Recap of CWFH Live Show September 26th

Shot of the Night 09-26-2014

September 26th, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood’s Live Event at the Pomona Masonic Temple Lodge. CWFHollywood’s first house show at the Masonic Temple Lodge in Downtown Pomona drew a good-sized crowd.

1 – Mikey O’Shea p. Sasha Darevko
Strong opener that Mikey ended with the Gunslinger to score the pinfall.

2 – Steven Andrews p. Matthew Scott
Good match between two high-flyers. Steven was in control most of that match, getting a Crucifix or Cradle Rollup for the pin.

3 – The Family Stone (Leo Blaze & Cedric The Hitman, w/ Stu Stone as “The Grappler”) beat SoCal Crazy & Biggie Biggz
Stu did a good job impersonating The Grappler at the start. The match itself was a good gimmick match, with all four men doing their thing. Things got chaotic late when Cedric went for his briefcase, distracting Referee Jason McCord while Leo smacked Biggie up the head with a chair shot, and got the pin.

4 – Joey Ryan p. Evan Thomas
Great, even match that saw Joey hit 2 straight Superkicks on Evan for the pin.

Shot of the Night 09-26-2014

Shot of the Night 09-26-2014

SM – The RockNES Monsters (Johnny Yuma & Johnny Goodtime) successfully defended the Heritage Tag Team Championship over Footloose (Todd Chandler & Daniel Joseph)
A good, even tag team match. However, the final decision would not have come had David Marquez not force a match restart by Referee Jason McCord. That was because Yuma had his foot on the ropes after eating the team finisher from Footloose, which was not initially seen by the referee. After the restart, Yuma scored a reversal pin on Daniel.

* Heritage Champion Hobo comes out to issue an open challenge, since Ricky Mandel was not able to make it. It was answered by Big Duke.

M – Hobo successfully defended the Heritage title over Big Duke
A strong main event, although there may’ve been a bit of confusion over the pinfall decision after Hobo hit the Boxcar Special. Still, the two men shook hands in good sportsmanship afterwards.

Overall, a good, non-televised card with a strong turnout. I would’ve liked to see more of what Matthew Scott can do, but that could be because it’s so difficult for me to watch the matches from the TV taping in Port Hueneme on KDOC or MavTV. Evan Thomas did have a good showing with Joey Ryan, and he could be a good mid-carder on any TV episode. The two title matches were good, but I’m giving my MOTN nod to the Joey Ryan/Evan Thomas match.

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