United Wrestling Network – 22 March 2022 – Results

UWN held their latest television tapings at the Irvine Improv on March 22, 2022. Click for full results and spoilers from upcoming United Wrestling Network programming.

United Wrestling Network
March 22, 2022
Irvine Improv
Irvine, CA

Prince Nana of Embassy Fame has entered United Wrestling Network and will manage Invictus Khash.

Dark Match
Beef Candy def. Adriel Noctis & Sketch.

Booker T is scouting the best talent in SoCal. EJ Sparks caught Booker T’s eye. Reality of Wrestling vs Championship Wrestling down the road.

EJ Sparks def. Ray Rosas.

Johnny Robbie def. Mylo.

Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend) def. Wolf Zaddies (Tito Escondido & Che Cabrera).

Karl Fredericks def. Danny Limelight.

Ju Dizz def. Dom Kubrick w/Halston Body.

United Tag Team Championship Match
Midnight Heat w/Guy Tweakacetti def. The Natural Classics.

Invictus Khash w/Prince Nanna def. El Primohenio Trebeca.

United TV Championship Match
Papo Esco def. Zicky Dice.

Lord Crewe def. Nicky Rose.

Benevolent Jack Banning w/Hunter Freeman def. Matt Brannigan.

Guy Tweakacetti accepts a three-way tag team Championship Match for Midnight Heat vs. Beef Candy vs. PPRay.

Baron Black def. Honest Jon.

Reka Yehaka def. Sandra Moon.

United Heritage Championship Match
Jordan Cruz def. Peter Avalon.
Zicky Dice tried to interfere, but didn’t affect the outcome.

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