good?” Grant yelled at the end of the audience as we go to commercial. I can’t stand him.

After a commercial, Grant says there’s going to be a Four Corners match. He brings out Bateman for an interview. Bateman is wearing braids like Snoop Dogg. He made Grant run off in fear to end the promo so he isn’t on screen. Great ending.

Tim Storm vs. Ziggy Dice

A few weeks ago, CWFH made a big deal out of Tim Storm. Now he’s in a predictable match. You know what? He’s like 50-something years old and looks like a more legitimate worker than 80% of SoCal. The fake crowd noise was really fucking annoying during this match. Storm controlled the majority of the match and won with a swigging Bossman Slam.

Post match shenanigans: Some guy named Nick Aldis came out and said he wants to win that title. He then challenged him to a match. I had no idea who Nick Aldis was, so I Googled him during the commercial break like the true professional that I am. Turns out he’s a former TNA guy. This segment wasn’t bad. It set up a future match between the two. I still find it stupid that CWFH is focusing more TV time on the NWA title and Tim Storm rather than Hollywood Heritage Champion Tito Escondido.

Falco vs. Scorpio Sky

The opening sequence between these two was nice, but again, the fake crowd noise ruined things. That shit needs to fucking go. Unlike most matches in CWFH, this was a well paced match that saw both guys get a fair amount of offense. Sky eventually after hitting Falco with an Ace Of Spades. Solid match, but the fake crowd noise killed it.

After the commercial break, Grant interviews Howdy Price (Dino Winwood) and his Rancheros. Howdy rambled, Grant annoyed me, and Rico Dynamite and Che Cabrera are having their talented wasted.

Tomaste vs. Ryan Taylor

Tomaste is a Yoga practitioner hippie. Ryan Taylor is also some type of hippie. After noticing Tomaste doesn’t have shoes, he made the referee take off his shoes and socks. the opening portions of the match was pretty entertaining. Tomaste had some exciting offense, and the two had some nice technical sequences. The finishing sequence saw Tomaste go for a 450 Spash, only to get countered by Ryan Taylor with an Armbar for the submission victory. Good stuff here.

After a commercial break, the fake Marquez son and Peter Avalon are interviewed by some girl. She asks if Peter will accept Julius Coleman’s challenge. The fake Marquez son and Peter talk about some match in Arizona. The fake Marquez son then makes the match for next week’s main event. So what’s up with his feud with Ray Rosas?

The Bonus Boyz (Clutch & Sugar Brown) vs. The Spirit and the Stars (Espiritu [Fidel Bravo] & Astro Viajero [Adrian Quest])

I think Grant is doing ring announcing. He’s really awful at it. Yikes. The opening moments of the match weren’t as basic as most tag matches in CWFH are. Sugar Brown did some weird handstand armdrag with the legs, which was unique. The Spirit and the Stars hit stereo Tope Suicidas at one point, which was cool (although not as cool as the Meltzer Driver).After awhile, the match became formulaic as Espiritu started to play the role of Ricky Morton for awhile during a face-in-peril sequence.

After Espiritu got the hot tag, Viajero cleaned house. I wanted to make a joke about how we Mexicans are great at cleaning houses, but I’m afraid someone will cry racism. Speaking of Mexicans, Howdy Price came out to ringside and got on the ring apron. This allowed the Rancheros to run in and attack both teams, leading to a No Contest.

Post match shenanigans: Los Rancheros killed everyone. They ended their attack by hitting a Spiked Piledriver on Espirritu, who sold it by twitching. Howdy Dino then cut a promo with his terrible fake Southern accent. The commentators called the Piledriver a Tombstone during the replay of the attack. Why are they even on this show if they don’t know shit about wrestling?

Final Thoughts

This was an “okay” show by CWFH standards. The show still lacks in storytelling ability and such. Right now it seems like there’s more effort into building up the NWA title than there is the Hollywood Heritage champion. Oh yeah, did you know Tito Escondido was the champion? I totally forgot because he wasn’t really mentioned. But hey, NWA right? 10 pounds of gold? History, tradition, being irrelevant for decades, and all that? Nobody is going to care about it. I wish Dave Marquez would evolve and stop obsessing with the NWA the same way Donald Trump obsesses with trying to revive the coal industry.

The overall in ring quality wasn’t bad. The opening match was rough, and Storm/Dice was an okay showcase of Storm. The main event was okay at times, but the second half of it was kinda boring. Sky/Falco and Taylor/Tomaste were both good matches. Overall I can’t complain about the in ring stuff on this episode.

Go Dodgers.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out on the Fite TV app and decide for yourself.

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