[Recap] Knokx Pro “Turmoil” on November 19th 2016

Knokx Pro
The Domain
November 19th 2016
Sun Valley, CA

Hello Socaluncensored.com faithfuls, Mike Draven here with a recap of Knokx Pro’s Turmoil event. Here’s a breakdown of the rules of Turmoil:

Championship on the Line in both matches

Urban Empire Championship Turmoil match consisted of a Royal Rumble style match with eliminations via Over the Top Rope, Pinfall, Submission or Disqualification.
2 wrestlers start & every 2 minutes a new wrestler enters the match.

Urban Empire Champion Maverick would enter the ring first as he would20161119_213351I'm talk about wanting to kick the ass of the locker room & insisted to be first in the match to prove he’s the absolute best regardless of what the fans think.

In the end, Prince Shergill would become the NEW Urban Empire Champion last eliminating K-Dubb with a Spinning Kick (Trouble in Paradise) for a pinfall victory.

Order of Participants:

1. Maverick (Urban Empire Champion)
2. Eyez in Disguise
3. Devious Bear
4. Tuna (w/Oddball)
5. Mayhem
6. “The Count of California” Black Pearl
7. Otto Von Clutch
8. El Presidente
9. K-Dubb
10. The P.B.A. “Philadelphia Bad Ass”
11. Prince Shergill
12. Big Red (w/Bennett)
13. Bison Beltran
14. Sycho Stu
15. “The Supermodel” Marcus Jordan

Order of Elimination:

1. Tuna by Black Pearl via Superkick pinfall
2. Devious Bear by Black Pearl via Top Rope elimination
3. Black Pearl by Maverick & Mayhem via Magic Killer Double team & pinfall
4. Maverick by Mayhem via Top Rope Elimination
5. Big Red by Otto Von Clutch, El Presidente & Prince Shergill Triple Pinfall
6. Bison Beltran DQ’d using a Sign
7. Mayhem by El Presidente Top Rope Elimination
8. Sycho Stu by P.B.A. Top Rope Elimination
9. Otto Von Clutch by Marcus Jordan Top Rope Elimination
10. Marcus Jordan by P.B.A. & K-Dubb Top Rope Elimination
11 & 12. El Presidente & Eyez in Disguise Over Top Rope but K-Dubb irish whipped Shergill into them.
13. P.B.A. by Shergill via K-Dubb using a chained fist.
14. K-Dubb by Shergill via Spinning Kick (Trouble in Paradise) pinfall victory.

During intermission, Marcus Jordan would address the new champion Prince Shergill as it was him who brought that championship to Knokx Pro & with the lineage of the championship, he vowed to once again reclaim the championship.

European Cruiserweight Championship Turmoil match: 5 Wrestler Gauntlet Match
(Elimination by pinfall, countout, submission or disqualification).

“Slick Back Heart Attack” Pedro
Paco Sanchez (w/Oddba1l)
Jezette (European Cruiserweight Champion)

1. Paco Sanchez (w/Oddba1l) def “The Slick Back Heart Attack” Pedro via Overdrive Spinning Knee Neckbreaker to eliminate Pedro.

2. Snypes def Paco Sanchez via Rock 20161119_213821Bottom to eliminate Paco.

3. Synpes def Maverick via CrossRhodes Spinning Neckbreaker to eliminate Maverick.

4. Snypes def European Cruiserweight Champion Jezette via a BK Bomb/Clash of the Titus Powerbomb to become the NEW European Cruiserweight Champion.

After the match, Snypes would attempt to Pedigree Jezette until Pedro would make the save but the entire locker room would come out one by one to take out the previous wrestler until Jezette would hit a Frog Splash on Snypes as she stood tall in the ring with The Black Pearl as we end the show.

This event would be my return to Knokx Pro in about 2 years. Last time I was there, The Domain still had their Pop Culture decor around the building as the portrait of Yokozuna is still on the wall with an Elevator to Heaven underneath it & I really dig The Vault entrance.

The last time I was at a Knokx show, those who were consider rookies on now the vets of Knokx like Maverick & Mayhem, Otto Von Clutch, Jezette & Eyez in Disguise while everyone else it was my first opportunity in seeing them compete.

I’m happy to have seen the progression of these wrestlers like Otto, Jezette, EyeZ, Maverick & with wrestlers like Snypes, Prince Shergill, K-Dubb, P.B.A. & Tuna they do have a bright future ahead of themselves.

Knokx Pro is a hidden gem in the Southern California Wrestling scene. Even though they’ve been around for roughly 8 years & produce some great talent like “Big Nasty” Eric Watts, Christian Cole, Holidead & current WWE star Rusev, unfortunately you won’t see these wrestlers face the talents of Southern California any time soon. But once they do, I can see some great matches with individuals like Scorpio Sky, Ryan Taylor, Douglas James, Eli Everfly, Famous B just to name a few against some of these Knokx Pro talents…only time will tell.

In closing, if you ever get a chance to seefb_img_1479659764407 Knokx Pro, you won’t be disappointed. Knokx Pro will return December 17th for the last show of the year.

So until next time, this is Mike Draven & I’ll see you at Ringside!