Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 310 Review

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An episode that Daniel “D-MAN” Parker, Rip Rogers, and Randy Orton would hate, but one that I actually enjoyed. Also, a girl flips off DJ Hyde during his match. Click the review, now….

To watch this episode of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, or to check out shows from promotions such as ROH and CMLL, check out the Fite TV app. Be sure to check out the ROH/NJPW War of the Worlds 2017 PPV from last Saturday night that had some really fun matches.

The show opens with Kevin Condron (Jervis Cottonbelly) interviewing Joey Ryan. He’s facing Johnny Yuma for the CZW Wired Championship. He says stuff about having had a bond with Yuma, then talks about wanting to win an irrelevant title in CZW. This was a pretty boring minute long promo. After that we got the special Coastline Clash intro with some emo song play before the announcers introduce the show. The promo with Joey was lame, but the intro and the show run down with the announcers was well done. That’s the sorta shit this show needs. The announcers “speaking of violence, CZW Wired Title on the line, NOW!” This implied we were getting something violent. Instead, we get…

CZW Wired Championship Match: Johnny Yuma (c) vs. Joey Ryan

The referee was wearing a CZW referee shirt. Good touch. Yuma stole Sami Callihan’s old gear, and he looks more awful than usual. How is this show supposed to sell a guy as a babyface to their audience when he looks like someone who has such a stupid, outdated look?Joey Ryan, who makes a living off wrestling, did two topes in the opening portion of the match. Don’t know if he went to social media to thank CWFH and Yuma for the great match though. Yuma did a tope too, but it looked lame compared to Joey’s. The match pacing was going well before the commercial break, after that it started to slow down a bit. The finish saw Yuma hit his stupid looking finisher on Joey for the win while having Joey Ryan’s lollipop in his mouth to retain the CZW Wired Title. This match was ok, but mostly because Joey had a good performance.

Post match shenanigans: They hugged and Yuma celebrated. He lost the title in CZW, so no more CZW Wired Title matches with him. Oh well. Backstage somewhere, Kevin Condron (Jervis Cottonbelly) interviewed Dan Joseph and Dicky Mayer. Dicky was in a sling. Coach Flexo and Dylan Bostic showed up. He says the Athletic Commission won’t clear Dicky, so he’s benched and replaced with Dylan. Dicky is understandably upset. After that, we get a smut commercial. What is David Marquez trying to do, sell phone sex on a family program? There are (probably) kids watching this show! Shame on CWFH!

United Tag Team Championship – Four Corners Elimination Match: Watts (c) & Ty Matthews vs. The Spirit And The Stars (Astro Viajero [Adrian Quest]) and Espiritu [Fidel Bravo]) vs. The Classic Connection (Buddy Royal & Levi Shapiro w/ the fake Marquez son) vs. Pac 3 (Dan Joseph & Dylan Bostic)

Watts had guys in Stormtrooper helmets standing around for his entrance. I wonder if that is something Disney would sue David Marquez for since they’re pretty protective of their interests. Everyone attacked Watts to start, then it turned into a spotty sprint. The Spirit and the Stars hit double topes to everyone on the outside before a commercial. Two straight matches with dives. The fake crowd noise was just fucking awful as usual. After a commercial break, the announcers claimed Watts did a dive, but we didn’t see it. This match was honestly not that bad, and it was structured really well. Watts and Matthews were the first eliminated after Viajero hit a nice 630 Senton on Watts. Shortly after, Viajero rolled Buddy Royal into a small package when he picked him up for a double team move with Shapiro on the ropes, and Espiritu held onto Levi’s foot, thus eliminating the Classic Connection. The portion of the match with the Pac 3 and the Spirit and the Stars was mostly the Pac 3 working over Viajero until the finishing sequence. Flexo got involved and distracted the referee, which allowed Bostic to hit a low blow on Viajero and rolling him up with a school boy pin for the victory. This match was really done well and planned out in a good way. Good stuff.

Post match shenanigans: Pac 3 celebrate in the ring while Dicky is at ringside visibly upset. After this, a commercial is played for reverse mortgages. Yeah, like anyone watching this show is in the market for this shit. After the break, Kevin Condron (Jervis Cottonbelly) interviews the DEEJ, DJ Hyde. He cut another terrible promo. He said in regards to Tito that he was gonna “take out one more piece of trash, and recycling him, into the loser that he is.” That is a real quote. Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK.

No Rules, No Ropes Match: DJ Hyde (w/ the fake Marquez son) vs. Tito Escondido

A young girl in the front row flipped off the DEEJ during his entrance, and I pretty much lost it. If Tito won the match, he would get a guaranteed title shot against Peter Avalon at the Red Carpet Rumble. The match started off with Tito doing a dive from the ring to the outside on the DEEJ. Every match on this show has had a dive. Was Marquez trying to troll Dan “D-Man” Parker, Rip Rogers, and Randy Orton, or was it just an amazing coincidence that this episode aired after this past weekend’s controversy among the online wrestling community involving some indy dork ranting about dives in matches. Weapons were involved early on, such as a Singapore Cane and a chair. Tito took a suplex into the chair. That same girl who flipped off DEEJ during his entrance flipped him off as he went to get a briefcase full of thumbtacks.

After the tacks were introduced, DEEJ hit Tito with a swinging side slam onto the tacks, and also rolled himself into the tacks after trying to pin him. The picture went to black and white after Tito started bleeding. I can understand doing this for TV, but doing this on the FITE TV app was just weak! DEEJ set up some chairs in the ring and was preparing to put Tito through them, but Tito countered and hit a Spinebuster on DEEJ through the chairs. Later on in the match, Tito would try to put DEEJ through a table next to the ring on the floor, but DEEJ was able to fight back and delivered a Chokeslam on Tito, sending him from the ring and through the table before a commercial. This was a pretty cool spot. After the commercial, the referees would check on Tito, and the fake Marquez son ordered the ring crew to remove the ring canvas. apron, and padding. Tito hit an F5 on DEEJ on the exposed ring wood to get the win. This was a really fun brawl, and the spots were built up really well.

Post match shenanigans: Peter Avalon and the fake Marquez watched Tito celebrate and were upset as the show came to a  close.

Final Thoughts

Like I said, I didn’t want to review last week’s show because it was more of the same, and I needed a break. This was a really good episode of CWFH. Every match ranged from decent to really good. The weakest match of the episode was Yuma/Joey mostly because Yuma isn’t that good, but everything else on the show was really well done. As usual, the show fails to build up to their next episode, but overall I can look past that since this was a good watch. The main event was the best match I’ve seen DJ Hyde in, and Tito came off like a star here. CWFH usually sucks at storytelling and build, but they did a fine job presenting this show.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out on the Fite TV app and decide for yourself.

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