Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Ep. 338: Dogvember 2017 Pt. 3

Tito Escondido, Brian Cage, and DOGVEMBER! Click for review. Oh, and Rock n’ roll.

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We start off with that girl interviewing the fake Marquez son and the Classic Connection. He then rambles about being disrespected, so I guess Brian Cage isn’t with the Office anymore. What a run. Classic Connection cut a shitty promo to hype Brian Cage vs. Levi Shapiro. Good God it’s like they’re begging their audience who watches this show at 7am to go back to bed.

Suede Thompson vs. Big Duke

Once again, CWFH seems to be begging their audience watching at 7am to go back to bed. Some cholo fan baited Duke into showing some charisma. Suede was on offense early on, then Duke was on offense. The looks on people’s faces looked as if they wanted to chant “Boring” but were too polite to do so. Suede hit a run up Tornado DDT before the show went to commercial.

After a commercial there was more nothingness. The fake crowd was cheering Duke, the heel, being on offense. This ended up being a standard Big Man vs. Little Man formula but in like slow motion. Duke hit a Bossman Slam for a near fall that got a mild reaction. It was 17 minutes (commercials included) on this show before this shit ended. Suede won despite Duke kicking out of the pin. No fucks were given.

Post match shenanigans: Duke sat in the ring and the announcers didn’t really care. Hey, isn’t he in a feud with Scorpio Sky or something?

It was 20 minutes past the hour and so far there’s been 1. shitty promo and 1. shitty match. Way to motivate that 7am audience to want to stay up!

Julius Coleman (Ju Dizz) vs. Steven Tresario

I’ve seen Tresario a few times before, and he’s solid in the ring. He just doesn’t have much of a personality or gimmick. It’s like he’s just some dude who isn’t a bad independent wrestler. Things were even early on. Both guys countered a lot of moves and then went on offense for awhile. Julius Coleman won with a sick looking back drop suplex that saw Tresario dumped on his head. Aside from the finish, this match wasn’t very interesting.

After a commercial, we get a video promo for “American Lightning” Dicky Mayer in Japan. This was honestly corny. At ringside, the commentators talk about Brian Cage’s history in CWFH.

Brian Cage vs. Levi Shapiro (w/ Buddy Royal & the fake Marquez son)

This was pretty match a Brian Cage showcase. Levi got some offense in, and the fake crowd noise didn’t care. Buddy Royal got involved when the referee was distracted. Cage should’ve no sold all their shit and squashed them in like 10 seconds. Cage eventually mounted a comeback and won with a rolling Lariat. This should’ve been a straight up squash. CWFH’s booking is fucking awful.

Post match shenanigans: girl interviews Cage at ringside. He said he’s not there to be hired muscle or to be part of the Office. He’s there for the NWA title. Put the strap on him, William Corgan.

After a commercial break, girl interviews Ty Matthews backstage. He said Watts is studying video of Tito. 42 minutes past the hour and we finally had a fucking segment to advance the build for Tito vs. Watts. What fucking pathetic booking.

Stevie Fierce vs. Tito Escondido

This match had no build at all. Fucking terrible show. Before the match started, the fake Marquez son came out and interrupted the announcer. This was supposed to be a Freelance Wrestling Championship vs. Hollywood Heritage Championship Match, but he said it won’t be. Good. It was a fucking stupid idea in the first place and would’ve resulted in a fucked finish. Still, this booking fucking sucks ass.

During this match, the commentators announced that Brian Cage will be facing Ryan Taylor next week. The match itself wasn’t that great. Tito is great, but Stevie is straight up fucking boring. He’s like a skinny-fat Ricky Mandel in the way he works. He’s slow, doesn’t come off as a natural heel, has no charisma, and is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Tito deserves better than this shit. He eventually won with a Fade To Black. This shit should’ve been a squash for Tito. I don’t care if Fierce is a champion in Chicago. He’s just not on Tito’s level.

Final Thoughts

Someone told me that they heard Johnny Yuma has been booking again. Well, I can sorta believe it to be the case since the booking has been fucking wretched lately. This episode was no different. I watched this show in the afternoon and I already want to go to bed.

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